Five on Friday

Friday is here. The last Friday before Christmas. Exciting, right? Well, when you’ve only finished shopping for one person (congrats to my brother for being the easiest to shop for), stressed is the word I would use instead of excited.

Work has been insane since I’ve returned from maternity leave, and Christmastime is no exception. Sammy hasn’t been sleeping particularly awesome this week. Our Keurig is acting up, meaning I haven’t had a decent cup of coffee all week. And, my house is a disaster. Like F5 tornado disaster.

But, seriously, what else is new? I’ve got this.

I’m taking a time-out from my work day to unwind and type a blog post. Who knows how short or how long this Five on Friday might be…

1. Breastmilk Storage Bag Dilemma

I have a post in my “drafts” folder, but instead of finishing it, I’ll just use this post to tell you about a recent product fail.

So as you know, I’m a breastfeeding momma, and a working momma, which means I’m a pumping momma. I pump 21-24 oz. each day while I’m at work. I use a Medela pump and am working on finding the best brand of breastmilk storage bags.

My favorites are the Lansinoh bags, however I can only find the 6 oz. on store shelves around here. I’ll definitely be ordering the 10 oz. size from Amazon. Target’s Up&Up brand is okay, but I don’t feel as confident in their seal and they are a little difficult to turn down to pour into without making a mess. The total product fail for me is the Medela Pump & Save bags.
medela bags They just suck. Here’s why:

  • The quality of the plastic is not good. Doesn’t seem durable at all.
  • They are made to hook up to your pump. Why would I want to do that if the measuring guide on the bag is full of crap? Oh, and what if one of my boobs has more than 5 oz. in it? Because that happens A LOT.
  • Their seal is crappy.
  • They have a tiny opening at the top. I usually make a mess and don’t get all of that liquid gold into the baggie.
  • They are made to stand-up like this. Therefore the milk freezes in a large chunk. You can’t stack them in the freezer. They take longer to thaw because they are frozen in a large chunk.

One of my friends gave these to me after she stopped breastfeeding. I’m super glad I didn’t spend money on these, because I would be mailing them back to the company with this list!



2. Mississippi Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast | This is the easiest and most delicious crock pot meal you'll ever make! It's one of those dump it in recipes that turns into pure magic! It's a family favorite. IF you have left overs, it can be used to stretch into more weekly meals. |

Make it. You won’t be sorry!

3. Is it tax time yet?

Each year, I live for the day our tax return hits our bank account. We are the type to have the most taken out of our checks, and then we live it up when we receive that fat return check. This year, we get to claim the baby too. Whoop!

I’ve been planning what we’ll do with the money for several months now. My initial plan was to have a privacy fence installed. We live on a corner and don’t have a fence. If we go outside, everybody can see what we do. No privacy at all. However, I think the fence is going to have to take a backseat to a mattress. We need a new mattress SO BAD. And, we’ve got to upgrade to a King. So necessary. Our current queen-size mattress is on it’s last leg.

If I’m lucky enough to get the baby to sleep in his bassinet (in our bedroom), I get into bed like a stealthy ninja… because our mattress creaks and squeaks like no other. Most of the time he wakes up. It’s awful.

With our return this year I want to buy a new bed and mattress, go to a nice dinner, and pay off a debt that will relieve a few hundred dollars a month!

I’ve had my eye on this beauty at Ashley Furniture for a few months. Kasidon King Upholstered Bed by Signature Design by Ashley 55" Becker world:

I’m not a fan of the bedspread, but come on, that headboard is everything. My hubby hates foot boards because he is tall, and I hate running into them. I love how this one looks complete even though it doesn’t have a foot board. You better believe it is coming home with me this spring…

I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself because we can’t file our taxes until we receive our W2’s and interest statements. Duh.

4. Looking forward to 12:30 tomorrow…

Because I’m getting a massage. Praise, God!

One of my sweet friends couldn’t come to my baby shower, but got me a card with a gift certificate for a massage. This is what all friends should do for a pregnant woman. I had an easy pregnancy, not a lot of aches and pains, so I decided to save that precious gift certificate for after I had the baby.

I need that massage now more than ever.

I’ll let you in on a secret… I told my husband that the massage was at noon instead of 12:30 p.m. I plan on sneaking out of the house early to sit in the “quiet room” at the spa in my soft, heavy robe while listening to the fountain. Ahhhh, perfection!

5. Just some photos of my sweet baby Sammy! Enjoy!

Displaying IMG_9224.JPGsammy bath

sammy carhartt

sammy christmas tree

sammy genius

sammy playing

sammy santa

sammy selfie

I should get back to doing something productive at work. Happy Friday! Wish me luck shopping tonight!



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