what I want to remember about this age: 20 months


How can it be possible that our Samuel is only 4 months away from turning 2 years old?

It seems impossible. Sam is the shining light in our lives, from the moment he wakes in the morning, til the time he falls asleep at night… and then we just stare at him! “Can you believe how long he is?” and “When did he get so big?” come out of our mouths nightly.

At 20 months old, you are somewhere between 26-27 lbs. and get taller every day. I can’t remember how tall you were at your 18 month check up, but I remember thinking that it is very possible that you could be over 3 feet tall (a whole yardstick -wow!) at 2 years old.

Here are some things I will forever remember about you at this age:

  • You are so particular. A boy that loves routine. If something is done once, you want it done that way a second time.
  • You love to help. You want to help to take care of daddy and me by handing me the towel when I get out of the shower (you wipe your face with it first, every. time.), want to help with my makeup and love playing with the brushes, you and dad have teeth brushing rituals and you want to brush my hair.
  • You ask where dada is constantly, and you have really started to say mama more over the past month or so.
  • You love green olives. More like obsessed. You search for them in the fridge and make weird sucking noises when you’re on the hunt. I try to limit how many you have since they are so incredibly salty. Black olives and greek olives are Sammy-approved, too.
  • All things that go fast and have wheels have your attention. Lawn mowers, tractors, cars, semi-trucks, motorcycles… you love it all! We can’t go to Lowe’s without letting you sit on the lawn mowers.
  • Like daddy, you are an animal lover. You want to be around, pet, feed, and take care of animals at all 3 of your grandparents’ houses.
  • Your list of animal noises includes: dogs (still a weird gulping noise), cat, cow, deer (you make a mean buck grunt), elephant, bunny, owl, horse (you usually moo, but whatever), donkey (haw-haw is the best), and you make a cock-a-doodle-doo when you hear a rooster crow.
  • Your word list: mama, dada, yep, ya, no, please, go, yo yo, tree, moon, spoon, bye bye, balloon, ball, Georgia, grandma, Beau, baby, done, all done, ha-ha-ha (The Count), and ho-ho-ho (for Santa and snowmen) … there are more I’m sure.
  • Your sign language list: more, milk, please, thank you, drink, book. We haven’t added new signs in months, in hopes you will say more words. When you see animals taking a drink you sign for it, and when you want to water the plants you sign for drink too 😉
  • Cooking and baking are becoming favorite activities for us to do together. You will watch the Food Network from time to time! When I have to open the oven or drain pasta, I ask you to sit in your chair in the living room and you do it right away. You let me know when you want to bake cookies by adamantly pointing at the Kitchenaid or bringing me a muffin tin.
  • Elmo is your favorite character, and Sesame Street has possibly taken over as your new favorite show. While we still watch Thomas, I think you ask for Elmo more.
  • You are still nursing, and we are cutting back your dependency on breastmilk bottles during the day while I’m at work as the freezer stock is extremely low. I thought it would be easy to swap out whole milk for breastmilk in your diet… easier said than done. You take a couple sips and sign for a drink of water. I never dreamed you would be nursing at 20 months old.
  • You are still sleeping with mom + dad. You will nap in your crib for others, rarely for us. Because you know we love to snuggle you.
  • Gymnastics has become such a fun activity for you during the week. It’s so fun to see your progress and how excited you are when you know its gymnastics night! We can tell that you are so adored by the coaches and they all know your name… even the ones that don’t teach your class. You love the stamps you are rewarded with. One time this past month you only got 2 stamps because you didn’t listen well and kept running away from the group….
  • You would just live outside if you could.
  • You have become very affectionate with babies and other kids (um hello, like the time you hugged and kissed Priscilla at gymnastics!), and your baby doll. When I have a headache you kiss my forehead and say “awww.”
  • Potty-training is underway (and has been since a few days before you turned 18 months) and is moving forward in the right direction in a super-duper relaxed manner. We ask if you want to use the potty and if you say yes then we take you to the bathroom. At this point we’ve had successful #1’s about 10 times, and just one #2. All in all, we are so proud of you… diapers or not!

We love you so, Sammy Hayes!




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