Samuel Hayes’ Newborn Photos

Our baby is 8 weeks old today. Wow.

Time does fly when you’re having fun… and nursing constantly, changing countless diapers, and laughing at this little boy with quite the personality.

Since his birth, I haven’t found time to blog much. One post I think? I’ve already mentally written his birth story and 1 month post. I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to type those. But for now, I just finished a bowl of Strawberry Special K (with almond milk, my first time) and am sipping on a somewhat hot cup of butter toffee coffee (with an embarrassing amount of creamer and sugar, I’ll admit). Little Sammy is kicking around in his 4moms Mamaroo and I’m taking a few seconds to post!

Our hospital contracted with Mom365 to offer newborn photographs right there in our hospital room. I was annoyed with they barged in our room Thursday afternoon – less than 24 hours after Sam was born! I agreed to the photos and in hindsight I should have taken 30 seconds to slap on some mascara and blush… but it is what it is. The photographers caught us off guard in the true first hours of parenthood.

Here are photos of our little man! I couldn’t believe they just used the hospital blanket and the end of my bed for these.





How perfect?!



My little snuggly boy.



This one is my favorite! The photographers seemed amazed at how alert he was, at just 20 hours or so old. They asked us to sign a waiver so his precious little face could be used for future prints in the hospital walls. We were honored and signed of course, but later I got to thinking that they probably say that to all gullible new parents to make the sale. Whatever.

My sweet little guy is shooting me grins and sweet coos and babbles from his swing. His kicks are pretty strong and are bouncing the whole swing around. Yikes.

Time to take my coffee into the bedroom and see what kind of twisted expressions and crazy noises I can make to earn a smile from my boy.

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2 thoughts on “Samuel Hayes’ Newborn Photos

  1. Great hospital pics! Hospital photography is hard because the lighting usually sucks and makes the baby’s skin color look off (plus they are so new, their skin color often is off!) His color looks great in all of these, and he is one very handsome boy!

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