Melting away the baby weight: Fun ways to burn 100 calories!

It’s happening. I’m finally writing about baby weight and what I’m doing to get rid of it.

Let’s recap… I had been eating healthy for about 9 months prior to getting pregnant, but I had taken a break from exercise. I was at my lowest weight that I had been for the last 3 years or so… give or a take a few pounds (blame the holidays!). Everything I read said that if you had been exercising prior to getting pregnant, you could safely continue, but you shouldn’t start a new regimen.

Note: Always ask your doctor!

I ate fairly healthy throughout my pregnancy, continued to move and do things for myself, and weighed in +42 lbs. when we checked in at Labor & Delivery to be induced. Not too shabby!

After giving birth, the weight starting melting off pretty darn quickly. Thank you, breastfeeding! Now that my little one is crawling and enjoying walks in the stroller in the evening I am becoming more interesting in adding a little extra fitness to our daily routine.

Check out this calorie calculator to find out how long you need to push your stroller to burn 100 calories! It takes me 36 minutes to hit that 100 mark. That’s a great amount of time to spend on an evening walk.

If you’re not a stroller-pusher… check out these other ways to hit that 100 mark. I don’t know about you, but I’d choose 38 minutes of shopping over 9 minutes of jogging ANY DAY!

burn 100

Have you tried Chobani’s Simply 100 packs? We are big time yogurt fans and are definitely adding these easy snacks to our grocery list. Gimme that Blueberry Cookie Crumble!


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