WW Update: Week 26 Results

TGIF! Happy Friday, folks! I’m not sure what the weather is like where you’re at, but here in SW Missouri fall has arrived! (For a few days at least!) The cooler temps have been so nice for opening the windows and taking evening walks. Let’s jump into the good news…

For week 26, I lost 4.8 pounds for a total of 32.4 pounds lost. I’m thrilled!! I finally broke the 30-pound barrier.

I tracked everything I ate Monday through Thursday. Every mini Milky Way Caramel Apple, the butter I put on my green beans, the half an ounce of shredded cheese on my salad… everything. It worked! I knew it would. Every time I make a commitment to tracking and follow through, I lose weight.

My staples for this week have been:
– Jeremy and I have been totally into Musselman’s Cinnamon Apple Sauce. I eat 2/3 cup for 3 points. It’s my equivalent to ice cream – and tastes like fall!
– Lots of brown rice. I think I had some variation of brown rice as a side for every dinner this week.

My saving grace this week:
– Using my digital food scale and measuring cups to serve myself perfect portions.
– Cookie Butter, ‘nough said. Sydney gave us this jar and I’ve been loving spreading about half a Tablespoon (1 pp) on a Eggo Nutri-Grain blueberry waffle for breakfast.


Featured meal this week:
Skinny Garlic Chicken rocked our world. I made an Asian variation on Wednesday with soy sauce and garlic chili sauce.  I used 1/2 teaspoon of the hot stuff because I didn’t want to blow our brains out. It wasn’t as spicy as I expected, so next time I will add more. The end result was a flavorful variation of the original recipe.

Eating out this week:
We over-did it on Friday and Saturday, but ate at home for dinner every night this week. We are planning on going to our old high school’s football game tonight and I see a Frito Pie in my future 🙂

Working out this week:
– Monday: 40 minute walk around our new neighborhood
– Thursday: 35 minute walk (we increased our distance & our pace!)
We did core work in the living room 3 times this week.

IMG_0206This house NEEDS landscaping! And shutters! This was before our Thursday evening power walk.


Visible changes this week:

Less bloating. I assume that’s a direct result from avoiding restaurant/pre-processed foods.

Goals for next week:
Continue to track and walk.

I am now just 7.6 pounds away from my BIG goal. Let’s do this thing!!



Back to blogging & starting over

Long time, no blog my friends! The past 2 weeks have been crazy to say the least. I haven’t blogged, I haven’t eaten healthy, I haven’t worked out. Blah.

My excuse: We moved.  My husband and I love our new house! We’ve re-discovered lots of “stuff” that we didn’t know we had/stuff that had been lost during the one year stint at my parents’. We have re-discovered what it’s like to just be us in our own space. It’s lovely!

Speaking of re-discovered things, let’s talk about my weight loss journey. I am a few days shy of the “6-month mark”. I began Weight Watchers on March 14 and have done a pretty fantastic job of losing weight over the past several months. Sure, there have been bumps and bruises and slip-ups (vacation) along the way but my eyes are set on the prize. What’s the prize you ask? A 40 pound loss. In my last blog update, I was 11 pounds shy of my goal.

Of course, in the hectic moving phase one doesn’t have the energy, motivation, or perhaps the tools to cook. So, eating out it is. What I should be talking about here is what I HAVEN’T eaten recently… Pizza Hut, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese/Hibachi, Pasta, Funnel Cakes, McDonald’s breakfast… and on and on it goes. Another thing I learned? Ice cream cannot be kept in the house or we will eat it every night after dinner. It’s a problem!

We’ve finished off the ice cream and nearly wiped out the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that was purchased YESTERDAY. We (husband and myself) are turning over a new leaf this week! Healthy foods, healthy portions, healthy movement.  Tonight we’re going for a walk to check out the neighborhood.

I plan on getting back to my Friday updates, and I hope to be back down to my lowest weight when I step on the scale Friday. I’ve gained 1.4 pounds over these couple of weeks, which is not bad, but I am ready to get back to it. I’m sick of the bloated feeling I’m left with after eating out!

Have a great week! Set a goal and attain it… no matter how small or silly it may be.

WW Update: Week 23 Results

Ahhh, finally Friday! It’s hard to believe that it has been 23 weeks. 23 weeks of hard work, willpower, and strategy. I’m back to my normal format for these Friday updates.

For week 23, I lost 0.8 pounds for a total of 29 pounds lost.
I am 11 pounds away from my “40 pounds lost by September 1st” (or September 14th) goal. Obviously that’s going to be a stretch, but as long as I’m progressing in the right direction – no matter how slow that progress may be – I am happy!

