Monday notes



Happy Monday to you! Today I’m kicking off my 36th work week of pregnancy. That sounds crazy. We’ve been staying super busy at home (unpacking, still, and preparing for Samuel’s arrival) and at work lately, which is making it seem like time is flying.

This weekend we:

  • Enjoyed our new furniture! Photos soon… maybe after I hang some stuff on the walls.
  • Attended an 8 hour childbirth class. No joke, 8 hours. However, Jeremy says he feels much more “in the know” and says he thinks it will help him “freak out less” when the time comes.
  • Another baby-related note: We packed Sam’s diaper bag for the hospital! And, I ordered even more baby stuff off our Target registry. I was bummed that the bassinet was out of stock, but Target says they’ll email me when it comes available. I love their free shipping on orders over $25. How could you not spend $25 at Target? Even online it’s hard to do!
  • Spent time with family. I have an aunt & uncle (and their 3 boys) who are in the process of moving here from Florida! 80% of them are here now so we spent time with them yesterday afternoon.
  • Tried a new recipe! I actually followed a recipe to the T for once. I pinned this recipe a while back and remembered it when I saw avocados on sale for 50 cents each. It was spicy, creamy, and all kinds of delicious. If you’re a fan of sour cream-based enchilada sauces, give it a go.

    Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas

Goals for this week:

  • Hit up the pool at least once.
  • Get a pedicure. My feet NEED it! I would be embarrassed to prop my feet up in those stirrups to push and have nurses seeing these paws…
  • Gather items to pack for the hospital — basically I need to go to the store and buy travel sized shampoo, etc.
  • Install the car seat. We watched YouTube videos last night on how to do that correctly. So much easier to watch a video than understand the diagrams in the manual.
  • Finish unpacking boxes in our bedroom. I’m ashamed we haven’t completed that yet… but based on the first two bullet points in this list I’m not surprised! Priorities!!!

Have a great day and a great week! Look for a pregnancy journal post on Wednesday following my doctor appointment!



3 thoughts on “Monday notes

  1. Oh my gosh reading your posts as you get so close to the end makes me feel giddy and I’m only 19 weeks!! Can’t wait to hear how things go and see pics of your handsome man in just a few short weeks!!

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