Must-have Monday: It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

I’ll admit, I kind of forgot about my little Must-Have Monday series. There haven’t been many products I’ve tried that I felt were truly MHM post-worth until this one…

Today I’m sharing about my experience with the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream.


Why is it a must-have? 

When I’m looking for a foundation I have key criteria that a product must meet to be a winner in my book. Those criteria are: (1) lightweight feel, (2) coverage without looking like a mask, (3) benefits my skin, and (4) is long-wearing. Here’s how the It Cosmetics CC stacks up in those categories:

  1. I definitely do not feel like I’m wearing anything on my face when I have this on. I apply it just as a would moisturizer. Right after the shower, with nothing underneath. Occasionally I do use a primer, but that’s rare. Throughout the day I feel like I’m not wearing much of anything at all.
  2. This little baby has coverage! Don’t let the “CC Cream” wording fool you. I think this has medium coverage that borders on full coverage. I like to have coverage to smooth out discolorations, red patches, scars, etc., but I do not want my freckles to be completely covered. I have tried full coverage foundations that do that and I feel like I don’t look like myself. I look too ‘flat’.
  3. This product is not only a color-correcting cream, but boasts 50+ SPF and an anti-aging system. It moisturizes wonderfully and I do feel like the texture and appearance of my skin has improved since using this product! I do feel like it is safe for my skin during pregnancy. I have done my best to avoid toners and moisturizers with acne-fighting acids and definitely haven’t even needed those kind of products since using this CC cream.
  4. I apply this at 7 a.m. each morning and go throughout the work day without seeing blotchy-ness or oxidation like I have from other products. I do set it with a powder (I’ve been using NYX Stay Matte but not Flat) in the morning, but do not reapply throughout the day — because I’m lazy.

Cost: Little bottle for $15.00 and full size for $38.

Where to buy: I have purchased this product at Ulta. I do not believe my local Sephora carries the brand (I could be wrong). It Cosmetics appears frequently on QVC as well!

Read more about the ingredients, benefits, and details online at:


Random Thoughts:

  • I’m so ready for our house to be finished… I can’t stand it! I did peek in the windows yesterday to see that the granite has been installed in the kitchen. Yippeee! Come on flooring guys… let’s rock this thing out.
  • We had a nice weekend visit from one of my aunts and cousin who live in New Orleans! It was great to catch up and have a relaxing weekend all in one.
  • I can’t stop by things for little Sam on Zulily. Baby Under Armour may be a weakness of mine! Oh – waiting on a precious Burts Bees onesie and an Aden + Anais swaddle with big red stars. I love the Zulily prices, but hate the wait!



Must-have Monday: Milani Extreme Eye Tech Eyeliner

It’s been so long! I’m thrilled to back in the MHM game. Let’s get going…

This week I present to you, Milani’s Extreme Eye Tech Eyeliner in Black.



Why is it a must-have? I suck at liquid eyeliner, true story. With this eyeliner, I consider myself a liquid eyeliner wearer. The thin-tapered felt tip is a dream. In the past I struggled with traditional liquid eyeliner applicators. I ended up with eyeliner everywhere EXCEPT for my lash line.

I’m an artistic person and I totally feel like this is why I’ve had success with this product. It’s like using a little marker.



I have had this eyeliner for months. I need to replace it because I have noticed some drying in the product. Even though this eyeliner is far from new I’m still getting a bold line at even light pressure. I like the slightly shiny black appearance, too. The light line on the right was me barely brushing the skin…. I mean barely. Perfect for lower lash line definition. The swatch above does not do this liner justice.

One reason I love this eyeliner is the staying power. This baby doesn’t budge. It claims to be waterproof – and I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not. You’re not going to be able to shower, swim, etc. without a little “raccoon” action.

One thing it is, is sweat proof. I can sweat my booty off and this eyeliner does not budge. I will rub my eyes with my shirt while working out (usually because I get sweat in my eyes – currently searching for an awesome sweat-wicking headband.. more on that later) and this eyeliner doesn’t budge. My mascara will smudge, but not this eyeliner. Love that.

Cost: The $7 range.

Where to buy: In my opinion, Milani products can be tricky to find. In my area, I buy Milani at Kmart CVS stores. I have seen Milani at Walmarts in other states.

There you have it, another product recommendation from me to you. I hope that you’ll consider this eyeliner if you’re in the market for a liquid liner that’s fool (and sweat) proof.


Random Thoughts:

  • Loving NYX lip products right now. Mmmm butter glosses!
  • My husband is still waiting to hear about a job that he has had 2 interviews for – it’s driving us nuts. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since his first interview.
  • What are your plans for 4th of July? I’m looking forward to a 4-day work week.
  • I’m waiting on a couple shipments of online purchases to arrive. Those leopard Tom’s and my first Fabletics outfit!


