Weekend in Photos – Wedding in Arkansas

Long time, no blogging, huh?

The baby is 6 weeks old. I have yet to type up his birth story, or a 1 month update, or a post-partum update. I’ll get to those eventually.

One thing I have been doing is taking photos! I’ve been doing my best to capture Sammy meeting new people and going new places. With that being said, I bring you a “Weekend in Photos” post from last weekend’s visit to Arkansas.

We made the trip to Jeremy’s dad and step-mom’s house on Friday after he got home from work and we got the car packed up. Traveling with a baby = extra stuff times a million! Saturday, Jeremy’s cousin Kristen was married in an intimate farm setting, with a cute rustic barn reception. We had a blast introducing Sammy to aunts and uncles and cousins galore.

On Sunday, we drove home and made a spontaneous stop at a natural bridge! I had never seen one before – and was glad that we followed the billboards and signs to see such a cool thing.

Momma’s first time in something other than sweats!


Meeting Aunt Megan and cousins Britni & Courtney from Texas.



First Dance as Mrs. & Mrs. Lee!


Sammy with his Great Aunts Julie & Sharon.


And Cousin Jett!






The Natural Bridge is in Clinton, Arkansas. Read more here: http://www.arkansas.com/attractions/detail/natural-bridge/90986






So fun! It was great to feel like we got out and “did something”. Sam did a great job on his first road trip, despite several blowouts including one on the white hotel bedspread. Oops! With that being said, we are still on the hunt for diapers to fit this boy’s little bottom.

More soon! … maybe 🙂


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