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Quickly sharing a few photos from our most recent trip to Arkansas to visit my other set of in-laws. Sammy REALLY enjoys the animals, as you can tell!

Prepare for animal cuteness…

Luckily, Aunt Morgan (sheep & goat extraordinaire) snagged a baby for us. These babydoll sheep are adorable and so soft.

Then, daddy had a wonderful idea… (insert eye roll). Boys will be boys!

This boy is so comfortable around farm animals. It’s amazing!

In the photo above, he is pelting the goats with feed. Maybe he’ll be a pitcher 🙂

He also loves laughing at the dogs splash in the water!

Cooling off with Grandma after a hot afternoon taking care of the animals. Farm life!

We are so thankful and blessed to have so many people that love and deeply care for our little Sammy. Wherever we go, he lights up others’ faces!

Here’s to a relaxing weekend at home preparing for the little one to turn 2 next weekend…




Weekend in Photos | animals galore

We spent the weekend with Jeremy’s dad’s side of the family in Arkansas. We all had a great time with their farm animals… but no one loved it more than Samuel! He is quite the helpful farm hand. Always ready to feed the animals.



Louise… always the aggressive one. After all, she’s the biggest of the herd.


Samuel wanted to “ride” all the horses. Mia the Pony was nice enough to let him!


Look at these beautiful eggs! Dark browns, light browns, greens, and pinks! Easter came early 🙂


Utah the Miniature Donkey – known as “Haw Haw” to Sammy






Kisses for Papa Mikey!


Obsessed with Haw Haw. Probably because he’s the perfect size for a toddler.


But, donkeys can be unpredictable and very noisy!


We picked daffodils from the front yard of Jeremy’s Grandpa’s old house. Jeremy dug up several bulbs to plant in our front flowerbed. These will be a beautiful and meaningful addition to our home!


Hanging out with momma on the swing! We sat here together and he demolished 3 servings of Grandma Kim’s minestrone soup. Sam is a soup lover, just like daddy.

I look forward to our next weekend in Arkansas, as I know Sam will be SO excited to see the animals. I am sure they will look forward to Sam being around because they know they’ll be fed constantly.

Weekend in Photos: Quality time with my boys

I was definitely looking forward to a weekend with very few plans, spending time as a family of three, and doing work around the house.

Friday, we went to my parents for dinner, then came home and put Sammy to bed. Jeremy and I sat in bed and watched TV, and got to bed at a decent time. We both felt completely refreshed Saturday morning.

Originally, we planned on going to the Coffee Fest but decided to forego those plans and hit up a plant nursery instead and do some preliminary shopping/research so we can begin to plan our outdoor landscaping.

The weather was beautiful and so were the blooms!

Sammy slept through most of our time at the nursery, and we snapped tons of photos of plants we like.

This neon pink flowering succulent came home with us! Along with a ceramic pot for another plant, and a beautiful basket of petunias for the front porch.

We could have spent longer at the nurser, but little man had his first hair appointment!

I present… The most adorable boy of all time…

He could have cared less that he was having his hair cut. He did great! He looks like such a big boy now!


After the haircut, we stopped at Hyvee for lunch – and picked up organic bananas for little Sam to try. Turns out, he’s not a fan! I would have never guessed.

I love this face… Mommy, can we go home now?!

We spent the afternoon doing chores around the house, and little man took an afternoon nap. We had a delicious Mississippi Roast for dinner with smashed red potatoes. It hit the spot!

We planned to go to church on Sunday morning  but that simply didn’t happen. We had coffee, play time, and J mowed the yard. Once he got cleaned up we went to my parents’ so Sammy could swing and play outside for an hour or so.


Play time in bed!


We don’t have any shade at our house, so playing outside isn’t an option in the afternoon. Sammy enjoyed swinging and playing on a blanket while watching his grandparents fill their new raised garden beds with dirt.

We headed home and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. It was perfect!

Weekend in Photos: Family Festivities + Baby’s First Easter 

It’s Sunday night and I am snuggled in bed next to a sweet 7 month old boy. We have had a super busy week and weekend and I could not be more proud of how our Sammy has gone right along with our busy plans and acted like an angel! 

My grandparents are in town from Florida, so many of our evenings this week were spent at my parents’ house, where they stayed. They have since gone on to my aunt and uncles’ place- about 45 minutes or so from here to stay for the next few days. 

Jeremy and I think it is so important to let Sammy spend as much time as possible with his great-grandparents. He is blessed to have three! My dad’s parents live in central Florida and are planning to move here (so exciting!) and my mom’s mother lives in the Dayton, Ohio area. We will be going to visit there next week. Sammy is getting great-grandparent overload. Love it!

Back to our weekend… We started with a birthday celebration for my first cousin Caden. He turned the big 10 on Thursday! The family celebrated at a sports bar/restaurant here in town. We pigged out on burgers and fried green beans! Yum! 


Chocolate cake with grandma’s homemade icing!


Sammy was not so sure about cousin Layla and her headband. 

We worked on Good Friday, but we were lucky that Jeremy got home at a good time. Sammy had beets for the first time. What a mess!

