Things I want to remember about this age: 11 months

things to remember

  •  You point at the alphabet hanging above your changing table when you want me to spell your name. We spell your first, middle, and last name by pointing at the letters. You like to point, too!
  • You have a thing for blue blocks, specifically round or oval shaped ones. The paint is wearing off of your wooden blue oval.
  • You like to look outside for “birds!” and grunt when there are birds in the yard.
  • We wash your hands a few times a day and you like to turn the water off before we’re finished.
  • You can eat a whole peach in one sitting!
  • When given a brush or comb, you will attempt to brush your own hair… and daddy’s 🙂
  • You have 2 top teeth, a bottom molar, and just got your 3rd bottom tooth. The only one you struggled with was the molar.
  • You have started to point at your toes and mumble when we count them each night.
  • You like to hide underneath the kitchen table like it’s your fort – and you peak out and roar at us for attention.
  • You play peek-a-boo like a pro! You peek over the arm of the couch, hide your face in the rug, and like to hide under blankets. Sometimes you tear the blanket off immediately, and sometimes you wait and giggle under the blanket.
  • You go nuts when you hear the bath water turn on.  You like putting your bath toys in your fishing net.
  • You give slobbery, perfect kisses and rest your head on my chest when I say “love mommy”. You do the same thing with stuffed animals, too.
  • Books with flaps are your favorite! We have to keep some in hiding and break them out for special reading time with mom and dad because you sometimes tear the flaps.
  • You are so helpful with watering the flowers and plants.
  • You wake up at 2:00 a.m. sharp to nurse, and when you don’t, mommy still wakes up by habit.
  • You practice feeding your dad with your spoon, and accidentally shove it down his throat sometimes.
  • You like to put your feet on us, when you’re being silly, and when you’re asleep. We say it’s “giving us the foot”!
  • You clap your hands on command, smile, shake your head, and point at body parts.

we love you more and more each day – even though it seems impossible!


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