Five on Friday | 6.23.17

Finally, we’re at the end of what seemed like the longest.week.ever!

I’m excited to have a chance to post on Five on Friday, because I’m seems like it’s been forever.

I’m linking up with other fabulous bloggers, listed above!

Lovin’ Lavender

This past week, I had family in town visiting from Ohio. One thing we wanted to do is hit up a local lavender farm that has recently opened up the the public. Lavender Falls Farm is a cute little farm in the middle of nowhere (Jamesville, MO to be exact). You can read more about the farm here and here.

My cousin Jenna, Sammy, and myself

One thing that surprised me about Lavender Falls was the smell. Of course, we all know what lavender smells like… but this was different. When we got out of the car, the fresh air was a lavender and cinnamon-spice swirl! Really cool, and I would totally want to bottle that up.

The farm has a natural waterfall, small cafe serving lavender infused dishes and drinks, and a small area to walk around the lavender field, pictured above.

The drive to Lavender Falls was very scenic… we even came across a huge Holstein cow in the middle of the road!

Note: I also learned that my brain wants to spell the word lavendAR instead of lavender. I keep struggling to spell it correctly.

Summer Swim Lessons

We were very excited to enroll Samuel in swim lessons at our city pool again this year. Last year he seemed to really enjoy it and progressed over the 4 sessions.

This year was a different story… He just wasn’t into it. He wanted to get out or sit on the steps. Or get out and hang out with daddy, as pictured.

He did not want to attend the last 2 sessions when I asked if he wanted to go. But, we stuck with it.

Sam is really experimenting with independence right now and everything is “me! me! me!”. That phase along with the class time (7:20-8 p.m.) is just rough on a little guy.

Now we are searching for the best lifejacket/floaty/suit with floaties in it for our boy so he can go to our neighborhood pool and still be independent. Please email me your suggestions!

What we’re baking this weekend

Cookies! Our neighbors just added a sweet little girl to their family and I want to bring them some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies  to their doorstep. This is my go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Our Best Basic Chocolate Chip Cookies

I baked a lot as a kid (and teenager) and used my mom’s Better Homes & Gardens cookbook 99% of the time. That’s why their recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and almost anything, is my favorite!

Yes, I do think the invention of Pinterest has been phenomenal for DIYers and those who like to spend time in the kitchen but I certainly think there is a lot to be said about opening up a cookbook with splattered-on pages and dog-eared corners.

The BHG recipe makes floury, cake-like chocolate chip cookies that are so stinkin’ good. Our grocery store had a 2 for $3 deal going on so I grabbed a bag of semi-sweet chips along with a bag of butterscotch chips. I think I’ll mix both of those together and deliver them to the new parents (are you still new parents if you already have a toddler, because they do?) and maybe Old Man Andy next door.

Keeping your neighbors on your good side is a good thing… especially when you’re too busy to mow the grass. Eeek!


Going Barefoot tonight

I told the hubs we were having a date night at home tonight after the little one goes to sleep. I’m picking up groceries after work, and added a couple bottles of wine to our online grocery order. White Zin for me and Cab for him!

Image result for barefoot wine zinfandelWe’re having a “big salad” for dinner, and wine for dessert. We just might bust out some of our favorite 2-person board games. I always tell engaged couples to add board games like Trouble, Stratego, Mastermind, Etc. to their wedding registry because nothing tops a date night at home with a little booze and a little friendly competition!

I told him of my plans last night, and I think he’s really excited. We’ve had one thing after another in the evenings the past 2 weeks it seems, so we are both looking forward to being home and just relaxing.

We don’t have anywhere to be in the morning either, so maybe just maybe Sammy will let us sleep til 7:30. That would be a real treat!


Coming up…

There are a few posts I’ve been working on (mentally) that I plan to share in the coming weeks. Topics I want to cover: Extended breastfeeding, decorating our guest bedroom, and goals for the second half of 2017. Anything you’d like me to write about?

I hope you have a restful weekend! XO


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