  He wasn’t crazy about them- but tolerated a few bites to please momma. Blowing raspberries with a mouth full of beets is a thing now… Sigh…

  Look at this face. What a ham!

Friday & Saturday we hung around the house since we had constantly been on the go. Jeremy and my brother Beau went to the furniture distribution center to pick up our new bed and spent the majority of the day putting it together. Then we headed to my parents for a family cookout. 


  Playing with Carson! I got my exercise for the day. 

We headed home early in order to get Sammy bathed and to bed at normal time. 

Here are photos from Sunday and our boy’s first Easter! We opted to go to my parent’s church instead of ours because it’s closer and the time of the service fit better with Sam’s schedule. 




He was a doll baby at church. Even got a shout out from the pastor! It was exhausting being so cute in his sweater. More photos of the outfit later!

We came home to change clothes and then went to my parents to spend more time with my grandparents – and enjoy a delicious Easter meal. 

 The Easter bunny treated Sammy so well. At our house, the bunny brought Burts Bees jammies, a new book, a Melissa & Doug chunky wooden farm puzzle, and a wooden shaped block sorter by the same brand. Believe it or not, the bunny stopped by my parents too! There he left socks, a onesie, a Thomas the Train bath toy, and a shopping cart/high chair cover. 

What a thoughtful bunny!

Tonight at home, we’ve been doing laundry, dishes, and washing bottles. I put butternut squash and half a beet (always autocorrects to beer) in the BabyBrezza machine. I did this after his dinner, but I let him sample it before spooning the purĂ©e into an ice cube tray to freeze. He loved it! I’m thrilled because he was not wild about plain steamed beets.

The tulips I bought on Wednesday are simply beautiful. The perfect red-orange color! 

(This photo perfectly sums up our kitchen most days… Dirty crock pot insert because we are constantly using it, bottles drying on our Boon grass, baby food steaming…)

With all that being said, we are so incredibly blessed. We live such a fulfilled life, surrounded by so many people that love us. 

Life is good! He is Risen!


Weekend in Photos – Wedding in Arkansas

Long time, no blogging, huh?

The baby is 6 weeks old. I have yet to type up his birth story, or a 1 month update, or a post-partum update. I’ll get to those eventually.

One thing I have been doing is taking photos! I’ve been doing my best to capture Sammy meeting new people and going new places. With that being said, I bring you a “Weekend in Photos” post from last weekend’s visit to Arkansas.

We made the trip to Jeremy’s dad and step-mom’s house on Friday after he got home from work and we got the car packed up. Traveling with a baby = extra stuff times a million! Saturday, Jeremy’s cousin Kristen was married in an intimate farm setting, with a cute rustic barn reception. We had a blast introducing Sammy to aunts and uncles and cousins galore.

On Sunday, we drove home and made a spontaneous stop at a natural bridge! I had never seen one before – and was glad that we followed the billboards and signs to see such a cool thing.

Momma’s first time in something other than sweats!


Meeting Aunt Megan and cousins Britni & Courtney from Texas.



First Dance as Mrs. & Mrs. Lee!


Sammy with his Great Aunts Julie & Sharon.


And Cousin Jett!






The Natural Bridge is in Clinton, Arkansas. Read more here:






So fun! It was great to feel like we got out and “did something”. Sam did a great job on his first road trip, despite several blowouts including one on the white hotel bedspread. Oops! With that being said, we are still on the hunt for diapers to fit this boy’s little bottom.

More soon! … maybe 🙂

Weekend in Photos: NLCS Game 1

Last week Jeremy kept hinting around about weekend plans… He told me not to get too comfortable after work on Friday and not to make any plans (except for a hair appointment I had made). Thursday evening he handed me the iPad and told me to pick out what seats I wanted for the Cardinals game on Saturday!!

Another surprise he had planned was to have my brother surprise me at our new house! My brother and I are very close and haven’t seen each other since he went back to school in August. We went out for Chinese and hung around the house watching the Royals game. It was great!

On Saturday afternoon we drove up to St. Louis, checked into our hotel, and headed to Busch. Here are a few photos we snapped…


IMG_5935Of course, Jeremy got a hot dog!



IMG_5943Hot chocolate was a NECESSITY.

IMG_5954We slept in Sunday morning and went to an Italian neighborhood, The Hill, for lunch. We were bummed to find that one of our favorite spots was closed, however, there was a parade! We loved seeing the Italian pride among the parade go-ers and followed the crowds to the neighborhood park where they were having a Columbus Day festival. We lucked out and found that one of our favorite restaurants had a booth and was serving their delicious Penne a la Vodka!

IMG_5946A local grocery store drove this shopping cart hot ride. It was BIG.

IMG_5947I loved the teal colored store-front of Amaghettis.

IMG_5948Gorgeous landscaping at the park.

Oh, and here’s a selfie showing off my new hair cut and color (it is actually an extreme amount of low-lights). Change is good, right?


Thanks for reading – have a great week!

Oh, and Go Cards! And Go Royals!