Weekend in Photos – Wedding in Arkansas

Long time, no blogging, huh?

The baby is 6 weeks old. I have yet to type up his birth story, or a 1 month update, or a post-partum update. I’ll get to those eventually.

One thing I have been doing is taking photos! I’ve been doing my best to capture Sammy meeting new people and going new places. With that being said, I bring you a “Weekend in Photos” post from last weekend’s visit to Arkansas.

We made the trip to Jeremy’s dad and step-mom’s house on Friday after he got home from work and we got the car packed up. Traveling with a baby = extra stuff times a million! Saturday, Jeremy’s cousin Kristen was married in an intimate farm setting, with a cute rustic barn reception. We had a blast introducing Sammy to aunts and uncles and cousins galore.

On Sunday, we drove home and made a spontaneous stop at a natural bridge! I had never seen one before – and was glad that we followed the billboards and signs to see such a cool thing.

Momma’s first time in something other than sweats!


Meeting Aunt Megan and cousins Britni & Courtney from Texas.



First Dance as Mrs. & Mrs. Lee!


Sammy with his Great Aunts Julie & Sharon.


And Cousin Jett!






The Natural Bridge is in Clinton, Arkansas. Read more here: http://www.arkansas.com/attractions/detail/natural-bridge/90986






So fun! It was great to feel like we got out and “did something”. Sam did a great job on his first road trip, despite several blowouts including one on the white hotel bedspread. Oops! With that being said, we are still on the hunt for diapers to fit this boy’s little bottom.

More soon! … maybe 🙂


Weekend in Photos: Allen Wedding

This weekend was a busy one! Unfortunately, I’ve been battling iPhone 5 battery issues and failed to take as many photos as I would have liked.

Saturday, February 1st was Nick & Sydney’s wedding. We started the celebration with a rehearsal at the Mansion at Elfindale and feasted on Rocco’s Pizza. Then, the bridesmaids and the bride made a trip to the WORLD’S LARGEST CVS STORE!! We purchased numerous lip products, eyeliner, lashes, and eyeshadows from a variety of brands including Khroma Beauty (the Kardashian’s line). I plan to do a post on a few new faves! Sydney booked the most gorgeous hotel suite in Springfield for our night-before-the-wedding festivities. We drank wine, ate candy, and tested our new makeup!

After 6-7 hours of sleep, we woke up on Wedding Day ready to get things done. I failed to take a ton of photos from the event, but here are a few. I cannot wait to see more photos from Regina Richards Photography.








Such a stunning dress for a winter bride!


LOVE the fur stole! So fun!




Ringbearer and cousin, Caden and I. He earned a shiner the night before the wedding!


First dance as husband and wife to Adam Levine’s version of Let’s Stay Together.


Shannon and I rocking great lip colors!


Jeremy and I chilling at the bar pre-wedding!

Allison’s chic & unique wedding

Another friend got married! Allison & Tyler tied the knot at the Veridian in downtown Springfield on Saturday, June 22.



The details…

Venue: Veridian Events, for both ceremony & reception

Dress: Norman’s Bridal, downtown Springfield (chocolate brown taffeta bridesmaids dresses were from Norman’s, too! — loved them)

Cake: Celebrations by Sonja (traditional white cake with fresh strawberry filling)

DJ: Traveling Tunes (I think)

Photographer: Climer (which is the same photographer I had, love Amanda & Lance)

Catering: Simply Delicious (my favorite! Allison and Tyler had originally booked Whisler’s burgers, but Whisler’s backed out just 3 weeks before the wedding, eek! We feasted on Sliders, potato salad, pasta salad, and barbeque sundaes.)

Drinks: guests chose between pink lemonade or root bear in bottles, raspberry tea, or the cash bar. The signature cocktail was the blushing bride: vodka, peach schnapps, coconut rum, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, orange juice. I had a couple of those and a “couple” glasses of white zin.

Fun stuff: A candy bar with M&Ms, Twizzlers, Gummy Bears, Jelly Beans, Pixi Sticks, Bubble Gum, etc. The kids hit the bar HARD. There was not a single bear left.

Wedding Coordinator: Megan (from the Veridian) and Whitney. Whitney rocked! Since the ceremony and reception were both upstairs, Whitney and the “transition team” had to transform the space while the guests were having cocktail hour downstairs and the wedding party took photos.

Rehearsal dinner: Nonna’s Italian Restaurant, conveniently located across the street. The greek pasta is to-die-for.


It was a blast! Chelsea and I took photos throughout the rehearsal and decorating/getting ready on Saturday. We’re planning to make a photo book on Shutterfly to surprise Allison, but Chelsea has the files. So, when I have those, I’ll post a few more pics!

Celebrating Mrs. Keatts to be!

allison showerOnly 27 more day til she’s a Mrs.!

On Saturday, May 25, Chelsea, Laura, & I hosted a bridal shower for Miss Allison! We reserved a table during non-peak hours at Aviary Cafe & Creperie in Springfield. Their shabby chic unique decor is the perfect complement to their sweet treats — making it the perfect place to shower Allison!

Games: Chelsea and I planned the games and aimed for simplicity. I think we hit our target spot on.

After our guests arrived and ordered crepes, we began with He Said/She Said. The party-goers made their best guess on who said each phrase by holding up their mustache or lips prop. Speaking of props, props go to my oh-so-creative mother for helping me with the mustaches and lips! The were a hit!

Second, we wrote the couples love story with a pass-around sheet of paper. As you wrote your phrase, the only line you could see was the one written by the person to your left. Allison and Tyler’s story did involve Depends… I’m not sure whose idea that was… 😉

Food: Chelsea re-created the Aviary sweet crepes menu to allow our guests to choose their own crepe, without paying attention to the price. I ordered the Bananas Foster. It was the most popular crepe ordered, along with the Limoncello. You can read the entire Aviary menu here.

My crepe was delightful! It was a good mix of sweet, salty, and creamy. Yum!

Decor: Because the restaurant is decorated in a fun, shabby chic style, we did nothing. Not a thing. Chelsea created the place settings, along with my props, and we were set. It was perfect!

my best friend’s wedding

April 20 – A date some people associate with getting high off their asses, a day other associate with Adolf Hitler’s birthday, but to me, April 20, 2013 was my best friend’s wedding!

Chelsea and Caleb wed at Integrity Hills in Ridgedale (basically Branson), Missouri at 2 p.m.

Photo courtesy of: Heather Cherie Photography

We started the day at our gorgeous hotel room on the Branson Landing, with hair and makeup ladies showing up at 8 a.m. Allison and I had our hair done first, then the bride had her make-up airbrushed and then was curled, pinned, and teased. I chose a waterfall braid look, which I Instagrammed of course. I am obsessed with the waterfall braid!

Back to the wedding: We left the hotel for the venue (ceremony and reception were both at Integrity Hills), and began photos. Before I knew it, we were lining up to walk into the church, toasting the bride and groom, then sending them off in a sea of bubbles!

I can’t describe how beautiful Chelsea looked in her beaded, sparkly, lace vintage-inspired gown. She sparkled inside and out!

Caleb is one lucky guy. Chelsea is the sweetest, most honest, creatively funny, and one of the most dependable people I have met. I am SO happy for her to finally be married to her other best friend.

Yay! I love weddings! More photos when they are available.