Samuel Hayes | 1 Month Old

Since we are creeping up on the baby being 2 months old (he turned 2 months old the day I’m actually publishing this post), I figured it was time to post an update and photos from his first month so I don’t get too far behind.


samuel hayes – 1 month old

Height/Length: He hasn’t gone to the doc since he was 2 weeks old, and measured 23″ at that appointment. He was 20″ at birth (although I know that is a shoddy measurement, and he was longer).

Weight: 10 pounds 2 ounces at 2 weeks old, and we are estimating him at 12-13 pounds based on our home scale guesstimates.

Diapers: We moved him from newborn Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive to size 1 at 3 weeks (or so). He loves to have poop leak out of his diaper… pretty much every day.

Clothes: Newborn size did not last long! And just as every one warned, he did not come close to wearing all of his newborn clothes! We put him in 3 month size clothes at 3 weeks old.

Eating: Our breastfed boy eats like a champ, and has from day 1. I feed him on demand, which ends up being every 1 to 3 hours. He eats anywhere from 10-20 minutes at a time. For the first two weeks, we practiced skin-on-skin for every feeding. It was a chore, but looking back at it (since he’s 2 months old today) I think it has been a key to our successful breastfeeding journey thus far. Knock on wood.

Sleeping: Takes naps frequently throughout the day, either on my chest, in his swing, bassinet or crib. He sleeps in his bassinet next to me at night. So far we are loving our Chicco Lullago Bassinet!

Loves: Snuggles, windows, eating

Doesn’t like: Putting hats on, car rides at times, diaper changes before feedings (would you?!)

Movement: Our strong boy is able to lift and turn his head from side to side. He rolled from stomach to back at two and a half weeks old! Wow!

Personality: So calm and so serious. And, so sweet. He loves being held and loved on by his parents and grandparents! He is settling in well and so are we.

Fun things we did this month: Lots of staying home, a couple walks, and a couple trips out of the house to get a bite to eat. We had lots and lots of visitors and so many compliments on this boy’s hair!

Enjoy more photos of our 1 month old baby!








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