Five on Friday – 5 things I’m buying this weekend

Happy Friday + A First Look - Saffron Avenue : Saffron Avenue:

I made it. Friday! What an incredibly long week! I am SO excited for this weekend, for no other reason than it’s the weekend.

For today’s post I am talking about 5 things I want to buy/am planning to buy/really hope I buy this weekend. I feel like we have 102 projects going on at once, but I guess that’s what is to be expected when you are new homeowners (less than a year still counts as new, right?) and it’s spring.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Not house-related, but I need this bag.


At 14″ tall and 16″ wide (hello, momma!) this is totally a tote and not much of a purse, but I think that’s what I need at this point. Up until now, I’ve been carrying a cross-body purse AND the diaper bag when we are out and about. Sometimes I just throw my wallet into the diaper bag, but I am such a loser and am constantly losing my wallet and/or debit card.

Now that Sam is 8 months old, I’m pretty damned good at getting us out the door in an organized and timely fashion. Not that it isn’t a zoo from time to time, but I have gotten good at the science of leaving the house. I know what we need to take with us and rarely forget an essential. With that being said, with this bag I should be able to grab a couple diapers, small pack of wipes, a couple binkys and a couple toys and get out the door with ONE bag.

I’ll get back to you on how successful I am with this new plan for brief outings.

This baby is in my cart right now and I’m getting ready to pull the trigger. I will not leave this full cart abandoned – like I do like 4 times a week. #onlineshoppingprobs

2. Working on bedroom decor

Slowly, but surely we are making purchases for our bedroom. We had completely neglected it when we moved in. So far we have bought a bed, mattress, quilt (thank you, Barbara!) and night stands. Next up – curtains!

Nate Berkus™ Mini Fringe Curtain Panel: I totally love these Nate Berkus white curtain panels from Target. They have a gray fringe on the edges which will tie in perfectly with the other decor we have going on.

When Target shipped the night stands, one arrived completely broken and needed to be returned. I sent a message to customer service via and they sent me a $15 gift card for my inconvenience dealing with the return.

That dang gift card has been burning a whole in my pocket all week! This weekend I want to buy these curtain panels and a couple curtain rods and get these up! Don’t worry – we have faux wood white blinds to offer privacy, but adding curtains should make the room look more complete.

There is nothing on the walls, because I am being super selective with the decor. I’m always on the lookout for things that will fit the space.

I’ll probably buy these online because you can’t go wrong with free shipping on orders over $25 and 10% off home items with the code APRIL10. With my gift card I can buy curtains for the room for $35. Sign me up!

3. Starting to landscape!

We are hitting up the area Master Gardener’s society annual sale and hope to purchase a few plants to begin the process of landscaping. The one downfall to buying a new construction home is that there is no landscaping. To look at the positive, we have a blank slate!

This post shares everything you need to know to create a landscape from the ground up, start to finish. Confessionsof a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

I am definitely showing this blog post to my husband to reference when we shop and plan how our landscaping will look.

For this weekend’s adventures, I am hoping to buy a couple small hanging baskets or flowers to plant in pots to put near our front door. I bought a couple cheap wooden accent tables on Craigslist a couple months ago that recently got a coat of spray paint. I want them to be a pop of color near our front door and feature some beautiful flowers!

4. more of these genius things


We received a munchkin fresh food feeder as a gift and used it for the first time this week. I popped about half a frozen cube of peas into it and gave it to little man in his high chair. He went to town on it!! Within 5 minutes his frozen cube was no more. A perfect way to keep him busy, while learning to feed himself, and soothe his sore gums.

That’s a triple-win in my book. We only have one, and I would like to have a couple more for him to have at his grandparents’.

Pretty sure they have these at Walmart  – if not they are definitely at Target.


5. ingredients to make this recipe

Detail sfs tagliatelle prosciutto peas 46

The husband and I enjoying watching America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. He’s a science nerd & I like to cook and watch cooking shows so it’s a good fit for us. I have our DVR set to record all episodes, so we can read the episode description and see if we are interested in watching. A recipe for a pasta dish with cheese, proscuitto and peas aired the other day and we decided that we wanted to give it a go. The thing is that you can’t find all the details to their recipes online. Buuuutttt… Jeremy bought me their cookbooks a couple Christmases ago! And let me tell you, there’s something so refreshing to me about making a recipe straight out of a cookbook versus referencing my phone/getting butter & flour on the iPad screen.

I’ll let ya know how delicious it is!

Have a great weekend! I’m going to attempt to snap photos of our adventures for a Weekend in Photos post.





3 thoughts on “Five on Friday – 5 things I’m buying this weekend

  1. I wish I could leave a photo comment… I bought these Nuby “Popsicle” trays that freeze about an ounce of breastmilk/purée with a baby-friendly Popsicle handle. Amora just tried her first breastmilk Popsicle yesterday and loved it! The little Popsicles are perfectly sized for baby mouths and the handles are easy for them to grasp and you can make more than one treat at a time!

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