dreaming about our new bedroom decor

We took a big leap (a much needed one) and ordered a new bed and mattress! I am so excited to begin decorating our bedroom. This blog post is a space where I have put a bunch of my faves and inspirations together.

This is the bed we bought! The headboard color is a dark gray. We did not buy this quilt.

I am typically a comforter gal. I love a big, thick, fluffy and snuggly comforter. I want to get a quilt this time to tuck in, like in the photo above.

We currently have a white comforter and it has treated us well, but it will be the wrong size since we upgraded to a king. I am loving this raw-edge white quilt from Target. You might be thinking that I am crazy for having white with a baby. I would agree that yes I am crazy – but the thing about white is that it is bleach-able. This one is $79, for a king!

Threshold™ Raw Edge Quilt

To add color to the room, I will fold a throw blanket across the foot of the bed. I can change this for the season or as I please! Loving these ideas…

Threshold ™ Stripe Throw BlanketRock Garden Chevron Fur Throw - Grey - Xhilaration™


Oops, I guess those are both neutral. But, if I want to add color with a throw I totally can. I definitely will with pillows. I heart pillows.

So for curtains, I am sold on white and want them to be fairly sheer. To me, they brighten the space, and provide privacy without knocking out too much light. In our house we have wide white blinds on every window and we can shut those completely so there is no need for black out curtains or anything major there. (Sleep? Who needs it? Go to bed early. Early morning light is where it’s at!)

There are a couple options I am liking for this. I love the hint of silver metallic in these, to tie into the silver part of the bed. I’m not totally wild about them because my first impression is that they are cheap looking. I would need to see them in person.

I really like the curtain image on the right. It is hard to see from this picture, but they do have a vertical stripe or stitch running down them.


triple-tap to zoomtriple-tap to zoom


For color, I might be a little bit crazy, but I really like this red-orange color for nightstands. “Heirloom” as they are called, could bring an interesting pop of color alongside the dark gray and white. I think the curve of the legs will play well with the slight curve of the headboard legs. The metallic hardware pairs well with the bed too.

Have I completely lost it?

Edna 1-Drawer Accent Tabletriple-tap to zoom

And last but not least, I am ALWAYS a fan of a mercury glass lamp…

J. Hunt Mercury Glass Table Lamp - Silver/Natural (29.5")

It is likely that I will change my mind 101 times before deciding on a direction for our bedroom decor. Sigh!

Note: All images link to the site to purchase them. All are from Target. Go figure. Oh, and almost all their home decor is 10% online with the code HOMESTYLE.

Happy Friday to you! XOXO





Five on Friday

Friday is here! Snow is in the forecast this weekend and I just couldn’t be happier! I’m kicking off my morning (blogging at my desk… shhhh!) with a Five on Friday. No theme, just a random mess of whats on the brain.

1. Storage Solutions

We bought our house this summer. Closed on 7/2 to be exact. My third-trimester belly wasn’t too helpful during the moving or unpacking phase. For that reason, we aren’t unpacked and organized.

Yes, I know, it’s been 6 months. Yikes. 

I don’t think I can blame it on the baby and pregnancy any more. My mom is coming over Saturday morning to help me organize. It’s going to be an ongoing task, but I have got to start somewhere. First thing: Take down the Christmas tree. I’m embarrassed it’s still up. Second thing: Clean off the kitchen table. It’s a black hole for anything baby related (hats, bottles to wash, Christmas gifts) and is home to Mail Mountain. (I hate getting the mail and going through it. Junk, hospital bills, junk, more hospital bills, junk… you get the picture.)

Once that is accomplished, I need to unpack boxes in our office. I need to see what we have so we can determine what storage solution will be best. Honestly, I don’t even know what is hiding in those boxes. I’m planning on throwing most of it away, selling it, or donating. Don’t tell my husband.

