Five on Friday – Pinterest style

It’s finally Friday and this week seemed to creep by slower than ever! I’m bringing you a Five on Friday inspired by my recent Pinterest loves. Enjoy!

1. gotta make this!

I haven’t shared photos of our new house because, well, there are still boxes here and there and nothing on the walls. I’m using last month’s flea market profits to purchase new wall hangings for the living room – so no photos until we have something hanging up.

The way our new sectional is arranged, the L shape fits into the corner of the room. I think a quick and easy cheat of a sofa table behind the couch allowing for space for plants, knick knacks, lamps, and frames is a genius way to make the room look bigger.

DIY Sofa Table for $25 using stair rails as legs.I love this ides! Makes it easy to each plugs behind the couch too so they don't go to waste. Could make a charging station on it too.

2. gotta order these!

I’m so excited about Samuel’s pending arrival that all things that cross my mind are baby-related. We received a $20 off promo coupon as a bonus for buying the Boppy (or something like that). I can’t wait to send out an old-fashioned birth announcement!

3. so ready for this!

It could be the fact that I hate summer or the fact that I’m always sweating because I’m almost 38 weeks pregnant… but I am SO ready for fall and all the wonderful things it brings. Give me crisp temperatures, pumpkin flavored everything, football, and festivals!

Yes, I’ve already started thinking about how I’ll decorate the front door for fall. Bale of straw, bundle of corn husks, a variety of pumpkins and squash, and something cute like this chalkboard art!!

25  Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas

4. gotta do this!

I go into every Pinterest DIY with some skepticism… we’ve all had Pinterest fails. My mom tried this shower cleaner recipe recently and is hooked. I’m excited about trying it too and bought a big box of baking soda this week to give it a shot.

Since we bought a new house, the showers came perfectly clean. Score! Cleaning the shower is my most hated chore. By far. Hubby knows that and usually does it for me. I would rather scrub 10 toilets than scrub 1 shower.’

Anyway, here’s the recipe for this easy DIY shower cleaner that WORKS! (or so my mom says!)

All you need is Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and hot vinegar (mmm what a wonderful smell!). My mom did say that her spray bottle clogged and she just mixed it and rubbed it on with a rag. I read in the Pinterest comments that one user used an empty dish soap bottle to squirt the gel on the tub/shower. I’ll be doing that!

Soaked my shower for 2 hours and it looks new. How to clean your shower! Vinegar, Dawn and baking soda and it really, really works!

5. need this!

A haircut. Lord, I need it badly. I know I’ll just go with updated high & low-lights and a trim. What I truly want is this… (the cut… too light for me).

gorgeous blonde bobs | Gorgeous blonde bob with lowlights | Oh what beautiful hair!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



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