Things I want to remember about this age: 16 months


How on earth is it possible that this boy is 16 months old? In 2 short months he will be ONE AND A HALF. How?

Here’s a collection of his accomplishments, mannerisms, abilities, and things I always want to remember about Sammy at 16 months old.

  • You’re still nursing. Signing for milk constantly (or so it seems). You take 3 breastmilk bottles/straw cups while I’m at work and nurse when we are together. Including the middle of the night. We have introduced you to organic whole cow’s milk and that has gone okay. You’ve only had sips of it here and there to introduce the taste, just as the pediatrician recommended.
  • You love trains and cars. Thomas & Friends is your favorite and you enjoy playing with the engines and tracks Daddy picked out for Christmas. You make adorable “mm mm” noises for trains and “vroom-vrooms” for cars. We have so much fun playing with cars and you occasionally need to take a NASCAR or two with you when we leave the house. You are your father’s son.
  • Bananas are still a no!
  • We are now buying size 6 shoes and 24 months sized clothes. Every brand fits differently, of course.
  • You have had 5 haircuts and honestly, you could use another. I like to keep your hair long so frequent hair cuts it is! You still don’t seem to mind, however you prefer to not wear the cape which means hair gets all over both of us.
  • Coloring is your favorite activity. Sometimes we take crayons and paper on the go so you can color. You are deliberate with your coloring most of the time and can even make circle motions. You have an affinity for red crayons, but you’ll share from time to time because you like someone else to color with you.
  • You know that cows say “moo”, and sometimes you think sheep, horses, and deer “moo” too! You make an adorable gulping noise for dogs. Other things you say include, “ho ho ho” for Santa, “hey”, “e, i, e, i, o”, “mama”, “daddy”, “ball”, and you have noises for “yuck” and “spoon”.
  • It seems like you understand everything we say. Most of the time you do what we ask you to or take things where we ask. It’s completely adorable to see your naked booty carry your clothes to your hamper before bath time. You will wash the body parts we ask during your bath. You still do not like water poured over your head.
  • You can throw and kick balls and have lots of fun playing catch with mom and dad. You’ve started to wrestle, sneak up on us from behind, and hide and wait to be found!
  • You are becoming quite the kisser and have been waking up mom and dad with kisses in the middle of the night. So, yes you are still sleeping with us and we don’t mind.
  • You’ve learned to nod your head yes and I can see your little brain working just before you give me a big exaggerated up and down nod. When I ask if you are ready for bed you almost always nod yes! A boy after my own heart!
  • Only one and half Christmas ornaments have been broken so far this Christmas season. That’s wonderful! You make sure the Christmas tree lights are always on and marvel at the lights daddy put up on the roof from the back door.
  • Some days you are more interested in books than other days, but we are working toward a routine of reading a story before bed each night.

For the record, I wrote this post on 12/28 just 2 days after Samuel turned 16 months old. I’m publishing it on 1/20, just 6 days before he turns 17 months old. The saying “time flies” has never been more true. We love this boy with every inch of our being!



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