samuel hayes | 13 months

hello, my sweet neglected blog. It’s been so long.

so long.

I can’t think of a better way to get back into the swing of things, than with a post about my Sammy. It is so hard to believe he is already ONE and getting older, smarter, stronger, and funnier every single day.


Things I want to always remember about Sammy at this age:

  • Oh, you love trains and make the cutest “Mm mm” noise when Thomas & Friends comes on the TV, or when you can hear a train outside. You love to see trains in person and point and say “oooooh” in wonder & awe.
  • You can do so many things on command. You can point to the following body parts on yourself: fingers, nose, ears (both!), hair, feet, toes, belly, diaper/pee pee.
  • You are such a stinker and play jokes on us on purpose. You love to hide. In the kitchen cabinets, your tent, behind chairs, under tables, and in boxes.
  • Things that twist and turn captivate your attention. Knobs and twist on lids (water bottle lids for sure) keep you busy for much longer than traditional toys.
  • Your sign language is really progressing. You know demonstrate the signs for milk, drink (okay, you kind of made up your own sign, but you’re consistent), book, and more. We are working on “all done”!
  • You know a lot of your toys by name and can find them and bring them to me when I ask for them. You know the difference between foxes, horses, pigs, birds, and more.
  • Daddy taught you to smell your feet and mommy’s feet and we think it is completely hilarious.
  • Bath time is a fave and you can splash like no other. You will “wash your pee pee” when we hand you the wash cloth. You are still struggling with having water poured over your head to rinse your hair.
  • Your words list: mama, dada, ba (ball), book (working on it), uh oh, and you’ve kinda sorta said “all done” and “football”
  • Oh — the hair! You’ve had 3 hair cuts by Vickie and have done wonderful each time. Another cut is on the books for tomorrow. You brush your hair on command, with anything. A brush, comb, block, stuffed animal….
  • Brushing your teeth before bed could be the highlight of your day. Most of the time you insist having more than one toothbrush in your mouth. Daddy calls you a walrus!
  • You have started to become a little finicky with your foods and surprise me by gobbling up broccoli one day and refusing it the next. I think you’re exploring and testing the limits to see if mom will bust out something new and different.
  • You are now walking! You took 5 steps on 10/6 and acted like you knew how to do it all along. Most of the time you will stand up when mommy tells you to do so.

You are so incredibly smart and seem to pay attention to the smallest details, and you certainly don’t forget things. Maybe you’ll be like your mommy, with the memory of an elephant 🙂 or be like your daddy and only choose to remember select things 😉

You are so loved.



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