It’s the day before Christmas…

Margaret Berg Art : Illustration : holiday / christmas::

It’s the day before Christmas,
and all through our house,
not many gifts were wrapped,
and I haven’t seen my spouse.

True Story. I feel like I haven’t seen my husband in a couple days (late work nights and late solo shopping adventures). My body is achey and it hurts to walk. If I am getting mastitis again, just shoot me now.

Our shopping isn’t done – we have 5 people left to buy for. My baby boy is fighting his bassinet at night – so we’ve been sleeping in the recliner. Hello, stiff neck!

With a little encouragement from my husband this morning, I’m trying my best to suck it up and carry on. After all, it’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas. Our first Christmas as a family (with a baby), in the home that we own!

We’re getting off work a little early today, hubby will finish up a little shopping, and hopefully take a quick nap before heading out for the evening. What’s on our agenda? Church service and then a casual visit with J’s parents and extended family.

In the morning, we’ll wake up and doing Christmas as a family of 3 in our new home. We’ll take our time, then go to my parents for breakfast. Following tradition, we’ll have mom’s Spanish Brunch recipe (eggs, cottage cheese, monterrey jack cheese, green chiles, and maybe another kind of cheese too?), with cinnamon rolls and coffee. And, open gifts of course. Gifts before breakfast… duh.

We plan to visit and relax there until early afternoon, then we’ll head to my in-laws for dinner and gifts. I have a sneaking suspicion that Sammy is going to win the Christmas lottery and make it difficult for me to find places to store all of his goodies.

Keeping our little Sammy on a bedtime schedule is pretty important these days, and with the holidays, we will do the best we can. We’ll try to be home at 8 or a little after to get little guy bathed and tucked in bed.

Saturday morning we’ll make our way to Arkansas to visit J’s dad & family. We will have to do some kind of shopping on our way, because I just won’t get that accomplished before Saturday. Not possible.

I love giving gifts and seeing the look of surprise on our loved ones faces. I also seeing my husband’s looks of surprise when he finds out what we got for people! He said he wanted to be more involved in shopping this year, but when it came down to it, he slept in the car while I braved the crowds. Oh well. There’s always next year, babe.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned for photos from our Christmases and a 4-month update on our little guy soon.




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