my future farmer

Quickly sharing a few photos from our most recent trip to Arkansas to visit my other set of in-laws. Sammy REALLY enjoys the animals, as you can tell!

Prepare for animal cuteness…

Luckily, Aunt Morgan (sheep & goat extraordinaire) snagged a baby for us. These babydoll sheep are adorable and so soft.

Then, daddy had a wonderful idea… (insert eye roll). Boys will be boys!

This boy is so comfortable around farm animals. It’s amazing!

In the photo above, he is pelting the goats with feed. Maybe he’ll be a pitcher 🙂

He also loves laughing at the dogs splash in the water!

Cooling off with Grandma after a hot afternoon taking care of the animals. Farm life!

We are so thankful and blessed to have so many people that love and deeply care for our little Sammy. Wherever we go, he lights up others’ faces!

Here’s to a relaxing weekend at home preparing for the little one to turn 2 next weekend…




thursday thoughts | a little update

Oh my sweet forgotten blog – life happened, and blogging certainly has not.

Things that are currently being neglected (other than this blog): laundry, vacuuming, the ever growing pile of junk mail sitting on my counter.

Things that we are spending our time doing: sidewalk chalk, playing in the dirt, playing with the wooden train set (Thomas), and watering the flowers (aka spraying mom with the hose)! Now doesn’t that sound more fun?

Perfecting the “corn on the cob” hold to get every little bit off the stick.

We have visited our neighborhood pool once, and are gearing up for parent/child swim lessons starting next week. Since the schedules conflicted, we dropped out of gymnastics for a couple months to enjoy the water and sunshine!

Samuel continues to be such a joy and quite the funny boy. He is talking more every day and is incredibly independent. Far more independent than I was at his age, which makes me wonder what the toddler years will be like for the three of us 🙂 He is so curious, involved and helpful. I would much rather hear his “Me! Me! Me!” and have him engaged with what Jeremy and I are doing, rather than having him sit in front of the TV, iPad, or whatever…

He is constantly learning and never forgets a thing.


  • Swim!
  • Spend time with family
  • Socialize with friends our age, and Sammy’s age
  • Travel… While we don’t have a major family vacation planned for this summer, we definitely want to take day-trips and see new things together
  • Go camping!
  • Take Sammy to the ballpark
  • Hit up Farmers’ Park on Saturday mornings
  • Go fishing!
  • Take photos with the camera… not our phones

I’ll do my best to share those photos here, because it’s the best archive I have right now.

Cheers to Thursday, and being one day closer to Saturday!

happy halloween!

Image result for happy halloween

From our family to yours – happy halloween! Our Shark was completely adorable and enjoyed his evening greeting trick-or-treaters and knocking on his neighbors’ doors.




Sammy slept well last night – and mom indulged in some of his candy, of course!



Weekend in Photos: Family Festivities + Baby’s First Easter 

It’s Sunday night and I am snuggled in bed next to a sweet 7 month old boy. We have had a super busy week and weekend and I could not be more proud of how our Sammy has gone right along with our busy plans and acted like an angel! 

My grandparents are in town from Florida, so many of our evenings this week were spent at my parents’ house, where they stayed. They have since gone on to my aunt and uncles’ place- about 45 minutes or so from here to stay for the next few days. 

Jeremy and I think it is so important to let Sammy spend as much time as possible with his great-grandparents. He is blessed to have three! My dad’s parents live in central Florida and are planning to move here (so exciting!) and my mom’s mother lives in the Dayton, Ohio area. We will be going to visit there next week. Sammy is getting great-grandparent overload. Love it!

Back to our weekend… We started with a birthday celebration for my first cousin Caden. He turned the big 10 on Thursday! The family celebrated at a sports bar/restaurant here in town. We pigged out on burgers and fried green beans! Yum! 


Chocolate cake with grandma’s homemade icing!


Sammy was not so sure about cousin Layla and her headband. 

We worked on Good Friday, but we were lucky that Jeremy got home at a good time. Sammy had beets for the first time. What a mess!

  He wasn’t crazy about them- but tolerated a few bites to please momma. Blowing raspberries with a mouth full of beets is a thing now… Sigh…

  Look at this face. What a ham!

Friday & Saturday we hung around the house since we had constantly been on the go. Jeremy and my brother Beau went to the furniture distribution center to pick up our new bed and spent the majority of the day putting it together. Then we headed to my parents for a family cookout. 


  Playing with Carson! I got my exercise for the day. 

We headed home early in order to get Sammy bathed and to bed at normal time. 

Here are photos from Sunday and our boy’s first Easter! We opted to go to my parent’s church instead of ours because it’s closer and the time of the service fit better with Sam’s schedule. 




He was a doll baby at church. Even got a shout out from the pastor! It was exhausting being so cute in his sweater. More photos of the outfit later!

We came home to change clothes and then went to my parents to spend more time with my grandparents – and enjoy a delicious Easter meal. 

