Random Chatter

Confessional Thursday

Just a few things to ‘fess up this afternoon…

  • I had a total Crock-Pot meal fail this week. Turns out chicken breast and thighs, BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and honey makes the chicken a weird, undesirable texture. We ate it… but the leftovers are still in the fridge. I had the same experience when making a Pinterest teriyaki chicken recipe with pineapple once.
  • There are probably 4-5 loads of laundry that need to be put away and they are currently making their home on the couch and on top of the dryer. You know it’s bad when you go straight to the laundry room to get dressed in the morning. I’ve never been on the ball with laundry. Ehhhh, whatever!
  • I love me some online grocery shopping, and took advantage this week. Instead of ordering a whole bunch of bananas (which is what I thought I was doing), I ordered a single banana. One banana. Fail.
  • It’s been a week (at least) since I blow dried my hair and styled it. My blow dryer is on it’s last leg, too. It sounds like a dying animal when I turn it on.
  • My boss gave me a $25 Walmart gift card and I lost it. Can’t find the damn thing anywhere. I’m super bummed because I wanted to use it to buy flowers for our front porch.
  • I have an extremely hard time remembering to give our baby his Vitamin D each evening. I did remember yesterday, and I feel like Super Woman for it.
  • I had 2 donuts this morning. And they were delicious.

That’s all! I’ll see you tomorrow for a Five on Friday post.




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