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Happy Friday, folks! It’s junk show weekend and time change weekend.

*insert all the praise hands*

It’s been forever since I was able to steal a couple minutes away from work to type up a Five on Friday – so here you go.

1. let the christmas shopping begin

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51 days til Christmas! Wow!

We are feeling SO jolly in our house, SO jolly in fact that we have listened to Christmas music in the mornings and while cleaning house on the weekends.

Any tips on keeping a toddler out of the tree? I’m all ears.

I am DEFINITELY going to make or buy one of these felt trees for Sammy to decorate over and over again. I think I’ll put it on the back of the front door.


In regards to shopping, I’ve already purchased a few gifts and am really trying to think/plan ahead to lessen the financial blow in December. Because let’s face it, budgeting sounds great in theory but in actuality it never happens in our house. #newyearsresolution

2. let the love for art begin

Sammy has shown lots of interest in coloring with jumbo crayons, markers (ColorWonder for the win), using stickers, and playing with Play Doh lately. He tells me when he wants to color by walking over to his art supplies area and pointing. Such a smart boy!

Here’s a quick pic of his concentrating hard on his stickers.

Displaying IMG_2599.JPG

He seems to have an affinity for his red crayon this week. Loves red just like momma!

3. move over olive garden

I found a GREAT recipe for our favorite OG soup, Zuppa Toscana! And believe it or not I was able to follow the recipe (almost exactly!).

Here’s the recipe. My only change was to use 3 cups of chicken broth instead of 2. I used Better than Bouillon chicken paste to make my broth versus beyond canned broth. I’m loving that paste, but I still think traditional bouillon has it’s place. Oh – and a couple other details… I bought Jimmy Dean Italian sausage and thought it was perfect.

We totally recommend you try this soup. you won’t be sorry!

4. backpack? ya!

Black:Gianni Bini Izzy BackpackI am totally into the purse backpack trend and am loving this Gianni Bini bag that is on clearance on

Because let’s face it, I need all the free hands I can get when we go out and about.

Maybe the Christmas fairies will magically make my husband read my blog so he’ll see this 🙂









5. my challenge to you

With the arrival of fall comes November and social media posts about being thankful. Yes, I think it is important to show grace & thanks, but I am also about action.

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I want to challenge you (yes, you! person reading my blog) to do something in the coming week that is out of the norm for you. Random Acts of Kindness can be as simple (and free) like holding open the door for a stranger, offering to pick up something off the highest shelf at the grocery for a stranger, or paying for a stranger’s coffee in the drive thru.

Maybe you need an idea to get you moving in the right direction. If so, click this link to read more about how people are doing random acts of kindness in their communities and neighborhoods.

A few of my favorites:

  • baking banana bread to share with a neighbor
  • be a big tipper! give a generous tip that makes the waiter do a double take
  • send a ‘just because’ card in the mail to a family member or friend
  • help someone with yard work

Lets face it – sometimes the world is not a happy place. It is hostile (hello, it’s officially election week), sometimes grumpy, and a filled with people who can use a pat on the back, smile, or a card in the mail to let them know they are thought of and loved.

Just a thought!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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