 The Easter bunny treated Sammy so well. At our house, the bunny brought Burts Bees jammies, a new book, a Melissa & Doug chunky wooden farm puzzle, and a wooden shaped block sorter by the same brand. Believe it or not, the bunny stopped by my parents too! There he left socks, a onesie, a Thomas the Train bath toy, and a shopping cart/high chair cover. 

What a thoughtful bunny!

Tonight at home, we’ve been doing laundry, dishes, and washing bottles. I put butternut squash and half a beet (always autocorrects to beer) in the BabyBrezza machine. I did this after his dinner, but I let him sample it before spooning the purée into an ice cube tray to freeze. He loved it! I’m thrilled because he was not wild about plain steamed beets.

The tulips I bought on Wednesday are simply beautiful. The perfect red-orange color! 

(This photo perfectly sums up our kitchen most days… Dirty crock pot insert because we are constantly using it, bottles drying on our Boon grass, baby food steaming…)

With all that being said, we are so incredibly blessed. We live such a fulfilled life, surrounded by so many people that love us. 

Life is good! He is Risen!


Samuel Hayes | 2 Months Old

(I typed this over a month ago… Just now getting to add the photos and publish.)

And just like that, our little love is 2 months old. Where has the time gone? He is such a little blessing and I can’t exactly remember what life was like before him, and even before pregnancy. It must have been awfully boring. Sammy is our world!


samuel hayes – 2 months old

Height/Length: 25″, putting him above the 99th percentile

Weight: 13 pounds 10 ounces, putting him in the 80th percentile

Diapers: Still struggling in the blowout department. I can bet on cleaning up a poopy mess each time we leave the house. Lets just say I’m getting good at changing the boy in my lap, in the back seat, and basically anywhere other than the restroom changing table. I wasn’t a germ freak, but…. motherhood has made me one. Lysol and Clorox Wipes should pay me to be a spokeswoman for their products.

This month we tried Huggies Snug n’ Dry and Huggies Lil Snugglers (both size 1). We DO NOT like either of them. Both smell like urine immediately after he goes. And, they do not keep the poop in when he is sitting on my lap or in his car seat. I have a couple days worth of Lil Snugglers left in his drawer and I can’t wait til we are done with those.

I bought a small package of Luvs in a size 2 today to give those a shot. So far they seem to fit well. I noticed that they do not have a wetness indicator, but at this point he saturates a diaper and you can tell when the diaper is wet vs. dry. They seem thin and not very soft. I hope they don’t irritate his little booty.

Clothes: He is wearing 3 month, 3-6, and 6 month clothes. Most of the 3 month stuff seems a little tight and the 6 month stuff seems a tad big. He definitely needed to be in 6 month sleepers when he hit the 8 week mark. This boy is long! Note: I’m searching for extenders to snap into the onesies that fit everywhere except in length. Where do I buy those? Help!

Eating: Breastfeeding is going SO well and I am grateful. Our hungry boy feeds on demand every 1 to 3 hours when he is awake, and eats for at least 10 minutes at a time. I let him graze and fall asleep most of the time, however when I burp him and we change positions he will wake up.

At 5 1/2 weeks we introduced a bottle for 2 reasons… so  I could get a little time away from baby if needed and because I am going back to work at the beginning of November. We chose Tommee Tippee bottles and he takes them well. Daddy gives him a bottle each evening. The most he has eaten is 5 oz. Hungry, hungry, hippo!

I am worried about maintaining a pumping schedule when I go back to work. I have got to stick to it, and I’ve got to keep my calories up. It will take work to pump, clean pump parts, and store milk when returning to my always busy job that has been deserted for the past 2 months. Yikes!

I am passionate about breastfeeding and making it work. We can do it.

Sleeping: At his 2 month check up with his pediatrician we received the go-ahead to let the sleeping boy sleep. No more setting alarms for this momma! On his first 2 nights of “free sleep” he had a 5 hour stretch, then on the third night a 7 hour stretch. Keep it up little one.

He is still sleeping in his bassinet in our bedroom. He can just stay right there forever and I’ll be happy!

Loves: Silly faces, ceiling fans, daddy’s singing, TV (specifically football and baseball games), bath time

Doesn’t like: Getting too hungry without attention (AKA feed me now!), being overstimulated, having his hair towel-dried after bath

Movement: Lots of rolling over from tummy to back! He loves to stretch, grasp things, noticing his hands, tracking with his eyes, and standing when held. He is great at holding his head up and looking around like a curious gopher. He likes to sit on my lap, too.

Personality: Smiles started around 5 weeks and they have just gotten bigger and bigger. He is just too cute! He coos and grunts, especially in the mornings. He loves his mom and dad and certainly knows us apart from other people. We noticed him picking us out from a crowd in a busy room when he was held by a family member.

Fun things we did this month: Took a road trip to Arkansas for his first wedding, met all of his great-grandparents, met great aunts and uncles, spent his first few hours away from momma (I’m sure it was fun for him, not me!)