Must-Have Monday: Bath & Body Works Candles

There’s nothing like the smell of spring. Fresh cut grass, sweet florals, fresh fruits, and budding trees. When you can mimic the essence of spring in a jar, now that’s a must-have!

Today’s MHM post is all about two of my newest favorite Bath & Body Works scents. I purchased these scents in their classic 3-wick candles.

watermelon lemonade


Heaven in my nose! This smells just like the name. It’s fresh scented, not overpowering, and was so perfect to me that I purchased the car freshener cartridge in the scent. Can’t. Get. Enough.

You may remember that I bought a mini candle in this scent last month to give it a try. The mini only lasted a couple days!
tokyo petals


Because these were $2 for $22 I was on the hunt for another 3-wick. Behold, another super fantastic spring scent… Tokyo Petals! The smell of Japan! (I wouldn’t know, never been there, but I’ll go ahead and assume it smells this divine.)

It’s puzzling to me that I love this candle because #1 I’m not a big fan of sake and #2 I’m not a cherry lover.

I find this scent to be light, fresh, with a little warmth to it. I brought it to work and have been burning it in my office. It’s a safe smell for the workplace because it’s not overpowering in the least bit. One day I forgot it was burning and left the office to make a few calls and when I stepped back into the clinic I was greeted by a welcoming smell at the front door. I noticed the scent, but it didn’t knock me to my feet.

I would absolutely recommend this if you like light scents that just plain smell good. Not too much like a cupcake, not like a flower, not like strong potpourri, but a nice smell!

I’ve read so many blogs that complain about how difficult it is to describe smells, and it’s SO true. I hope that you can make sense of my ramblings and decide whether these scents are something you would like in your home, office, car, etc. In my opinion, these candles are a good value when priced at 2/$22 because they burn slowly, put off great smells, and make perfect gifts.

What other Bath & Body Works scents are must-haves in your home?

Random Thoughts

  • My husband starts week 7 of 9 in Wichita this week! Next week is his boards test, yikes! He’s almost done. This crazy 3rd year of graduate school is coming to an end. His graduation announcements will be mailed out to our family and friends tomorrow. Shit’s getting real.
  • My aunt is traveling to MO on Friday with little baby Carson in tow. I can’t wait to squeeze him. Pics will be coming!
  • Weight Watchers is going well, which you may know if you keep up with my Friday posts. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes, so if you have a favorite… send it to me!
  • I can’t wait to start garage sale-ing on Saturday mornings. I’m looking for that can be spray painted. I’ve got a board on Pinterest titled “DIY furniture” and I’m dying to collect some pieces to use for projects. Since I have a storage unit, I won’t have to limit myself! Hopefully I can post some DIY projects within the next few weeks.

Must-Have Monday: Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

Residue is a gross word. Nothing pretty about it! And, the same goes for having product build-up on your scalp.

This week’s MHM post is all about combating hair product build-up and a shampoo that I have found that is my best defense mechanism.

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo


What is it? This is a clarifying shampoo that I use on my scalp once per week to give my scalp a deep clean.

Why is it a must-have? I use a combo of hair spray (and lots of it), dry shampoo, dry oil spray, and curl cream mousse during the week. My scalp retains some of these products and my normal shampoo (Joico Moisture Recovery) just can’t cut it. I focus the Neutrogena shampoo on my scalp and use my normal shampoo on the rest of my hair since it is fine and tangles easily. I did make the mistake of using this on all my hair once and it felt super dry and I thought I would never been able to get a brush through it. My Joico conditioner saved the day and it gave me no issues.

After using this shampoo on my roots, my hair feels lightweight and has more volume since it isn’t weighed down with product.

Cost: I purchased this at Walmart for $4-5. I included a photo of the bottle in the packaging. If you’re just looking for the square clear bottle you may not find it on the shelf.

I encourage you to give it a try if you battle hair product-build up. I would caution you from using this more than once a week. I would be afraid of it being too harsh and drying out your scalp.

Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Must-have Monday: Covergirl Outlast StayFabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

Happy Monday! This week I am bringing a foundation review to you that is a staple in my makeup drawer. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to feature this week (ideas included Keuring K-Cups, DKNY Be Delicious perfume, Got2Be Dry Oil Hair Mist, and so on…) and settled on a makeup product.

I recently repurchased this foundation and have continued to enjoy it throughout the end of fall, winter, and now the beginning of spring. Note: It was 74 today and I did get a little warm while I was visiting doctor’s offices today for work. As of 8PM, my foundation looked great!



Why is it a must-have? Before I answer this, let me tell you what I look for in a foundation. I want a product that: blends easily, covers my blemishes and evens my skin tone without covering my freckles (that’s a tough one), is long wearing, and has buildable coverage.

