confessional thursday

Sunflower State of Mind: Confessions

I’m excited for my first Confessional Thursday – hosted by The Newly blog. I can’t use the linky tools because I’m a WordPress blogger. Oh well.

Here goes nothing…

  1. I forgot my debit card at home today. It’s in the diaper bag. I discovered this when I pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru to pay for my order. Oops! I had no other form of payment that wasn’t expired (I’m really on top of things) and had to tell the poor girl at the window that I would be back later with cash. So embarrassing. The ladies working inside were super nice when I came back cash-in-hand.
  2. I never check my mail. By never I mean, once every 2 weeks?! So bad. Our mailbox is at the end of the road and it’s the last thing I want to deal with when toting my baby inside the house after work. I pay all of our bills online, so that’s not an issue, but who knows what is in there.
  3. I need to pay our real estate taxes with our escrow check but I have no idea how that works… so I just stuck it on our fridge with a magnet. Can someone MAKE me deal with that tomorrow? Lord knows nobody else will. #newhomeownerproblems
  4. My eyebrows look like hairy caterpillars and are about 2 weeks past needing a wax. We have a birthday party this weekend to attend that conflicts with my wax appointment… yikes.
  5. I need a “mom suit” for the pool this summer. Is this one bad? The only thing I have going for me with this post-baby bod are the breastfeeding boobs.

Have a great Thursday! And, if you have advice on what the heck to do with real estate taxes and escrow checks, leave a comment. Help a sister out!


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