Here’s what you CAN tell my husband – I beg you to…  STOP BUYING MOVIES. We could should put a Redbox machine in our driveway, because we could stock the whole damn thing with his movies. Who even BUYS movies these days? (We do. Apparently.)

Do you realize how much space it takes to store DVDs? A lot. And VHS tapes? Don’t get me started. Oh, don’t worry, he’s begun buying a DVD duplicate of his VHS faves. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Can you tell this is a cry for help? First of all, how can I make this stop? Secondly, how should we store all of these movies? I’m wondering if a zippered catalog of the discs would be the most space-efficient. We could keep the cases in the attic? (If it were me we would throw the cases away.)

IKEA Bookcases

I’m loving these bookcases from Ikea ($159), but we all know that if they were loaded up with DVDs it would look so “teenage boy”.


2. Smelling like a man to get better longevity out of my makeup

The “clean man” smell goes away almost instantly, I promise.

So what the heck am I doing putting this stuff on my face?

Well, one of my friends who works at Sephora swears by this stuff as a foundation primer. I thought, heck, I’ll give it a shot, and I’m pleasantly surprised. The consistency is thin and kind of milky. It dries fast. I’ve noticed that my makeup wears longer and it keeps me matte a little longer.

I bought it for under $6 at Walmart. Easy to find, cheap, and totally worth a shot!

3. Best show of all time

It’s BAAAAACK, and he’s pretty darn good looking! I’m lucky in the fact that my husband likes this show as much as I do. In fact, he calls Monday nights “crazy bitches night”. He watches just to make fun of the crazy ladies!

After the premiere, my pick for the final three would be: Lauren the blonde in the light blue dress, Olivia the former news anchor, and Becca the veteran from last season.

Can’t wait for Monday. Is it just me or are the girls pretty young this year?

4. Spanx?

One of my co-workers swears by Spanx leggings. Have you tried them? They are pricey, but I want.

SPANX Faux Leather Leggings, 2437

These faux leather ones are to die for. $98 though, no way. Should have taken these seriously when they popped up on Zulily a few weeks back.

5. Sammy time

And what’s a blog post without seeing this sweet face?



Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!



Grabbed these bootiful booties on Zulily this week for $12.99. I had a credit, so after shipping they were less than $10! Score!


How We Turned A Smelly Purple Dresser into an Entertainment Center

I’m all about local “swap-n-shop” groups on Facebook. It’s like an online garage sale… without the “Craigslist-killer” factor. I’m a member of 5+ local groups where people buy and sell all kinds of items… clothes, shoes, designer handbags, housewares, and furniture.

Since I opened a flea market booth with 2 friends last summer, I’ve been on the hunt for cheap furniture pieces that I can give life to… and make a little profit in the process. You may have read my post about my tried and true “paint-sand-stain” technique (if not, read it here).

Over a year ago (okay maybe two years ago) I saw a Facebook post selling a nice wooden dresser. Key word being wooden, because I like to be able to sand. I could tell from the photo it would need a little repair from what looked like a minor dog chew mark, but other than that it looked pretty solid and like an easy project. Just needed a couple coats of paint, a little sanding to accent it, and some stain to finish it off.

I dragged my husband to this lady’s apartment after work one evening and from that moment on we were in over our heads. I know I said the great thing about buying things off Facebook is that it isn’t as creepy as Craigslist. True, because you can check out someone’s profile and try to get a vibe. Well, I certainly didn’t get the “I’ve got to move out of this apartment tonight so my boyfriend can’t harm me and my daughter” vibe. Things got weird in that apartment really fast. I felt sorry for the lady. She was probably my age or younger, and you could tell she had had a hard life and from what she told us she needed to move quickly and quietly. I felt good about showing up, paying what she asked ($30 for the dresser), moving it out and being on my way. The apartment was clean because and mostly packed up. What I can’t describe to you was the horrible smell of the apartment… the smell of cat. You know what I mean.

