A little update

It’s mostly pictures, but that’s all anyone cares about anyway, right?

Swim lessons

Last week we wrapped up Sammy’s first ever swimming lessons! He had 4 sessions at our local public pool. Both Jeremy & I feel that swim lessons are SUPER important for kiddos of ALL ages and were eager to start Sam as early as we could. We have a neighborhood pool and our families enjoy going to the lake/river/etc. so spending time in the water is definitely in our son’s future. This may sound crazy – but we definitely saw improvement in our boy’s swimming skills at the end of the course. He uses him arms and legs to move in the water and will actively go after a ball. He is certainly NOT a leach to mommy & daddy in the pool. Yay Sammy!

swim lessons2  swim lessons1

A night away

It happened and we all 3 survived. I had been dreading going away on an annual work trip since… well honestly before I gave birth. In reality, it’s one night away at a resort about 2 hours from home. In hindsight, not a big deal, but to this nursing momma with a baby who wakes up at least once a night for a snack, I was nervous to say the least.

night away 2 I prepped J as best I could about our normal routine everyday after I get home from work, dinner time, getting ready for bed, etc. Even though he knows it all, I felt better going it over with him about 54 times.

The work conference was insanely busy. I didn’t have any worries throughout the day because Sammy was with grandma, but when it came to be 5:00 p.m. (my normal pick up time), I started to crave my boy. I worried about him being confused and sad about why mommy hadn’t come to get him and him feeling that way throughout the evening.

Ugh. The worst!

My solution: wine. Duh! #pumpanddump

A co-worker and I enjoyed a delicious meal at a classy lake-front restaurant at the resort. The steak was good, the wine was flowing, and I started feeling better and better about being away. That night I slept well (again, wine.) and woke up in the middle of the night to pump so that my supply wasn’t effected. I could have killed for a night of continuous sleep – but milk production is more important to me, and coffee exists.

night away 1

Time with friends… priceless

I truly believe that everyone has their own “tribe”. In life, you find people that share the same goals, interests, hobbies as yourself and they become your friends. I think a tribe is the next level of friendship. I am so lucky to have these ladies in my tribe. We all attended a wedding last weekend and they even joined me for a pumping session in the car. You can’t beat that!

Looking back, I didn’t even spend that much time with my own husband at the wedding – but sometimes girl time is all ya really need 🙂


First Father’s Day

Sammy and I visited a local “paint your own pottery” place to create a First Father’s Day gift for Jeremy.

fathers day1

You’re going to do WHAT with my foot?

fathers day2

Alright, I’ll let you! Thank you to the nice young ladies working there who were masters at baby prints.

fathers day3

mug1    mug2

Jeremy was surprised (he thought we were getting him closed) and used his mug all day long – and it is currently on display on the kitchen counter 🙂



Later in the morning Sammy and Daddy read books – Give Sammy ALL THE FLAPS and he is one happy boy! We put some clothes on the boy and visited our families later in the day. It was a great day and daddy-approved!

Jeremy is such a wonderful and involved father and I couldn’t ask for anything more. This week he surprised me with a clean house (yes – toilets, floors, and dishes included!) and even mopped the floors at 11:00 p.m. to make me a happy mommy in the morning. When he does chores without me having to ask, it makes my heart explode! You da man, babe!

I hope you and yours have a great weekend. We are headed to Arkansas for some R&R and family time. Much needed!







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