Week 38 Pregnancy Journal

38 weeks

38 weeks & 5 days in the photo

How far along? 38 weeks & 5 days – 9 days to go! 

Size of baby: The length of a leek! At this point in pregnancy (and for the past couple of weeks), the measurements given by the apps haven’t changed much due to every baby being different. Some babies are chubbier than others and some are longer than others.

This week I’m thinking he will be closer to the 8 lb. mark.

Weight gain: I didn’t add correctly last week. I was +36, after going to the doctor today I am +38.

Doctor Appointment Recap: Another great visit with the doctor! First, we had an ultrasound to check out little baby Sam and see how big he is. It was definitely hard to see his different body parts, but he had at least one foot on his face/head. He didn’t get my lack of flexibility – that’s for sure! He’s all folded up like a fortune cookie and is still in a head-down position. His heart rate was 155 bpm and he is doing just great. Amniotic fluid levels are perfect and he is an estimated 7 lbs. and 3 oz. currently. The ultrasound tech said that of course it is an estimate and they say to give or take a pound.

The nurse was lightning fast taking my weight and BP and testing my urine, which we were thankful for because Jeremy had patients on his schedule that he needed to get back to. My urine screened negative like usual for sugar and protein and my BP is right where it normally is for me (pregnant or not). Doctor came in and measured me and then did my cervical exam.

She says I am 1.5 cm dilated and a little more effaced than last time, but she didn’t give a number. (Last appointment I was at a 1 and 70% effaced/thinned.) We discussed 3 things to look out for that are signs of labor. (1) Bleeding that is more than spotting (2) Leaking fluid/water breaking and (3) Contractions that are tight across my whole belly and painful that come every 5 minutes. We made an appointment for next Wednesday and she said that if the baby hadn’t arrived by then, we would make a plan!

Nursery: Curtains are up! Other wall hangings are not up yet. I wanted to do it all last night, but hubby was tired. In reality I think he was frustrated with the “worst designed curtain rod hardware ever”. After everything is up, I need to do a final vacuum and it should be good to go.

I know he won’t be spending much time in there, other than on the changing table, for a while but I still want it to be perfect.

Movement/Position: His wiggles are not as dramatic as they were a week ago, but he seems to be closer to my skin than ever. That probably don’t make sense. I feel like I can touch my stomach and pick out a heel, knee, butt, etc.

He’s also getting cozy down in my hips. I can feel him move his arms and then feel some soreness in my hips. I always thought pregnant women were crazy saying they knew exactly what baby body part they were feeling – but it is so true. And weird.

this week’s comparison photo!

progression 33-38
Same shirt, 5 weeks later. Can’t you tell that the baby has dropped? Ha! I feel like I have a middle-aged man beer gut these days. The bump kind of hangs there…

Symptoms: Puffy. Is that a symptom? I feel like my face is looking swollen and I have a case of pregnancy lips. Okay, maybe not Kim K style, but they are certainly more pouty. In other puffy news, my feet aren’t swelling as bad throughout the day because I’m making an effort to spend more time at my desk and drink as much water as I can. However, after I’m on my feet making dinner they balloon up and become sore.

Hip soreness is real in the middle of the night and in the mornings – kind of to the point where it feels like I’m about to have a muscle spasm but it never happens. Usually I can move and make myself more comfortable.

Slight nausea hits me here and there, but it’s not dreadful by any means. Typically it means I’m hungry.

Sleep: I’m now getting up 2-4 times a night to go to the restroom. This is even after forcing myself to go at least twice while getting ready for bed. I think I’ll be in this phase from here on out. I’m still feeling incredibly lucky to have gone as long as I did as a “1 time a night-er”. Some days I get a deeper sleep than other days, but I still wake up feeling pretty rested. I will say the snooze button is getting a little more action than it used to 🙂

Cravings/Aversions: Sweets, for sure. Still no aversions.

What I miss: Being able to wear whatever shoes I please, enjoying a bottle of wine on our anniversary, and being able to reach things near my feet.

Things people have said to me this week:
My dad and I went to breakfast Saturday morning. As soon as we walked into the restaurant, this guy walks past me and nearly yells, “Any day now, huh?” I think everyone in the lobby and front half of the restaurant could hear him. I nervously laughed and said, “Yeah”. It was awkward.

Today at a physiatry office I was visiting for work:
Old Man: When’s it due?
Me: The 22nd. (I had a nice friendly smile on my face!)
Old Man: You must be dying. (He said this with a straight face.)

Looking forward to:

  • Meeting our little boy and seeing his face!
  • Our doctor appointment and ultrasound on Friday.
  • Making the phone call to our parents, families, and friends to tell them that it’s Sammy Time!
  • Wearing my new PJ’s in the hospital… Okay, I know that sounds weird, but they’re really soft!!

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