Week 35 Pregnancy Journal

35 weeks

How far along? 35 weeks & 5 days – 30 days to go! 

Size of baby: 17.2-18.7 inches long, weighing 4.2-5.8 pounds. The Bump app says Sammy is coconut sized.

Weight gain: +30 lbs. as of my last doctor’s appointment.

Nursery: It’s really coming along! Crib is in place, dresser is loaded up with miniature sized pants, socks, diapers and hats. A “book bin” has been established with several classics, wall hangings are ready to go up, and curtain fabric will be purchased today. Hopefully my mom will bring over her sewing machine and we can knock them out! Here’s the fabric I chose. It couldn’t be more perfect. I’m excited to share photos when everything is complete!

nursery fabric

Movement/Position: Just as the weekly What to Expect video said, Samuel is slithering around in there. Not a lot of major movement, except for moving his booty from side to side. His kicks feel like they could pop right out of my skin at times. It’s the weirdest/coolest feeling. This morning he did give me a kick that made me jump! I’m lucky that he is sitting pretty low these days and has been nice to my rib cage.

Based on how I feel and think that I look – and from what others have told me – I think baby is dropping lower into my pelvis. When I sit in a chair I can feel my belly sitting on my lap.

Symptoms: Disclaimer: The way I feel this morning is going to make week 35 seem way more dramatic than it truly has been.

I feel like a swollen blob. My feet have been swollen every day. It’s the top of my foot mainly, along with the ankle, and occasionally the swelling creeps into my toes. It hurts by the end of the night from the pressure. I’m still feeling pretty limber considering we’re in the homestretch.

Fatigue is certainly setting in. I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep. This morning I hit snooze, took a shower and didn’t wash my hair to save time, then set a timer on my phone so I could get a few more minutes of shut eye before getting dressed.

Speaking of getting dressed… the shirt I’m wearing today is too small. I was running late (from my extra snoozing) and didn’t have time to put on something else.

I am seeing more puffiness in my face, too. Joy!

Sleep: Falling right to sleep, but waking up more throughout the night. When I’m lucky, I get up once (1-2 a.m.) but lately it’s been at least twice a night. I don’t mind getting up because I can fall asleep really fast. One thing that I DO mind is when my husband puts the top toilet seat down and I waddle into the dark bathroom and plop down on a super cold closed toilet.

Cravings/Aversions: All food all the time. I haven’t been eating very healthy because we’ve been fairly busy. Our to-do list keeps getting put off. Go to the grocery is one of those things.

I think I want to have Mexican tonight.

What I miss: Feeling a normal sized.

Things people have said to me this week:
Old lady in a bonnet at a tool store:  Oh now look at you! You’re going to have a baby! You are so blessed. Do you know if it’s a little boy or little girl?
Me: Thank you! It’s a boy.
Old lady: Ooooooh you are double blessed!!!

Oh and let me put these out there since I’m in a complaining mood… I hate when someone asks your due date and then proceeds to tell you every person they know that has a birthday remotely around that date. Here’s the bottom line: I don’t give a rat’s ass that you, or your brother, or whoever else was born on or near 8/22. Just shut up.

Looking forward to: Things we need to do ASAP:

  • Install the car seat. We meant to do that about a week ago.
  • Pack what we can! I had to order the diaper bag from Babies R Us and it hasn’t arrived yet. I need to get it packed up with Sam’s stuff. For us, I need to set out clothes for us and pick up some travel sized toiletries so those can be ready to rock-n-roll whenever the time comes.
  • Do a little shopping at Target. Like I’ve said, we are pacing ourselves with the baby expenses. I do want to purchase the bassinet and little safety kit with nail clipper, nose suckers, hair brush, etc. this week.
  • We are attending breastfeeding class tonight and an 8 hour long childbirth class on Saturday so I’m sure I’ll have lots to add to this growing list.

Oh, and be sure to check out my 9 Tips for 9 Months post that went live earlier this week!



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