confessional thursday 3.17

Thursday, I am so happy to see you. Friday is almost here! I’m linking with Jess at The Newly for today’s post.

Here goes nothing:

  • My couch is a mountain of clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away. At least it’s clean, right?
  • Sometimes I don’t brush my teeth at night. I am grossed out even typing that. Here’s the deal… baby goes to sleep either on or practically on me and the last  thing I want to do is get up and brush my teeth. So I drink a big glass of water (on my nightstand) and pretend that rinsing your teeth is as good as brushing them. Hey, I didn’t have any cavities at my dental cleaning last week – so it’s all good.
  • I currently have a thin layer of acrylic over my super short natural nails. I’m in need of a fill and couldn’t help but to chip away at one of them this morning and the whole thing came off. Oops. It looks awful.
  • My 20-minute drive to pick up Sammy each day after work is the perfect amount of time to enjoy a hot fudge sundae. Not like I would know or anything… #treatyoself
  • I don’t have a pair of real pants (leggings don’t count here) that fit properly. My postpartum body and my pre-pregnancy jeans aren’t quite jiving. My post-maternity-leave pants are now too big and my pre-pregnancy pants are a too dressy and a tad uncomfortable. I need a shopping trip!
  • This whole time change thing has been rough on me! Springing forward, combined with our recent upgrade to a king-sized super comfy memory foam mattress, has been difficult. I’ve been choosing sleep over shampooing!

With all of that being said, I am absolutely looking forward to the rest of March. My grandparents will be arriving into town next week, and then at the end of the month we are road-tripping to see my grandma in Ohio. Sammy is going to be hit with a big dose of great-grandparents over the next month. How exciting is that? Skipping out of town for a few days is MUCH NEEDED for this mommy + daddy. I have been daydreaming about the pie, pizza, and yummy foods associated with my parents’ hometown in the Dayton area.

I best get back to the work grind…


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