Weekend in Photos

Weekend in Photos | animals galore

We spent the weekend with Jeremy’s dad’s side of the family in Arkansas. We all had a great time with their farm animals… but no one loved it more than Samuel! He is quite the helpful farm hand. Always ready to feed the animals.


Louise… always the aggressive one. After all, she’s the biggest of the herd.
Samuel wanted to “ride” all the horses. Mia the Pony was nice enough to let him!
Look at these beautiful eggs! Dark browns, light browns, greens, and pinks! Easter came early 🙂
Utah the Miniature Donkey – known as “Haw Haw” to Sammy





Kisses for Papa Mikey!
Obsessed with Haw Haw. Probably because he’s the perfect size for a toddler.
But, donkeys can be unpredictable and very noisy!
We picked daffodils from the front yard of Jeremy’s Grandpa’s old house. Jeremy dug up several bulbs to plant in our front flowerbed. These will be a beautiful and meaningful addition to our home!
Hanging out with momma on the swing! We sat here together and he demolished 3 servings of Grandma Kim’s minestrone soup. Sam is a soup lover, just like daddy.

I look forward to our next weekend in Arkansas, as I know Sam will be SO excited to see the animals. I am sure they will look forward to Sam being around because they know they’ll be fed constantly.


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