Things I want to remember about this age: 23 months

It may seem silly to post an update just before the big ‘2 year milestone’… but if I don’t document life with Sammy right now, I will regret it. I write this blog mostly for myself and absolutely love going back and reading about what we were doing a few months ago.

Things I want to remember about Samuel Hayes at 23 months old:

  • You are FUNNY! What a sense of humor you have! Your favorite thing to laugh at spontaneously, is people falling down. In fact, you laughed at one of your classmates in gymnastics when she toppled off of the balance beam this week. Hehe!
  • Speaking of gymnastics, your gross motor skills are progressing so well. You can jump and jump well! You will hop, gallop, run, crawl… do it all. You are now walking on the balance beam by yourself at gymnastics, making it from one end to the other without holding on to my hand. Wow!
  • You are so cute when you are pretend-playing. You pretend to pick grass to feed horses in books, pretend to eat and drink foods in books and offer me “soup” out of a plastic bowl. You are talking to your toys and understand when I play with you and the toys talk to each other.
  • Most of the time you love to sing songs! Some faves are Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, This Little Light of Mine, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and when daddy sings the National Anthem. I can usually count on you to start yelling “no! no way!” when I sing Jesus Loves Me because you associate it with going to sleep. You know the tune to most of these songs and do a good job singing along.
  • Big trucks, diggers, trash trucks, cars, tractors… okay, anything with wheels… really interest you! Total boy.
  • You are a very good eater and tend to prefer fruits to vegetables. Meats are becoming more popular with you, especially when you can dip them in something!
  • We are making progress when it comes to transitioning you to whole cows milk. You will drink it out of a small juice glass and do a great job of not spilling. We don’t offer milk every day, and there are still many times where we pour it for you… and then you ask for water. You are nursing, still. When you wake up, at times when I pick you up after work, and before bed. We don’t really have an exit strategy for weaning and aren’t in a big rush to figure that out.
  • Your vocabulary has exploded over the past month. You are putting words together and it is simply adorable to hear your sweet voice. Except the days where all you say is “no way! no way! no way!”. I love hearing you say “help please momma”, “big truck!” and “thank you”.
  • You always want to help and be involved. If I ask you to do something and you say no or are not excited about leaving the house, etc. all I have to do is ask for your help with a task… when you say “no” I say “okay, Mommy will do it”. Boy, that sends you running my direction and quick!!! “Me! Me! Me!”
  • Potty training has definitely stalled and you almost always say no when I ask if you’d like to sit on the potty. Sometimes I can convince you to do so if I promise to do a silly dance while you sit. It’s pretty funny because you sit and watch for maybe 10 seconds, then you want me to sit on the potty while you do a silly dance in the doorway.
  • Blues Clues is your favorite TV show right now. Hands down.
  • Favorite color is green. Well, it’s your most common answer at least.
  • You know all of your family member’s names and talk about them at home. You have an impeccable memory and can tell me who gave you certain toys, etc.

What we’re looking forward to:

  • This month you’ll turn 2! We’ll celebrate with family and friends by having a pool party at our neighborhood pool, just like last year. It worked out so nicely that we’d be fools not to repeat it!
  • Seeing you enjoy and interact with the few toys we’ve bought for your birthday… and what we know others are buying for you. (Note to self: Go through all the toys at home when Sammy isn’t there so I can box up a few oldies to make room for new ones.)
  • More evening walks as the weather cools down in the evenings, as well as making more connections with our neighbors as this has been a focus at church.
  • Speaking of church, we are working on having better experiences when leaving you at the nursery in preparation for you starting at an in-home daycare 1 day a week. That begins later this month.
  • Watching you grow more and more, and loving you more and more each day – although it just doesn’t seem possible!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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