Five on Friday

Friday is here! Snow is in the forecast this weekend and I just couldn’t be happier! I’m kicking off my morning (blogging at my desk… shhhh!) with a Five on Friday. No theme, just a random mess of whats on the brain.

1. Storage Solutions

We bought our house this summer. Closed on 7/2 to be exact. My third-trimester belly wasn’t too helpful during the moving or unpacking phase. For that reason, we aren’t unpacked and organized.

Yes, I know, it’s been 6 months. Yikes. 

I don’t think I can blame it on the baby and pregnancy any more. My mom is coming over Saturday morning to help me organize. It’s going to be an ongoing task, but I have got to start somewhere. First thing: Take down the Christmas tree. I’m embarrassed it’s still up. Second thing: Clean off the kitchen table. It’s a black hole for anything baby related (hats, bottles to wash, Christmas gifts) and is home to Mail Mountain. (I hate getting the mail and going through it. Junk, hospital bills, junk, more hospital bills, junk… you get the picture.)

Once that is accomplished, I need to unpack boxes in our office. I need to see what we have so we can determine what storage solution will be best. Honestly, I don’t even know what is hiding in those boxes. I’m planning on throwing most of it away, selling it, or donating. Don’t tell my husband.

Here’s what you CAN tell my husband – I beg you to…  STOP BUYING MOVIES. We could should put a Redbox machine in our driveway, because we could stock the whole damn thing with his movies. Who even BUYS movies these days? (We do. Apparently.)

Do you realize how much space it takes to store DVDs? A lot. And VHS tapes? Don’t get me started. Oh, don’t worry, he’s begun buying a DVD duplicate of his VHS faves. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Can you tell this is a cry for help? First of all, how can I make this stop? Secondly, how should we store all of these movies? I’m wondering if a zippered catalog of the discs would be the most space-efficient. We could keep the cases in the attic? (If it were me we would throw the cases away.)

IKEA Bookcases

I’m loving these bookcases from Ikea ($159), but we all know that if they were loaded up with DVDs it would look so “teenage boy”.


2. Smelling like a man to get better longevity out of my makeup

The “clean man” smell goes away almost instantly, I promise.

So what the heck am I doing putting this stuff on my face?

Well, one of my friends who works at Sephora swears by this stuff as a foundation primer. I thought, heck, I’ll give it a shot, and I’m pleasantly surprised. The consistency is thin and kind of milky. It dries fast. I’ve noticed that my makeup wears longer and it keeps me matte a little longer.

I bought it for under $6 at Walmart. Easy to find, cheap, and totally worth a shot!

3. Best show of all time

It’s BAAAAACK, and he’s pretty darn good looking! I’m lucky in the fact that my husband likes this show as much as I do. In fact, he calls Monday nights “crazy bitches night”. He watches just to make fun of the crazy ladies!

After the premiere, my pick for the final three would be: Lauren the blonde in the light blue dress, Olivia the former news anchor, and Becca the veteran from last season.

Can’t wait for Monday. Is it just me or are the girls pretty young this year?

4. Spanx?

One of my co-workers swears by Spanx leggings. Have you tried them? They are pricey, but I want.

SPANX Faux Leather Leggings, 2437

These faux leather ones are to die for. $98 though, no way. Should have taken these seriously when they popped up on Zulily a few weeks back.

5. Sammy time

And what’s a blog post without seeing this sweet face?



Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!



Grabbed these bootiful booties on Zulily this week for $12.99. I had a credit, so after shipping they were less than $10! Score!



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