Adios, grocery shopping

Grocery shopping with a newborn baby is… challenging.

Maybe your baby is on a super schedule and you can time the shopping trip with a long nap. Maybe you have a huge baby car seat that doesn’t safely sit in the top part of the cart and takes up nearly the whole cart, leaving nowhere to put your groceries. Maybe you try to take the baby in a wrap carrier the next time. Maybe your back feels like it could snap in two by the time you’re finished. Maybe baby sleeps the whole time until the very end until he has an explosive blowout, and you & baby are wearing poop when you finally leave the store.

Maybe you have better luck than I do.

If not, this is life changing news. This week I discovered that a grocery store SUPER close to my office offers online shopping. I would have never thought something like this existed in the suburbs of the Midwest. I used the service for the first time this week and let me tell you, it’s a GAME CHANGER.

I logged into my account with HyVee with my grocery list in hand. I used the search box to find what I was looking for. Shredded cheddar, breakfast bars, ground chuck, chicken breast, sweet potatoes… you get the idea. Search for the item, pick the brand and quantity, and add it to my cart. So incredibly easy… almost too easy.

When I finished – it took no more than 5 minutes for me – I browsed my list to make sure I had everything, checked a few boxes, entered by debit card number, and selected a time frame for when I would be picking it up. Once again, it was almost too easy.

Yesterday after work, I pulled into the special parking spot, called the phone number and in less than 2 minutes a friendly man was at my car loading the bags. I don’t think I would have had to get out, but I wanted to thank the man and make sure it looked like he had the right order.

He brought my groceries out in plastic crates. They were bagged appropriately and the cold items were in an insulated crate. He was super friendly and told me a little bit more about how the process works at their store. I am still in awe. It took about 7 minutes start to finish and I was off to pick up my little man from his grandma’s.

Benefits of grocery shopping online:

  • No need to take an hour or two out of your evening or weekend to battle the aisles!
  • No impulse purchases. I stuck to my list. Although, I did wish I had an Oreo (or five) to snack on last night.
  • No added stress of a busy store during the holiday season
  • No long check-out lines
  • This cost me $2.95 – not kidding. If I would have spent over $100 that fee would have been waived.

Draw backs:

  • No price-matching – but come on, if you are that worried about saving 23 cents you belong in the store with all the other crazies. Trust me, cutting down on the impulse purchases will save you more.
  • The grocery store I shopped at doesn’t have EVERYTHING like Walmart does (where I would normally shop), so I did skip out on a few things we could have used, but they weren’t urgent and I can grab those another time. No biggie.

Have you done your grocery shopping online? What was your experience like? I know I will be using this service again and again… leaving the grocery poop-free? I’ll take it.


What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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