Things I want to remember about this age: 23 months

It may seem silly to post an update just before the big ‘2 year milestone’… but if I don’t document life with Sammy right now, I will regret it. I write this blog mostly for myself and absolutely love going back and reading about what we were doing a few months ago.

Things I want to remember about Samuel Hayes at 23 months old:

  • You are FUNNY! What a sense of humor you have! Your favorite thing to laugh at spontaneously, is people falling down. In fact, you laughed at one of your classmates in gymnastics when she toppled off of the balance beam this week. Hehe!
  • Speaking of gymnastics, your gross motor skills are progressing so well. You can jump and jump well! You will hop, gallop, run, crawl… do it all. You are now walking on the balance beam by yourself at gymnastics, making it from one end to the other without holding on to my hand. Wow!
  • You are so cute when you are pretend-playing. You pretend to pick grass to feed horses in books, pretend to eat and drink foods in books and offer me “soup” out of a plastic bowl. You are talking to your toys and understand when I play with you and the toys talk to each other.
  • Most of the time you love to sing songs! Some faves are Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, This Little Light of Mine, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and when daddy sings the National Anthem. I can usually count on you to start yelling “no! no way!” when I sing Jesus Loves Me because you associate it with going to sleep. You know the tune to most of these songs and do a good job singing along.
  • Big trucks, diggers, trash trucks, cars, tractors… okay, anything with wheels… really interest you! Total boy.
  • You are a very good eater and tend to prefer fruits to vegetables. Meats are becoming more popular with you, especially when you can dip them in something!
  • We are making progress when it comes to transitioning you to whole cows milk. You will drink it out of a small juice glass and do a great job of not spilling. We don’t offer milk every day, and there are still many times where we pour it for you… and then you ask for water. You are nursing, still. When you wake up, at times when I pick you up after work, and before bed. We don’t really have an exit strategy for weaning and aren’t in a big rush to figure that out.
  • Your vocabulary has exploded over the past month. You are putting words together and it is simply adorable to hear your sweet voice. Except the days where all you say is “no way! no way! no way!”. I love hearing you say “help please momma”, “big truck!” and “thank you”.
  • You always want to help and be involved. If I ask you to do something and you say no or are not excited about leaving the house, etc. all I have to do is ask for your help with a task… when you say “no” I say “okay, Mommy will do it”. Boy, that sends you running my direction and quick!!! “Me! Me! Me!”
  • Potty training has definitely stalled and you almost always say no when I ask if you’d like to sit on the potty. Sometimes I can convince you to do so if I promise to do a silly dance while you sit. It’s pretty funny because you sit and watch for maybe 10 seconds, then you want me to sit on the potty while you do a silly dance in the doorway.
  • Blues Clues is your favorite TV show right now. Hands down.
  • Favorite color is green. Well, it’s your most common answer at least.
  • You know all of your family member’s names and talk about them at home. You have an impeccable memory and can tell me who gave you certain toys, etc.

What we’re looking forward to:

  • This month you’ll turn 2! We’ll celebrate with family and friends by having a pool party at our neighborhood pool, just like last year. It worked out so nicely that we’d be fools not to repeat it!
  • Seeing you enjoy and interact with the few toys we’ve bought for your birthday… and what we know others are buying for you. (Note to self: Go through all the toys at home when Sammy isn’t there so I can box up a few oldies to make room for new ones.)
  • More evening walks as the weather cools down in the evenings, as well as making more connections with our neighbors as this has been a focus at church.
  • Speaking of church, we are working on having better experiences when leaving you at the nursery in preparation for you starting at an in-home daycare 1 day a week. That begins later this month.
  • Watching you grow more and more, and loving you more and more each day – although it just doesn’t seem possible!

what I want to remember about this age: 20 months


How can it be possible that our Samuel is only 4 months away from turning 2 years old?

It seems impossible. Sam is the shining light in our lives, from the moment he wakes in the morning, til the time he falls asleep at night… and then we just stare at him! “Can you believe how long he is?” and “When did he get so big?” come out of our mouths nightly.

At 20 months old, you are somewhere between 26-27 lbs. and get taller every day. I can’t remember how tall you were at your 18 month check up, but I remember thinking that it is very possible that you could be over 3 feet tall (a whole yardstick -wow!) at 2 years old.