Oh, and then there’s the dresser. The photo she had taken and posted must have been in the worst lighting possible. I was expecting a dark wooden dresser. Not a purple one.

Purple dresser

We loaded up the dresser and took it straight to our storage unit. I just prayed that the cat piss smell hadn’t been absorbed by the wood. It was that bad. I could always burn it and be out the $30…

So, let’s get to the real reason why you’re reading this instead of my weird story about where we got the dresser. I knew that I wanted to use this piece as an entertainment center for ourselves. I’d seen numerous pins where DIY’ers like myself would remove the first row of drawers and bam – there you have it… a TV stand with storage!

We moved this dresser with us and it sat in the garage with crap on top of it. When we moved again, my husband gave me an ultimatum… do something with it or get rid of it. So WE did!

In this post I will outline the steps we took to transform the “purple cat piss smelling dresser” (it no longer smells, just so you know) into a kick ass entertainment center. We snapped lots of photos along the way to show our progress. This project was much more in depth than I anticipated, but we both learned quite a bit about furniture refinishing. Enjoy!


We began by applying a thick coat of Citri Strip gel paint stripper to all painted surfaces of the dresser, including the top because I wanted to remove its finish and re-do that part too.

Because I’m pregnant we were careful about fumes when we purchased our supplies. This stripper is made with citric acid so it had a surprisingly pleasant orange-y scent. Not bad at all.




One mistake we made was doing this project in the driveway on a windy day. Our gel stripper was drying out. It needs to stay wet to work as it should. You can see how it is drying out in the photo above.


We moved it inside the garage and put another goopy layer on in hopes of it staying wet and working better. As you can see, the purple started magically disappearing. I knew the purple paint was spray paint (based on the finish and unevenness), but we didn’t know what would be underneath.


We started scraping off the paint with a plastic putty knife – plastic so we wouldn’t gouge the wood. Underneath we found black… joy! Not only was this just black paint but it appeared to be oil-based. It was like goopy tar. It did not behave like regular paint. Total mess!

We also went ahead and applied another thick coat to the top of the dresser.


We struggled to scrape off much of the black, so we did a 3rd layer of gel stripper.






As you can see, after the 3rd stripping process we finally started seeing some wood. The paint that I like to use is Valspar Paint + Primer from Lowe’s and it has great coverage. We decided to call it quits here.

My husband used mineral spirits on a rag to remove the excess dried stripper from the wood. This is important so that the stripper residue doesn’t effect the new paint.


I used wood filler to plug the old hardware holes in the drawers. I wanted to use a knob that would need just one center-drilled hole.


I let this dry for a day and then sanded it down. Turns out I did this too early and some of the filler was still a little wet down in the holes, so I had to repeat the process. Lesson learned!



My husband sanded any remaining spots of the old finish off the top of the dresser.


The dresser was looking good and ready for stain after the mineral spirits wash and sanding any remaining paint chips off.




I used Rust-o-leum’s stain in the shade Kona for the top of the dresser. I used an old t-shirt to apply it with the grain. I rubbed it in well and did not wipe any off.


We let the stain dry for several days before doing anything else with the dresser… we also had other things going on and simply didn’t  have time to work on it.

Next, I painted the drawers using Botanical Bath from Valspar. Our Lowe’s has discontinued Valspar Ultra so I had to go with Valspar Reserve. Boo! It was more expensive and I still think I prefer the Ultra. I used a flat finish.

Next up, we started working on the actual structure of the dresser and what needed to be added & removed in order to make it into an entertainment center. This is where my dad’s help comes in.


Dad had some scrap pieces leftover from other projects that we used to make the dresser look complete where the top row of drawers used to be. He took off the drawer runners that helped keep the top drawers in place. Since we were taking those out, the runners could go.


We added in a smooth piece of paneling to act as a shelf for our electronics. He said this was $13 at Lowe’s. And now we have extra for future projects 🙂 We glued this in with Power Grab and used the nail gun to secure it even better.