I’ll admit that I didn’t work super hard this week. I slacked on walking, missed one PiYO class, and did a horrible job of tracking what I ate in my Weight Watchers app.

My staples for this week have been:
– Still loving turkey sandwiches on Nature’s Own Whole Wheat sandwich thins.
– Fresh grapes and watermelon!

My saving grace this week:
– Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Thank goodness of Coffeemate’s Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer.

Featured meal this week:
Did you catch my recipe post for the white vegetable lasagna cupcakes? Read it here. We really enjoyed them!

Eating out this week:
We did have pizza on Friday night with friends. I attended a bridal shower on enjoyed TOO MANY drinks with old friends on Saturday night. My hangover cure was a big Sunday morning breakfast at Village Inn. After I got all that out of my system, I haven’t eaten out during the week.

Working out this week:
– Monday: Zumba
– Thursday: PiYO

Visible changes this week:
I noticed my leg muscles during PiYO on Thursday night… those muscles are screaming at me this morning. We started a new set at PiYO and holy squats…

Goals for next week:
Things are going to get tough. We’re planning on moving next weekend. Since it’s a 3-day weekend we will have plenty of time to get situated. I know what’s going to happen… eating out. It’s reality though. I will be getting a workout carrying boxes, furniture, etc. I’ll put my new-found strength to good use 🙂

Bonus category: Moving
You may have seen my post earlier this week about decorating and how excited I am to move into the new house! It is a spacious, newer home that I know we will love. While of course the positive outweigh the negatives, I am nervous about this transition and how it will effect my weight loss. The biggest setback is that I’m leaving COMMIT, my Zumba and PiYO group. This is bad timing because COMMIT is moving into a new studio at the same time that I’m leaving. I know I’ll come in to visit from time to time, but finding a new workout groove in my new town sounds difficult.

For now, my game plan is the following:

  • Find out information about the local Zumba class
  • Take nightly walks with my husband
  • Research buying PiYO DVDs to do at home
  • Work on more nutritious eating and limiting eating before bed

If you have experience “staying on the wagon” while moving, please share your tips and tricks. I’m going to need them!

Here’s to week 24!!!


WW & Life Update: Week 22 Results

It’s finally Friday… Week 22. Wow! 4 weeks left before the 6 month mark.

For week 22, I lost 0.2 pounds for a total of 28.2 pounds lost.
I am 11.8 pounds away from my “40 pounds lost by September 1st” (or September 14th) goal.

What a week! I’m not going to go over my normal categories that I stick to for my weekly posts because this week has been all over the place. We traveled to Arkansas for the Watermelon Festival, had a busy week, and a little stress. I can’t explain how happy I am that today is Friday!

Let’s talk about Weight Watchers first.

  • I maintained. Major victory. My weight was up most of the week and I worked hard to get back to where I was at the end of last week.
  • The battle to overcome unhealthy choices in Arkansas was complicated by our anniversary date on Tuesday night. We went out to Cantina Laredo to enjoy a local magazine’s restaurant month special. We had chips & salsa, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. It was ridiculously delicious and I looked about 4 months pregnant when I was finished. (NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT). So full that it was terribly uncomfortable. The salty food made me thirsty for at least a day. But, can we just pause and admire the beauty of the Mexican Brownie doused in brandy butter served on a hot cast iron plate? Seriously one of the best ‘zerts (Parks & Rec reference) I have EVER had.


  • Other food choices this week include: Pita Pit (Chicken Souvlaki all day long), Taco Bell (chicken quesadilla – I’m not proud!), and a really bland baked chicken and mashed potatoes meal at a luncheon. I had fresh cucumber, Minute brown and wild rice cups, and a hamburger on a Nature’s Own whole wheat sandwich thin.
  • I did a horrible job of tracking.

Working out this week:
– Monday: Zumba
– Tuesday: 5 a.m. PiYO
–  Wednesday: Jazzercise – This was my first time! My friend Melodie invited me to a class. Overall, I felt like it was an okay workout, but not near as fun as Zumba. Here’s the thing – I’m really good at seeing someone do something once and then I can do it, on rhythm. Not all people have that gift and I totally understand. However, Jazzercise was the same basic moves repeated a million times over. I did, however, enjoy the strengthening portion of the class using free weights and a yoga ball.

Back to the PiYO, Zumba, and walking grind next week.

Time for the life update AKA house update.