Here are some things I will forever remember about you at this age:

  • You are so particular. A boy that loves routine. If something is done once, you want it done that way a second time.
  • You love to help. You want to help to take care of daddy and me by handing me the towel when I get out of the shower (you wipe your face with it first, every. time.), want to help with my makeup and love playing with the brushes, you and dad have teeth brushing rituals and you want to brush my hair.
  • You ask where dada is constantly, and you have really started to say mama more over the past month or so.
  • You love green olives. More like obsessed. You search for them in the fridge and make weird sucking noises when you’re on the hunt. I try to limit how many you have since they are so incredibly salty. Black olives and greek olives are Sammy-approved, too.
  • All things that go fast and have wheels have your attention. Lawn mowers, tractors, cars, semi-trucks, motorcycles… you love it all! We can’t go to Lowe’s without letting you sit on the lawn mowers.
  • Like daddy, you are an animal lover. You want to be around, pet, feed, and take care of animals at all 3 of your grandparents’ houses.
  • Your list of animal noises includes: dogs (still a weird gulping noise), cat, cow, deer (you make a mean buck grunt), elephant, bunny, owl, horse (you usually moo, but whatever), donkey (haw-haw is the best), and you make a cock-a-doodle-doo when you hear a rooster crow.
  • Your word list: mama, dada, yep, ya, no, please, go, yo yo, tree, moon, spoon, bye bye, balloon, ball, Georgia, grandma, Beau, baby, done, all done, ha-ha-ha (The Count), and ho-ho-ho (for Santa and snowmen) … there are more I’m sure.
  • Your sign language list: more, milk, please, thank you, drink, book. We haven’t added new signs in months, in hopes you will say more words. When you see animals taking a drink you sign for it, and when you want to water the plants you sign for drink too 😉
  • Cooking and baking are becoming favorite activities for us to do together. You will watch the Food Network from time to time! When I have to open the oven or drain pasta, I ask you to sit in your chair in the living room and you do it right away. You let me know when you want to bake cookies by adamantly pointing at the Kitchenaid or bringing me a muffin tin.
  • Elmo is your favorite character, and Sesame Street has possibly taken over as your new favorite show. While we still watch Thomas, I think you ask for Elmo more.
  • You are still nursing, and we are cutting back your dependency on breastmilk bottles during the day while I’m at work as the freezer stock is extremely low. I thought it would be easy to swap out whole milk for breastmilk in your diet… easier said than done. You take a couple sips and sign for a drink of water. I never dreamed you would be nursing at 20 months old.
  • You are still sleeping with mom + dad. You will nap in your crib for others, rarely for us. Because you know we love to snuggle you.
  • Gymnastics has become such a fun activity for you during the week. It’s so fun to see your progress and how excited you are when you know its gymnastics night! We can tell that you are so adored by the coaches and they all know your name… even the ones that don’t teach your class. You love the stamps you are rewarded with. One time this past month you only got 2 stamps because you didn’t listen well and kept running away from the group….
  • You would just live outside if you could.
  • You have become very affectionate with babies and other kids (um hello, like the time you hugged and kissed Priscilla at gymnastics!), and your baby doll. When I have a headache you kiss my forehead and say “awww.”
  • Potty-training is underway (and has been since a few days before you turned 18 months) and is moving forward in the right direction in a super-duper relaxed manner. We ask if you want to use the potty and if you say yes then we take you to the bathroom. At this point we’ve had successful #1’s about 10 times, and just one #2. All in all, we are so proud of you… diapers or not!

We love you so, Sammy Hayes!



Five on Friday | 4.7.17

Happy Friday, folks! I am SO happy that here in Missouri we have sunny skies and warm temps. It has been such a yucky past several days… rain, rain, rain. Surely these gloomy skies will pay off in May!

Image result for april showers

1. If you’re a sucker for kids in overalls…

Denim Shortalls - Union Wash

I was so excited when I saw these adorable Osh Kosh denim short overalls on the rack at TJ Maxx this week! I love the darker wash and am already picturing what tees I will pair these with. And, I just know Sammy will love the pockets. At $12.99 there was no way these weren’t coming home with me.

For my fellow overall-lovers, Osh Kosh is having a 50% OFF sale right now! Here’s the link to shop their site to find the perfect pair of overalls for your little.