With that being said, let’s talk about the Covergirl Outlast StayFabulous 3-in-1 Foundation. This foundation is a knock out! It hits all my marks for a great foundation. I like the thin liquid consistency and the way it gives my skin a natural finish. No powdery or glowy shimmer happening here!

I apply my foundation at 7 a.m. with my Sigma F80 Flat-top Kabuki brush. First, I pump the product onto the back of my hand and spread it onto my face with my fingers. Then I go in with my Sigma brush to buff it into my skin. I love the even application I get with the F80. The final product is much more flawless when applied with the brush versus my fingers.

If you haven’t heard about the awesomeness that is the F80, here’s a photo and a link to the Sigma website. Yeah, it’s dirty. That’s reality. I like to clean my brushes each weekend, but was out of town.


Back to the topic at hand, the foundation.

The product claims to do 3 things, hence the 3-in-1 claim.
1. Lasting power of a primer – check! In fact, I have tried a couple primers with this and I don’t notice a difference when using a primer and when I haven’t.
2. Coverage of a concealer – check! I only use concealer to cover blemishes/breakouts and to brighten my undereyes. As I mentioned before, I am picky about freckle coverage. I feel like I’m wearing a mask and don’t look like myself. This gives me great coverage of my least favorite spots and doesn’t totally cover my most favorite spots. I do like a freckle here and there!
3. Blendability of a foundation – check! Blends like a dream. I wear this on top of moisturizer most of the time and it smooths out beautifully.

I’ve been wearing this in #855 Soft Honey. It suits me best when I’ve been tanning! I typically use 1 1/2 pumps, sometimes 2 when I want extra coverage.

Cost: Anywhere between $8-$11. It’s all over the board depending on where you shop.

Where to buy: Any drug store.

Do any of you wear this foundation? It’s my new drug store fave. I am looking forward to trying the Neutrogena Healthy Skin, and have finally kicked my old fave Revlon Colorstay Whipped to the curb.

Random Thoughts:

  • I bought a camera! I went with a bundle from Best Buy. It came with: Canon T3 Rebel, regular lens, zoom lens, 16 gb memory card, camera bag, Shutterfly credit for $30. I’ve played with the settings around the house, but these are the first 2 photos I’ve posted to the blog. I think it’s a decent start. I’ll get better!
  • Jeremy and I had an hour to kill in Springfield on Friday night and made a stop at Incredible Pizza (indoor arcade for kids). You had to either purchase a dinner buffet or $10 game card per person at the door. Since we had dinner plans, we went with the $10 game cards. Let’s just say I lost at every game we played… except for ski ball! We played all kinds of games and worked up a sweat. Then, we met one of Jeremy’s friends from grad school at Big Whiskey’s. Their spin-dip wrapper is my jam. So yummy!
  • On Saturday, we packed up our cars and headed to Wichita for his last clinical. You can read about his clinical assignments here. We moved him into this extended stay hotel and went out for a steak dinner. On Sunday we explored Wichita, went to the store, then I had to make the 4+ hour drive home. I hope these next 9 weeks speed by. I am so ready for my husband to be home!
  • I am thinking about doing a progressive blog post series on teeth whitening. Thoughts?
  • Have a great week!



Must-Have Monday: Fresh faced for Spring

This MHM post is all about products you may need to achieve a fresh faced look for Spring! This is my first time using Polyvore to create an idea board or “set” as they call it. I couldn’t figure out how to send it to WordPress properly, so I screenshot & cropped.


I chose to include items that I’ve tried and relied upon time and time again. Let me give you a rundown of my faves:

1. Hot Tools curling iron – Beachy waves are everything. You can achieve them with a Hot Tools iron.
2. Fresh Sugar– One of the best balms out there. Perfectly tinted and perfectly smooth. A bit pricey, but worth it for an effortless colorful pout.
3. Urban Decay Naked 3– I’ve talked about the quality and range of this palette previously, but I couldn’t NOT mention it. You can read about my favorite shadows here. The rose gold tones lean toward Spring!
4. Nivea Lip Butter– This is my new go-to before bed lip product. It is absolutely nourishing and healing. I do not wake up with dry lips after using this product! In fact, I’ve used it on dry patches on other parts of my body.
5. Bare Minerals Prime Time– The icon I chose here is their eyelid primer, but let’s be honest–all Prime Time primers are pure gold. For spring, I’m wanting a flawless face. Prime Time can give me that (when worn under foundation).
6. Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day Lotion– Aahhhhh! Someone finally perfected my favorite spring scents. You’ll find this line to have hints of fruits and florals, but without being heavy. Love this stuff!
7. Dream Bouncy Blush– I mentioned this Maybelline product in a recent post. These cream blushes are devine. I like a pop of color on the cheeks for Spring to make it appear that I’ve just returned from my winter home on the beach. A touch of rouge says “I’m happy and healthy!!”
8. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer Get that bright-eyed look with this product! Using a combo of the light pale and brightener shades, you can counteract any dark circles with this product. Bonus-it doesn’t settle into fine lines! I appreciate the applicator tip. After swiping it on, I use the heat of my fingertips to blend it in.