  • I got a call from the Realtor yesterday saying that someone made an offer on the house that we love and he is 90% sure everything will go through. Ugh. I was pretty devastated. Still am. I was 24 hours away from putting a deposit on the house. Can it get more frustrating?
  • It’s not our fault, it’s not the Realtor’s fault… it’s just the way it goes. I pictured us living there and enjoying evenings in the beautiful backyard. I had already decorated the living room in my head and planned where the Christmas tree would go. I had still have house love.
  • Something else will come along and God has a plan, right? The Realtor told me about another house that his wife reminded him of that is for rent in the same town. He does not manage the property, but he told me on the phone that he was confident that I would like it. We are going to walk through that house this afternoon and I have my fingers crossed that it works out. It’s a newer house, bigger house, and I am sure it will be fine.

Blah! I’m still a little “hungover” on disappointment. I’ll get over it.

WW Update: Week 21 Results

Happy Friday to you! This week has flown by and I am SO ready for a weekend away. We are leaving for Jeremy’s parents in Arkansas after work. There is a Watermelon Festival happening!

For week 21, I lost 1.4 pounds for a total of 28 pounds lost.
I am 12 pounds away from my “40 pounds lost by September 1st” (or September 14th) goal.

This week was a good week overall. I stuck to healthy eating (for the most part) and moving my body!

My staples for this week have been:
– Turkey sandwiches for lunch. The hickory smoked turkey I chose from the deli has been so good. I usually buy mesquite smoked turkey, but the hickory has been super tasty.
– Almonds, which is a big deal for Andrea the almond hater. I’m coming around.

My saving grace this week:
– I made 2 pp chocolate cupcakes that are one of my faves!
– Drinking water when I’m hungry, then resorting to food. Sometimes I just get thirsty!

Featured meal this week:
Nothing new. Lean meats, veggies, brown rice.

Eating out this week:
I loosened up the reigns this weekend! The hubby and I went out on Saturday night for margaritas and Mexican food! After salsa and chips and our queso fundido appetizer with chorizo, I ordered the equivalent of a deep-fried chimichanga with white cheese sauce on top and the hubby had a carne asade burrito. We both had frozen strawberry margs, too! It was perfect. We were seated at a 2-top near the window and were treated to dinner and a show by Springfield, MO’s population of wack-jobs wandering the streets of downtown. We saw full-face tattoos, police involvement, and too many bad haircuts to count.


After dinner we treated ourselves to fro-yo and a drive through Wilson’s Creek – where we saw 4 turkey and 24 deer.



We had Ruby Tuesday for dinner on Sunday, where I ordered a steak. Super tasty!

Working out this week:
– Monday: Zumba
– Tuesday: 5 a.m. PiYO (We started a new set “PiYO 34” that is sure to make my muscles scream!)
– Thursday: PiYO

I’m looking forward to picking up my walking routine again next week.

Visible changes this week:
New clothes!!! I am happy to announce that 21 weeks ago I was a size 14 across the board. Dress size was 14 and most pants were size 14 or 32-33. Yesterday I bought 3 pairs of pants/jeans all in size 8. I wear size medium tops now and I’m not looking back!!!

Goals for next week:
Stick to proper portions in Arkansas this weekend. Exercise 4 times and limit eating out.

Bonus category: Our house hunt
My husband Jeremy and I have been searching for a house to rent that cut down on the 70-minute drive to his new job. On Friday we met with a Realtor who also does some property management in a town that is literally halfway between my work and his. He was super nice and seemed to understand what we’re looking for. So what exactly is that you ask? We’re searching for a 2-3 bedroom home, preferably with a garage, that has been well-kept. Oh, and I demand a nice neighborhood. Easier said than done. I took the afternoon off work so that we could meet with the Realtor and prove that we’re nice people, who are clean, have good jobs and are responsible.

He showed us the perfect house. Ahhhh, it’s wonderful! This little baby was built in 1957. It is an all-brick, 1600+ sq foot home on a corner lot that is larger than half an acre.


The only hiccup – it’s on the market. Not exactly for rent. The good news is that the owners moved out of state and do not want it to sit on the market long. School starts next week and historically is a sign of the market slowing down. The owner is open to renting and we hope that our meeting with the Realtor will help him talk the owner into renting it to us! I called for an update yesterday and our guy had been out of town so he didn’t have any news. Please say a prayer for us to find the perfect place – whether it’s this Bedford Street house or another one.


Thanks for reading – have a great weekend!


WW Update: Week 20 Results

20 weeks? Wow!

For week 20, I gained 0.4 pounds for a total of 26.6 pounds lost.
I am 13.4 pounds away from my “40 pounds lost by September 1st” goal. I started Weight Watchers on 3/14/14, so if I do not reach my September 1st goal, I can give myself two more weeks to make it happen before the 6 month landmark.

