Weekend in Photos: Quality time with my boys

I was definitely looking forward to a weekend with very few plans, spending time as a family of three, and doing work around the house.

Friday, we went to my parents for dinner, then came home and put Sammy to bed. Jeremy and I sat in bed and watched TV, and got to bed at a decent time. We both felt completely refreshed Saturday morning.

Originally, we planned on going to the Coffee Fest but decided to forego those plans and hit up a plant nursery instead and do some preliminary shopping/research so we can begin to plan our outdoor landscaping.

The weather was beautiful and so were the blooms!

Sammy slept through most of our time at the nursery, and we snapped tons of photos of plants we like.

This neon pink flowering succulent came home with us! Along with a ceramic pot for another plant, and a beautiful basket of petunias for the front porch.

We could have spent longer at the nurser, but little man had his first hair appointment!

I present… The most adorable boy of all time…

He could have cared less that he was having his hair cut. He did great! He looks like such a big boy now!


After the haircut, we stopped at Hyvee for lunch – and picked up organic bananas for little Sam to try. Turns out, he’s not a fan! I would have never guessed.

I love this face… Mommy, can we go home now?!

We spent the afternoon doing chores around the house, and little man took an afternoon nap. We had a delicious Mississippi Roast for dinner with smashed red potatoes. It hit the spot!

We planned to go to church on Sunday morning  but that simply didn’t happen. We had coffee, play time, and J mowed the yard. Once he got cleaned up we went to my parents’ so Sammy could swing and play outside for an hour or so.


Play time in bed!


We don’t have any shade at our house, so playing outside isn’t an option in the afternoon. Sammy enjoyed swinging and playing on a blanket while watching his grandparents fill their new raised garden beds with dirt.

We headed home and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. It was perfect!


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