Here are more photos of our sweet guy…





We love you, Sammy!

Five on Friday

I can’t be the only one, right?

We’ve made it to Friday folks, and next week Thanksgiving will be here. It is certainly one of my favorite holidays and I can’t wait to have Sammy join us this year at the dinner table. He actually does really well sitting on my lap! However, I would be totally thrilled if we could coordinate a nap around the time we sit down to eat.

Today I bring you a super random Five on Friday. Enjoy!

1. S.O.S. I need black boots!

I got down a box labeled “Fall shoes and boots” from the top shelf of my closet. I couldn’t figure out where my black riding boots were… until I remembered that I threw them away when we moved. It must have been part of my total wardrobe overhaul where more than half of my stuff ended up in a DAV donation bin. My pregnant-self who hated everything in the closet really did my non-pregnant self a service that day by clearing out what all the stuff that was so-so, didn’t fit right, or just wasn’t my style any more. My black boots were a victim, but they really needed to go. I am a cheap-boot-shopper and those boots had seen one too many winter seasons and looked like it. Here’s what I have my eye on… (photos link to sites)

Women's Marlo Riding Boots - Merona™

And who doesn’t love leopard print?

Women's Betseyville Rockstar Ankle Boots Black


I need a pair of brown ankle booties, too. Loving these styles… Both are out of my price range, but a girl can dream.


2. Time to deck the halls

This will be our first Christmas as a family of three, and our first Christmas in our new home. We may put up Christmas lights this weekend! (By We you know I mean my husband.) I’m looking forward to putting up the tree and other decor. Oh, and Gordon our Elf on the Shelf is sure to make an appearance!

Who knows where we might find him!!! (Yes I realize my baby is too young to know what the heck the little elf is, but my husband and I still have fun with it.)

I also purchased two floating shelves from Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago that are still in the trunk of my car. Those babies need to be hung! I’ve got my eye on some reindeer figurines that need a home.

3. All about the apple dip

You need to make this dip. Mix two blocks of cream cheese with one container of Old Fashioned Caramel dip (for apples). Top it with a layer of Heath Bits of Brickle (you’ll find them near the chocolate chips). Buy a bag of granny smith green apples and dip away. It’s so super delicious that you’ll forget about the calories.

Pretzels are great dipped in it too!

4. Saving our memories

I’ve been SO good about taking pictures and videos of Sammy. I think I have one picture from each day of his life. Most are on my phone, but we do have some great shots that I took with the Canon. What I’ve been SO bad about is getting our photographs printed. Oops!

Now, I would consider myself pretty tech savvy… but I have a pretty basic question for those of you smarter than myself…

The videos I have taken on the Canon are saved as .MOV files on my computer. I want to burn them onto a DVD. How easy is that? What kind of program is required? Can I do that with Movie Maker? Please help so I don’t ruin these files!

5. Taking time out for ourselves

As much as I love coming home from working, immediately putting on my PJs and spending time with baby and hubby, we need time for just the two of us. Sometimes all we talk about is baby, or work (we work together). Tonight we are taking Sammy to my parents while we go see a band play the early show, from 6:30-8:30. That way we can get Sammy and get back home and be on our normal schedule for bedtime (10pm). The band happens to be led by our friends who moved out of state about a year ago. They are back in town this weekend!


Have a great weekend and make sure you have those stretchy pants ready for next week! Oh baby!


Trick-or-Treat, Smell my feet!

I love it when fun holidays fall on the weekend — well, except for Christmas because I like an extra day or two off work. (Did you know Christmas is on a Friday this year?)

Don’t let me get ahead of myself, this was Sammy’s first Halloween! I searched Amazon for a couple weeks prior to Halloween and decided on buying a baby bunting costume in hopes of it fitting him okay. Since we are big time Ohio State Buckeyes fans, an OSU replica costume was perfect. Oh, and the longer you wait to order the costume the cheaper it gets! I bought his costume for $8!

Onesie is from Children’s Place

Testing out Mommy’s new area rug (an early Christmas present!). We all love it!

Since he has been grasping things, we tried to get him to hold his pumpkin pail. 

Success! First family photo on Halloween. 

  Hanging out with grandma and Lucy before heading out to his other grandparents. 

We made quick trips to the grandparents’ houses and grabbed a bite to eat at the drive through and got home right as it was getting dark. I had high hopes for lots of trick-or-treaters in our new neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was a bust! We had about 20 kids. The good news is that we have LOTS of candy to ourselves. Side note: Can we all agree that Take 5 bars are the best damn candy bar ever made?

With that being said, we were able to watch most of the World Series game uninterrupted by the door bell. (Go Royals! #takethecrown) Today, we are having family time and I’m soaking up every minute with my baby boy as I go back to work full time tomorrow. Say a prayer for us!

Happy Sunday & Happy Halloween!