I know 0.4 pounds is nothing to fret about, but the fact that I didn’t lose weight pisses me off. I told myself I would not step on the scale daily, like I normally do. Apparently that didn’t work for me… back to daily weighing! When I weighed on Monday morning I was the same weight as I was the previous Friday (same day as my Week 19 update). I did well with working out and eating well this week, but that wasn’t enough.

My staples for this week have been:
– I’ve been all over the place. I can’t think of anything that I relied on all week. Our garden has died so the gravy train of free cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and peppers is over.

My saving grace this week:
– Hard-boiled eggs. I love them. Is that weird? They are only 2 points plus a piece and I have been eating them before workouts. I found an article on Weight Watchers’ website that suggests removing the egg and replacing it with hummus. Sounds pretty tasty! You can read that article discussing pre and post workout snacks here: http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=43791

Featured meal this week:
I made turkey burgers for the second time in my life! The first time was about two years ago and my burgers turned out flavorful, but dry. Boo!

Second time was the charm! Our grilled turkey burgers were so tasty, moist, and pretty low on points when you weigh the cooked burger on a food scale.

Moist and flavorful Turkey Burgers

  • 1.25 lb ground turkey
  • 2 T seasoned bread crumbs(heaping for 1.25 lbs, level scoops for 1 lb.)
  • 1 egg
  • 4 t garlic powder
  • 4 t finely chopped onion (I used more because we love onion)
  • 2 T soy sauce (use reduced-sodium if you have it)
  • 2 T Worcestershire
  • 1/2 t steak seasoning (sprinkle on top of patties)

It’s pretty simple, folks… Dig in and hand-mix together the ingredients (set aside steak seasoning) and form into patties. I believe I made 6 or 7 decent sized turkey patties. Sprinkle one side with your favorite steak seasoning. We love the McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning shaker. Oil your grill (I didn’t do this, but should have) and grill the burgers for 5-7 minutes per side over medium heat.

While these were grilling I whipped up some homemade guacamole and put a dollop on top of my burger. We ate these without buns, but lettuce wraps would be a great zero-point choice.

Eating out this week:
BAD. Hey, maybe this is why I didn’t lose weight? Taco Bell & a hot fudge sundae on Sunday… not good. The family went out for pizza on Wednesday, but I limited myself to 2 pieces and a big salad with French dressing (around 4 pp for 1 oz.)

Working out this week:
I did well!
– Saturday: Walked 5 miles at Wilson’s Creek with my friend Melodie!
– Monday: Zumba
– Tuesday: 5 a.m. PiYO
– Thursday: PiYO with my Mother-in-law

Visible changes this week:
Better posture, which is a weird thing to notice. The few remaining pants that fit seem to be more loose this week. Yay! This weekend is a “Sales Tax Holiday” here in MO, and I plan on buying just one pair of pants to get me through a few more weeks.

Goals for next week:
Track every little snack, no matter how few points it is. (Same goal as last week, but I did not manage to accomplish it.)


WW Update: Week 19 Results

Friday and feelin’ good!

For week 19, I lost 2 pounds for a total of 27 pounds lost.
I am 13 pounds away from my “40 pounds lost by September 1st” goal.

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 19 weeks. Seems like such a short time. I’ve almost hit that 30 lb. mark and I expect to be there in two more weeks.

My staples for this week have been:
– Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (Gwen Stefani reference)

My saving grace this week:
– Portion control. Again. This week I ate a lot of what everybody else ate, but relied on keeping my portions under control! Seems like it worked.

Featured meal this week:
Nothing new.

I have been loving frozen bananas with chocolate and peanut butter. Not the healthiest, I know, but it’s my substitute for ice cream right now. I peel a banana, spread 1 T of peanut butter on top, and melt 1 oz. of milk chocolate chips and spread them over top. I pop it in the freezer and wait til the banana becomes chill and the chocolate is nice and hard. Yum!

Eating out this week:
We celebrated Jeremy’s new job by having a family dinner at an Italian restaurant on Sunday. I didn’t hold back… I had all the bread and dipping oil, salad dressing, and creamy pasta that I wanted. The did two things well. 1. I split an entree with my mom and 2. I listened to my body and stopped eating when I was full. I took home leftovers, but let someone else eat them.

Working out this week:
Not my best week in this department.
– Tuesday: Walked 5 miles at Wilson’s Creek

No Zumba or PiYO this week because the instructor was out of town. I attempted to go to the assistant instructor’s class on Thursday, but I figured out that they had bumped it to Wednesday… an empty parking lot was my clue. But hey, at least I got in my car and went!

Visible changes this week:
Less belly fat.

Goals for next week:
Track every little snack, no matter how few points it is.