There you have it, another Must-Have Monday in the books! Let me know what items you think I should pick up for Spring. Also, any Polyvore pros out there? Help!

Must-Have Monday: Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Hey MHM lovers, I’m back! This post has been brewing in my brain for a long time and I’m finally ready to give you my piece of mind on these super popular eyeshadow palettes. I’ve had the Naked 1 palette for a couple, maybe 3 years, and I received the Naked 3 palette for Christmas. I’ve used the “3” for long enough now that I’ve established some favorite shadows.


So, let’s get started! Because I don’t have an awesome camera to take photos of these shadows on my face I’ve swatched the colors I’ll be talking about. I used the elf eyelid primer (only $1) as a base for these swatches. And, because I had a little primer left on my fingers, the swatches didn’t come off very well. Please know this is my fault and not the eyeshadow’s fault!

Naked 1

Why is it a must-have? (1) quality of the product: I can’t say this enough. These shadows are highly pigmented. The color you see is the color you get. A little bit goes a long way. As I mentioned, I’ve had this palette for a few years and use it nearly every day. You can see that I’ve only hit pan on 1 shade (virgin). (2) variety of colors. The first few shades are light pinky colors, then you have golds and coppers, then purples and pinks, and finally dark gray and blacks. The mix of colors gives you dark and light, meaning you can achieve day time and night time looks all with this one palette.
Cost: All Naked palettes are $52. It may seem like a lot, however for the number of shadows you’re getting and the fact that I’ve only hit pan on one, this little baby will last you a long while. In comparison, a single Urban Decay shadow runs about $18-22.


My favorite shades from this palette (from left to right):
1. Virgin. My go to brow bone and inner corner color. When I run out, I will buy a single. Not too shimmery or frosty, just perfect. Like a virgin- ha!
2. Buck. Looooove buck. This is a light toned brown matte shadow. Second to naked, it’s the only matte in the palette. I love my mattes and do wish UD used more in the Naked palettes. I use buck nearly every day as a mid tone shadow to start my look.
3. Smug. My go-to coppery brown shade. Pairs nicely with buck.
4. Toasted. A really pretty metallic purple pink. It reminds me or a certain colored pencil I had as a kid. Weird, I know. Can you guess which one?

5. Hustle. Reminds me of UD’s YDK, but with less silver. It goes nicely with toasted but you have to be careful and not blend the two together too much because it will all look like one color.

Naked 3


Rose gold lovers, this palette is for you!
Why is it a must-have? Just look at it! The colors are gorgeous and unique. It does have variety in the shades allowing you to do a nude, pink or even purple look.
Cost: Same as above.


My favorite shades from this palette (from left to right):
1. Strange & Dust. I swatched these mixed together because that’s how I wear them on my brow bone and occasionally in my inner corner. Strange is a cream colored matte and dust is a very sparkly light light light pink.
2. Limit. A perfect transition color to help blend one color into another. This is a matte.
3. Trick. The most unique shade in the palette. It’s a wet looking rose gold. So pretty and a little orange. I tap this over the center of the lid to finish the look and open up the eyes.
4. Nooner. Probably my most used shadow in the palette. A beautiful matte mauve. Gosh, I love this! Because I love it so much, I’ve been buying more shadows like this.
5. Darkside. An interesting deep pewter. Blends beautifully and contrasts the pinker tones.
6. Blackhart. A deep blackened burgundy with reddish sparkly. When put in the outer-v, it can really smoke things up! Can be used on an angled brush as a liner as well.

There you have it! My take on the Naked palettes, 1 & 3. I do not have Naked 2 and don’t plan on purchasing it. There’s nothing in that palette I feel like I am missing out on. Are you an UD Naked lover like me? Let me know which shadows are your faves!

Happy Monday!

Random thoughts
– Still loving the Olympics! Really upset about the lady that interviewed Bode Miller and was relentlessly asking about his brother that recently passed. You can read the dialogue here.
– Here’s a photo from a little TJ Maxx haul…

I got all this stuff for $46! A Chiefs jersey for Jeremy for $5, super cute baby clothes for my new cousin arriving within the next month!, a giant 12 oz. bottle of Biosilk Silk Therapy for $19.99, and a new bath sponge.
– I am having a facial tomorrow and am very excited! I absolutely love Nu Essence Spa, if you’re in Springfield you should give my girl Kristin a try.