We cut a spare piece of oak trim to use to finish off the edges of the new shelf. Again, we used Power Grab and a nail fun to secure it into place.


What a difference the oak trim piece makes! (upper left square- no trim, and to the right you see the trim).

He used caulk to seal up any gaps. It didn’t take too long to dry and then I was ready to paint! I used the same paint. Like most projects, I used 2 coats. Painting inside that shelf was NOT fun!


Lookin’ spiffy!


Obviously none of this would have been possibly without Phil’s support…


Next up, we stained the drawers using Minwax Special Walnut and wiping it off with a clean t-shirt rag. When the paint dried on the dresser, we stained it as well.

I marked where we should drill the new knob holes by finding the center of the drawer, measuring corner to corner diagonally.


Again, my assistant was all over it…


We drilled the holes and screwed in the new knobs.

Next up, it was time to apply our clear coat finish to the top. We wanted our entertainment center to be waterproof so I wouldn’t have to worry about sweating glasses or sippy cups!

We used Helmsman by Minwax to do this. It was a little stinky, so I didn’t do this part.

unnamed (1)


unnamed (5)

We applied two coats of this. We smoothed out any brush marks and imperfections with 0000 steel wool before adding the second coat. We applied this with an old synthetic brush and then with a foam brush. I don’t think it made a difference.

We popped in the drawers and voila!

unnamed (4)

We made sure to apply felt pads to the bottom so that it wouldn’t damage our new hardwoods.


I love how this piece turned out and fits into our house. We get so many compliments on it and most people can’t believe that we did this ourselves!

I hope this post has been detailed and informative for those of you looking to transform something from drab to fab. Please leave any questions about the products or process in the comments!

(Thank you to my parents and husband for their help with this big project. I am thrilled with how it turned out!)

Samuel Hayes’ Nursery

What do you do at 9:30 on the night of your due date – with no contractions, no pressure down below, no weird feelings, no nothing? You take photos of your baby’s nursery and write up a blog post!

My goal/inspiration for the nursery: I wanted to decorate a room that would grow with our boy. Nothing too baby or cutesy, but more of a simple design and set up that has basics that will last for years. I didn’t want the room to be tied down to a certain color scheme, but instead I wanted to accent with color in places where it can be changed out if/when we redecorate in the future.

I’m not a photographer, nor do I claim to be. Details below each photo. Enjoy!

IMG_1227Paint color: Stone Lion, Sherwin Williams | Crib: Delta Chalet 4-in-1 White/Chocolate Crib | White S: Gift (Joann Fabric Store)

IMG_1198Curtains: Fabric purchased from a local fabric store and sewn by my mom, ~$25 | Curtain Rod & Clips: Walmart

IMG_1202Lamp: Purchased 3 years ago from JCPenney Home Store | Wire basket: Gift |
Changing pad & cover: Babies R Us | Alphabet print: Hobby Lobby | Plush foxes: IKEA

IMG_1203Dresser: Vintage 1940s, was my grandmother’s as a child, refinished by my parents, drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby

IMG_1207Book bin: Gift (Target?)

IMG_1209Painting: My mom, with specific instructions from me 🙂 | Laundry Hamper: Babies R Us

IMG_1220Swing: 4moms MamaRoo in Classic Grey

IMG_1217Cube Shelves: Gift | Hello Handsome: Hobby Lobby | Fox: Hobby Lobby (Originally $17.99, but it was on sale and barely scratched so I ended up getting it for $6.59) | Book: Gift, handmade by a friend


IMG_1223Sure, it could be more organized, but here’s the closet as it stands. Stuffed animals and some toys in the top bin, hand me downs in the bottom bin, plenty of tiny diapers and a play mat, too. Little man has lots of clothes and even more that are stored in the dresser. | Blue bins: Walmart, $3-4

I hope our little Sam likes his room as much as we do! Thanks for reading and sending happy baby-birthing thoughts our way!

