Five on Friday

I can’t be the only one, right?

We’ve made it to Friday folks, and next week Thanksgiving will be here. It is certainly one of my favorite holidays and I can’t wait to have Sammy join us this year at the dinner table. He actually does really well sitting on my lap! However, I would be totally thrilled if we could coordinate a nap around the time we sit down to eat.

Today I bring you a super random Five on Friday. Enjoy!

1. S.O.S. I need black boots!

I got down a box labeled “Fall shoes and boots” from the top shelf of my closet. I couldn’t figure out where my black riding boots were… until I remembered that I threw them away when we moved. It must have been part of my total wardrobe overhaul where more than half of my stuff ended up in a DAV donation bin. My pregnant-self who hated everything in the closet really did my non-pregnant self a service that day by clearing out what all the stuff that was so-so, didn’t fit right, or just wasn’t my style any more. My black boots were a victim, but they really needed to go. I am a cheap-boot-shopper and those boots had seen one too many winter seasons and looked like it. Here’s what I have my eye on… (photos link to sites)

Women's Marlo Riding Boots - Merona™

And who doesn’t love leopard print?

Women's Betseyville Rockstar Ankle Boots Black


I need a pair of brown ankle booties, too. Loving these styles… Both are out of my price range, but a girl can dream.


2. Time to deck the halls

This will be our first Christmas as a family of three, and our first Christmas in our new home. We may put up Christmas lights this weekend! (By We you know I mean my husband.) I’m looking forward to putting up the tree and other decor. Oh, and Gordon our Elf on the Shelf is sure to make an appearance!

Who knows where we might find him!!! (Yes I realize my baby is too young to know what the heck the little elf is, but my husband and I still have fun with it.)

I also purchased two floating shelves from Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago that are still in the trunk of my car. Those babies need to be hung! I’ve got my eye on some reindeer figurines that need a home.

3. All about the apple dip

You need to make this dip. Mix two blocks of cream cheese with one container of Old Fashioned Caramel dip (for apples). Top it with a layer of Heath Bits of Brickle (you’ll find them near the chocolate chips). Buy a bag of granny smith green apples and dip away. It’s so super delicious that you’ll forget about the calories.

Pretzels are great dipped in it too!

4. Saving our memories

I’ve been SO good about taking pictures and videos of Sammy. I think I have one picture from each day of his life. Most are on my phone, but we do have some great shots that I took with the Canon. What I’ve been SO bad about is getting our photographs printed. Oops!

Now, I would consider myself pretty tech savvy… but I have a pretty basic question for those of you smarter than myself…

The videos I have taken on the Canon are saved as .MOV files on my computer. I want to burn them onto a DVD. How easy is that? What kind of program is required? Can I do that with Movie Maker? Please help so I don’t ruin these files!

5. Taking time out for ourselves

As much as I love coming home from working, immediately putting on my PJs and spending time with baby and hubby, we need time for just the two of us. Sometimes all we talk about is baby, or work (we work together). Tonight we are taking Sammy to my parents while we go see a band play the early show, from 6:30-8:30. That way we can get Sammy and get back home and be on our normal schedule for bedtime (10pm). The band happens to be led by our friends who moved out of state about a year ago. They are back in town this weekend!


Have a great weekend and make sure you have those stretchy pants ready for next week! Oh baby!



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