Five on Friday

It’s already here! Gosh, nothing beats a short week! We’ve had a really good week… not much happened, but no news is good news.

Now, to jump into a completely random Five on Friday post.

1. this sandwich

Okay McAlister’s Deli – you win. This sandwich is the bomb-dot-com! From their website: “Our spin on the Vietnamese classic. Tender pulled pork, jalapeños, pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro and sriracha mayo. Dressed with blended greens and crisp cucumbers. Marinated in our Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette on a toasted baguette. Try it with our new Green Tea!”

I did try it with their new Mango Green Tea and it’s a total home run.

2. sunscreen research

Pretty sure I spent a solid 2 weeks reading about the in’s and out’s of sunscreen ingredients in order to make an educated decision on what type of sunscreen to buy for baby. I purchased Badger brand at a local health food market. You can read about the brand here.

Sport Sunscreen Cream SPF35 BadgerThis is what I purchased for our first zoo trip last weekend. Our local store only had a few Badger products in stock and none of them were specifically marked as “baby products”. Here’s the link to their baby sunscreen. There is barely any difference between the two. In fact, the sport sunscreen I bought only has 5 ingredients!!!

We were at the zoo for about an hour and a half and this stuff did its job. For myself, I put on some Hawaiian Tropic SPF 20 and I started to get pink when we were leaving.

I give the Badger 2 thumbs up!


3. pool season

Our neighborhood pool is open and we are so ready to splash all summer long! Sammy’s first pool experience was at a hotel earlier this year and he really enjoyed being in the pool. We are starting swim lessons next week (he will have 4 sessions) in hopes of building his confidence and swimming ability at an early age. I think it’s SUPER important for kids to know how to swim!

I’m stocking up on one-piece rashguard suits. We already have one hand-me-down and I am deciding which of these to add to my Amazon cart.

Vaenait Baby 0-24M Baby Swimsuit Infant Boys Rashguard Swimwear With Star Baby Vaenait Baby 0-24M Baby Swimsuit Infant Boys Rashguard Swimwear Water Tiger Baby

And this baby floatie…

Swim School- Confidence Building System Fish Sun Shade Baby Float

4. fabletics

It’s no secret – I heart Fabletics. I’ve been eyeing their shorts and just purchased this outfit.

I think the shirt sold me on this outfit. I am hoping to be able to pair it with jeans on the weekends. I was so close to ordering it in black instead of the blue… but I remembered that most of my closet is black and I have nothing in this color. So blue it is!

I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on the top and shorts when they arrive.

Not a VIP member on Fabletics? Use my referral code!






5. okay I’m seeing a color trend

be95ad63-ca1e-4407-8fcb-b53337a8ef11Displaying IMG_1064.JPGSeveral months ago I picked up 2 little wooden tables and a plant stand (with the tag on! From At Home!) via a Facebook group sale page for $20. I spray painted two of them with Valspar Paint + Prime in Nautical.

I’m obsessed with this color and how it pops, especially with the gorgeous coral/red petunias!

This weekend, I would love to pick up more flowers and bring the other table out of the garage… the more color, the better!






That’s all I have today! Enjoy your weekend!

XO Andrea


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