Five on Friday – Waiting for Baby

No baby, yet. We’re still waiting. No weird gut-feelings. No weird aches or pains. No contractions.

Just waiting.

Sometimes patiently, sometimes not so patiently.

In the meantime, here’s my (sometimes) weekly Five on Friday. Enjoy!

1. this list

A Facebook friend recently had twins and I’ve noticed one of her friends posting links to the mama’s profile about newborn etiquette and visiting the new mom. At first I thought it was rude for this lady to be making public service announcements on a friend’s page. This morning I clicked the link to see what it was all about…


After reading the article, I’m wondering how I can plaster this on my hospital door, front door, forehead… just kidding. Maybe.

My big 3 takeaways from this are:

  • Be Patient. Nobody is as important as the new mommy, daddy, and baby.
  • Don’t take pictures of me (or my baby) and post them on social media without my OK.  I really don’t want my swollen cry face on the internet, mmmkay? And holy crap why do people think it’s okay to post that the “baby is here!” before the new mom or dad makes a post? Ridiculous. It’s not anyone else’s announcement to make! *end rant*
  • Don’t stay all day. I picked that one up from the comments section. Make your visit brief unless you are asked to be there longer or are asked to “hold the baby while I take a shower” or something.

2. this cereal

Where have you been all my life? I picked this up on a whim while grocery shopping last week (yeah, it was on sale) and holy moly it’s tasty. It’s got a serious waffle and syrup flavor in honeycomb-style bits. Yum!

3. this swing

We purchased the 4moms Mamaroo Grey Classic swing for Samuel. It has 5 motion settings, links to our iPhones via bluebooth, plays calming sounds and can play music through your phone. Set-up was super easy (I did most of it) and we spent plenty of time laying on the floor of the nursery checking out all its cool features.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that Sammy will like it, because it sure did cost a chunk of change! If you’re in the market for any of the 4moms seats (MamaRoo, RockaRoo, or new BounceRoo they are offering a free newborn insert when you order from their site! That’s about a $30 savings!)

Now we’re just trying to figure out how we can find/make one in our size 🙂

4. this app

I saw a Home Depot commercial talking up their new Project Color app and I knew I needed to download it immediately. The idea behind the app is to try a wall color on your wall – without picking up a paintbrush!

Simply, snap a photo, choose a color, and “paint” it on.

Displaying IMG_7424.PNG

The walls in our entire house are a warm neutral. At some point, I will paint them, but I have no idea what direction I’m going with for most of the decor in the house. To be honest, I have focused on the nursery and that’s it. The longer I look at this dark teal accent wall behind our TV the more I like it!

The app is free to download for iPhones, but I can’t speak for you weirdos with Androids.

(P.S. A super long and detailed post on how we made our entertainment center will be coming at some point.)

5. this weekend

What’s on my agenda for this weekend? Well, numero uno is ‘Have A Baby’. Other options include, going to a festival tonight with a couple aunts and uncles, hitting up Bath & Body Works for some fall scents, seeing a good friend who is visiting from Mississippi, making a couple freezer meals, and resting.

The more I rest, the more I’ll dilate… right?

Nursery … check! (photos soon)
Color + Highlight … check!
Brow Wax … check!
Teeth cleaning … check!
Bags packed & loaded … check!

Let’s do this.


What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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