2. a new favorite cookie recipe

I had a hankerin’ for homemade cookies the other day and did what anyone else would do and took to Pinterest to find something that was both easy to make and delicious.

I present to you: BROWN SUGAR COOKIES

  • 1 1/2 sticks of real butter (I never said they were healthy)
  • 1 1/4 c brown sugar
  • 1/4 c mashed banana
  • 1 t vanilla
  • 2 c flour
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • 1/4 t salt
  • 1/4 t nutmeg
  • White sugar for topping

Combine flour, soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and set aside.

Cream butter til soft then add brown sugar. When combined, add vanilla and banana. Beat on high for 1 minute

Gradually add dry ingredients. Mix til incorporated.

Roll into 1″ balls, and roll in white sugar, and place on ungreased cookie sheet. I use a silicone baking mat. Bake at 350 for 8-9 minutes. Rest for 3 minutes before moving them to cooling rack.

These cookies are seriously good, and Sammy approved. I mean, look at that pot belly! Oh, and now he knows what the KitchenAid is for and keeps pointing at it and saying “mmm!”. Needless to say we have made this recipe twice in a week. Yikes!

Displaying IMG_3468.JPG

How can I deny him cookies? Especially when he signs for “please”!

3. FREE prints!

Did I have you at “free”? Good.

Shutterfly is offering FREE prints on their app! Yes, FREE! This offer is good for 4×4 and 4×6 prints, and doesn’t even require entering one of their annoyingly long alpha-numeric codes.

There isn’t a momma I know that has a good handle on regularly printing iPhone photos, so this is your chance to get caught up.

I ordered 250+ prints, and only had to pay $22ish for shipping. What a deal!

Image result for shutterfly app

4. coconut oil + lavender oil lotion

Image result for lavender and coconut oil

I passed down the super-dry skin gene to my little boy, and we have tried for… well all 19 months of his life… to get it under control. You see, we’re really good about greasing him up with Aquaphor after bathtime, not changing bath soaps, using free & clear detergent for his clothes, and limiting how many baths he has a week to try to retain some kind of moisture in his skin.

Recently I purchase CeraVe baby bath + shampoo and am hoping that it makes a difference for Sammy’s skin after bathing. Also, I whipped up a batch of Lavender Coconut Oil Lotion, because why not? We had the ingredients (only 2 things!) and I am willing to try anything to keep from putting steroid cream on his young skin.

We are 1 week in, and I think it’s working. I have noticed less itching and his skin seems less bumpy overall. Time will tell! If you have any kind of home remedy or product recommendation for dry skin/mild eczema that is toddler-appropriate I am all ears. Shoot me an email at

I searched for Cetaphil for Babies and didn’t see it at the store. It is the next bath wash product on my list if the CeraVe is not effective.

The lavender oil sure makes him smell yummy, too!

5. finally feeling like spring!

Related image

I am SO ready to leave the office and head home to open the windows and let the fresh air in!

Oh, quick note, if you have little ones you have got to try my easy and cheap trick for baby-proofing your blinds!

safe blinds

Cheers..and Happy Weekend-ing to you!! XOXO

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Things I want to remember about this age: 16 months


How on earth is it possible that this boy is 16 months old? In 2 short months he will be ONE AND A HALF. How?

Here’s a collection of his accomplishments, mannerisms, abilities, and things I always want to remember about Sammy at 16 months old.

