Confessional Thursday | Spray Tans, Dunkin…

Here’s a super quick Confessional Thursday, while I have a moment…

  • I got a spray tan on Monday evening. Well, long story short… it rubbed off on Sammy, our 11 mo. old baby. Oops! A bronzed leg and toes never heard anybody… BTW, it’s an organic spray tan so he’s not absorbing any harsh chemicals. But still, I don’t feel like the world’s BEST mom in this moment.
  • 3 – That’s how many donuts I’ve eaten today.
  • We’ve been out of diaper genie refill bags for a couple weeks now and I just put the dirty diapers in a little pile on the dresser and when another one won’t fit I take them out to the dumpster.
  • My husband refers to our laundry room as my second closet because I hang clothes to dry on the rack and then don’t take them off until I need something to wear. Oops!
  • I’m the worst with travel coffee mugs. There are SEVERAL dirty ones sitting on my desk that need to go home with me. If I do remember to take one or two home, I usually forget them in the car because my hands and super full when I get home… baby, dirty bottles, keys + phone, whatever else… Anyway, taking in the coffee cups are at the bottom of my list.
  • Leftovers are on the menu tonight and I’m totally looking forward to keeping the dirty dishes at a minimum.

Today is a special day because I’ve been lucky to be this man’s wife for 4 years. Love you forever, Jeremy! XOXO


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