Samuel Hayes | 3 Months Old

Our 3 month old son is becoming so fun. He is developing his own personality, and is such a sweetheart. Our third month was different than the first two, because I went back to work. It has been a time of transition, for me and for him, but we are doing well.


samuel hayes – 3 months old

Height/Length: I’m guessing his is around 26-27″ although he hasn’t had an official measurement since his doctor appointment at 8 weeks

Weight: 15 pounds, I would assume

Diapers: Last month I posted about our diaper struggles. I am so happy/relieved to report that we have solved our diaper blunders for now. We love Luvs. Sammy is in a size 2 and they have been great. We have had a couple episodes of leakage, but no diaper is going to be able to contain ALL messes. I am so impressed by Luvs, and am thrilled that they are about half the price of Pampers. Score!

Clothes: 6 months for our boy! Some 6-9 month sleepers, just depends on length for our tall boy.

Eating: Sammy is such a good eater. I was apprehensive about returning to work and Sammy having more than one bottle a day. I was worried about him not being interested in nursing, because it is more work for him to nurse than it is to drink from a bottle.

I am so pleased that I have maintained a great milk supply and Sammy still loves to nurse.

Here’s a typical day for us: Nurse sometime between 6 and 7:30, and he is dropped off at my mother-in-law’s at 7:20 a.m. Depending our schedule for that morning I may let him nurse for a few minutes before I leave for work. We shoot to arrive there at 7:20 a.m. and I try to leave by 7:35 a.m. That gives him time to nurse if he would like. He typically takes a bottle around 8:30-9:00 a.m. depending on if he takes a quick snooze as soon as we get there. At 3 months old, he likes an 8 ounce bottle! Wow! If he does have such a big bottle in the morning, he will have a smaller bottle (4-7 oz.) in the afternoon. He is usually ready to eat when I pick him up at 5:00 p.m. He will nurse several times throughout the evening and nurses to sleep around 9:30-10:00 p.m.

Sleeping: The day before he turned 3 months old, he slept through the night! Then did it again. He generally wakes up once a night to eat, but doesn’t have a problem going back to sleep.

Loves: Diaper changes, the crinkly noise in some of his toys, drooling, sucking on his hand at times, looking around and exploring, splashing at bath time! Oh, and sticking his foot in the cup I use to rinse him at bath time.

Doesn’t like: Getting out of the bath

Movement: I have noticed him paying more attention to his hands. He studies them, puts his hands together, and splashes in the tub! His kicks are getting stronger all the time.

Personality: We have a laugher! Jeremy captured his first laugh on video and it is the best thing I have ever heard. Getting a belly laugh out of him is rare, but it’s the best thing ever. He is a sweet, patient boy who is laid back and loves to observe. He has started to figure out how to stick his tongue out and that is pretty entertaining.

Fun things we did this month: Momma went back to work, which means Sammy goes to his grandma’s house each day. Since we have been pretty busy with our new schedule, we haven’t gone out to experience many new things this month.

Sammy did wonderful at Thanksgiving and throughout (most) of our travels.

Here are more photos of our sweet guy…








We love him more and more everyday, even though it doesn’t seem possible!


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