thursday thoughts | a little update

Oh my sweet forgotten blog – life happened, and blogging certainly has not.

Things that are currently being neglected (other than this blog): laundry, vacuuming, the ever growing pile of junk mail sitting on my counter.

Things that we are spending our time doing: sidewalk chalk, playing in the dirt, playing with the wooden train set (Thomas), and watering the flowers (aka spraying mom with the hose)! Now doesn’t that sound more fun?

Perfecting the “corn on the cob” hold to get every little bit off the stick.

We have visited our neighborhood pool once, and are gearing up for parent/child swim lessons starting next week. Since the schedules conflicted, we dropped out of gymnastics for a couple months to enjoy the water and sunshine!

Samuel continues to be such a joy and quite the funny boy. He is talking more every day and is incredibly independent. Far more independent than I was at his age, which makes me wonder what the toddler years will be like for the three of us 🙂 He is so curious, involved and helpful. I would much rather hear his “Me! Me! Me!” and have him engaged with what Jeremy and I are doing, rather than having him sit in front of the TV, iPad, or whatever…

He is constantly learning and never forgets a thing.


  • Swim!
  • Spend time with family
  • Socialize with friends our age, and Sammy’s age
  • Travel… While we don’t have a major family vacation planned for this summer, we definitely want to take day-trips and see new things together
  • Go camping!
  • Take Sammy to the ballpark
  • Hit up Farmers’ Park on Saturday mornings
  • Go fishing!
  • Take photos with the camera… not our phones

I’ll do my best to share those photos here, because it’s the best archive I have right now.

Cheers to Thursday, and being one day closer to Saturday!


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