  • You’re still nursing. Signing for milk constantly (or so it seems). You take 3 breastmilk bottles/straw cups while I’m at work and nurse when we are together. Including the middle of the night. We have introduced you to organic whole cow’s milk and that has gone okay. You’ve only had sips of it here and there to introduce the taste, just as the pediatrician recommended.
  • You love trains and cars. Thomas & Friends is your favorite and you enjoy playing with the engines and tracks Daddy picked out for Christmas. You make adorable “mm mm” noises for trains and “vroom-vrooms” for cars. We have so much fun playing with cars and you occasionally need to take a NASCAR or two with you when we leave the house. You are your father’s son.
  • Bananas are still a no!
  • We are now buying size 6 shoes and 24 months sized clothes. Every brand fits differently, of course.
  • You have had 5 haircuts and honestly, you could use another. I like to keep your hair long so frequent hair cuts it is! You still don’t seem to mind, however you prefer to not wear the cape which means hair gets all over both of us.
  • Coloring is your favorite activity. Sometimes we take crayons and paper on the go so you can color. You are deliberate with your coloring most of the time and can even make circle motions. You have an affinity for red crayons, but you’ll share from time to time because you like someone else to color with you.
  • You know that cows say “moo”, and sometimes you think sheep, horses, and deer “moo” too! You make an adorable gulping noise for dogs. Other things you say include, “ho ho ho” for Santa, “hey”, “e, i, e, i, o”, “mama”, “daddy”, “ball”, and you have noises for “yuck” and “spoon”.
  • It seems like you understand everything we say. Most of the time you do what we ask you to or take things where we ask. It’s completely adorable to see your naked booty carry your clothes to your hamper before bath time. You will wash the body parts we ask during your bath. You still do not like water poured over your head.
  • You can throw and kick balls and have lots of fun playing catch with mom and dad. You’ve started to wrestle, sneak up on us from behind, and hide and wait to be found!
  • You are becoming quite the kisser and have been waking up mom and dad with kisses in the middle of the night. So, yes you are still sleeping with us and we don’t mind.
  • You’ve learned to nod your head yes and I can see your little brain working just before you give me a big exaggerated up and down nod. When I ask if you are ready for bed you almost always nod yes! A boy after my own heart!
  • Only one and half Christmas ornaments have been broken so far this Christmas season. That’s wonderful! You make sure the Christmas tree lights are always on and marvel at the lights daddy put up on the roof from the back door.
  • Some days you are more interested in books than other days, but we are working toward a routine of reading a story before bed each night.

For the record, I wrote this post on 12/28 just 2 days after Samuel turned 16 months old. I’m publishing it on 1/20, just 6 days before he turns 17 months old. The saying “time flies” has never been more true. We love this boy with every inch of our being!


samuel hayes | 13 months

hello, my sweet neglected blog. It’s been so long.

so long.

I can’t think of a better way to get back into the swing of things, than with a post about my Sammy. It is so hard to believe he is already ONE and getting older, smarter, stronger, and funnier every single day.


Things I want to always remember about Sammy at this age:

  • Oh, you love trains and make the cutest “Mm mm” noise when Thomas & Friends comes on the TV, or when you can hear a train outside. You love to see trains in person and point and say “oooooh” in wonder & awe.
  • You can do so many things on command. You can point to the following body parts on yourself: fingers, nose, ears (both!), hair, feet, toes, belly, diaper/pee pee.
  • You are such a stinker and play jokes on us on purpose. You love to hide. In the kitchen cabinets, your tent, behind chairs, under tables, and in boxes.
  • Things that twist and turn captivate your attention. Knobs and twist on lids (water bottle lids for sure) keep you busy for much longer than traditional toys.
  • Your sign language is really progressing. You know demonstrate the signs for milk, drink (okay, you kind of made up your own sign, but you’re consistent), book, and more. We are working on “all done”!
  • You know a lot of your toys by name and can find them and bring them to me when I ask for them. You know the difference between foxes, horses, pigs, birds, and more.
  • Daddy taught you to smell your feet and mommy’s feet and we think it is completely hilarious.
  • Bath time is a fave and you can splash like no other. You will “wash your pee pee” when we hand you the wash cloth. You are still struggling with having water poured over your head to rinse your hair.
  • Your words list: mama, dada, ba (ball), book (working on it), uh oh, and you’ve kinda sorta said “all done” and “football”
  • Oh — the hair! You’ve had 3 hair cuts by Vickie and have done wonderful each time. Another cut is on the books for tomorrow. You brush your hair on command, with anything. A brush, comb, block, stuffed animal….
  • Brushing your teeth before bed could be the highlight of your day. Most of the time you insist having more than one toothbrush in your mouth. Daddy calls you a walrus!
  • You have started to become a little finicky with your foods and surprise me by gobbling up broccoli one day and refusing it the next. I think you’re exploring and testing the limits to see if mom will bust out something new and different.
  • You are now walking! You took 5 steps on 10/6 and acted like you knew how to do it all along. Most of the time you will stand up when mommy tells you to do so.

You are so incredibly smart and seem to pay attention to the smallest details, and you certainly don’t forget things. Maybe you’ll be like your mommy, with the memory of an elephant 🙂 or be like your daddy and only choose to remember select things 😉

You are so loved.