hello friend

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My blog is an online journal 6 years in the making. It’s served as a wedding planning journal, diet and exercise log, pregnancy journal, baby book, and now a family album. Looking back, I am so pleased with how my blog has grown and changed with life.


About Me & Us:

I’m a mid-20s hardcore Buckeye fan, true Conservative, anything chocolate loving, talented crafter and creater of all-things-artsy, morning person.

I’m married to Jeremy, a science nerd, Kansas City Chiefs loving, cheap beer drinking, outdoors adventuring, spicy food eating, sweet as can be, night owl.

We have been dating for nearly 10 years and have been married since 2012. And yes, we’re still “dating” – and I love it.

I’ve included photos below of us and some of our favorite memories. Thanks for checking out my blog!






3 thoughts on “About

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  2. You have an interesting blog. I was drawn to it by your comments on another person’s weight loss journey.

    Transition periods are hard, but worth it. You two will come out strong!

    Oh yeah and…. O H

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