XOXO Andrea

Five on Friday – Pinterest style

It’s finally Friday and this week seemed to creep by slower than ever! I’m bringing you a Five on Friday inspired by my recent Pinterest loves. Enjoy!

1. gotta make this!

I haven’t shared photos of our new house because, well, there are still boxes here and there and nothing on the walls. I’m using last month’s flea market profits to purchase new wall hangings for the living room – so no photos until we have something hanging up.

The way our new sectional is arranged, the L shape fits into the corner of the room. I think a quick and easy cheat of a sofa table behind the couch allowing for space for plants, knick knacks, lamps, and frames is a genius way to make the room look bigger.

DIY Sofa Table for $25 using stair rails as legs.I love this ides! Makes it easy to each plugs behind the couch too so they don't go to waste. Could make a charging station on it too.

2. gotta order these!

I’m so excited about Samuel’s pending arrival that all things that cross my mind are baby-related. We received a $20 off promo coupon as a bonus for buying the Boppy (or something like that). I can’t wait to send out an old-fashioned birth announcement!

3. so ready for this!

It could be the fact that I hate summer or the fact that I’m always sweating because I’m almost 38 weeks pregnant… but I am SO ready for fall and all the wonderful things it brings. Give me crisp temperatures, pumpkin flavored everything, football, and festivals!

Yes, I’ve already started thinking about how I’ll decorate the front door for fall. Bale of straw, bundle of corn husks, a variety of pumpkins and squash, and something cute like this chalkboard art!!

25  Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas

4. gotta do this!

I go into every Pinterest DIY with some skepticism… we’ve all had Pinterest fails. My mom tried this shower cleaner recipe recently and is hooked. I’m excited about trying it too and bought a big box of baking soda this week to give it a shot.

Since we bought a new house, the showers came perfectly clean. Score! Cleaning the shower is my most hated chore. By far. Hubby knows that and usually does it for me. I would rather scrub 10 toilets than scrub 1 shower.’

Anyway, here’s the recipe for this easy DIY shower cleaner that WORKS! (or so my mom says!)

All you need is Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and hot vinegar (mmm what a wonderful smell!). My mom did say that her spray bottle clogged and she just mixed it and rubbed it on with a rag. I read in the Pinterest comments that one user used an empty dish soap bottle to squirt the gel on the tub/shower. I’ll be doing that!

Soaked my shower for 2 hours and it looks new. How to clean your shower! Vinegar, Dawn and baking soda and it really, really works!

5. need this!

A haircut. Lord, I need it badly. I know I’ll just go with updated high & low-lights and a trim. What I truly want is this… (the cut… too light for me).

gorgeous blonde bobs | Gorgeous blonde bob with lowlights | Oh what beautiful hair!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Monday Notes


Happy Monday to you! My brain is a little cloudy after a busy weekend, but we have so much to look forward to – and a 4 DAY WORK WEEK – so I can’t complain too much about it being Monday!

  • If you missed it in the end of my last pregnancy update, we are scheduled to close on our new house on Thursday afternoon! Hooray! So you know what I’ll be doing this holiday weekend… moving! Luckily, our storage unit is pretty much untouched from when we packed it full (Tetris style) when we moved in with my parents in April. We have clothes, bathroom stuff, baby stuff, and some odds and ends at my parents to load up – but not much at all. I have my fingers crossed for an easy move!
  • My baby shower was yesterday and it was just perfect! My friend Chelsea took photos – which I will share when I get the files from her. It was the perfect venue, nearly the perfect weather (could’ve been a little cooler), and the perfect people all in one place to celebrate our little Sammy. My heart is full!
  • On my to-do list this week: Schedule the utilities switch-over at the house, figure out our must-have items from our Target registry that we want to purchase with our 15% coupon, and order furniture!

Have a great week!