Week 34 Pregnancy Journal

34 weeks

How far along? 34 weeks & 5 days, 37 days to go until my due date on 8/22! That number is really close to 30. Whoa!

Size of baby: Butternut squash – weighing 5 lbs. like a bag of flour!

Weight gain: +30 lbs. as of my doctor appointment last Friday. (Note: I don’t have another appointment until the 29th, which means I have to go 2.5 weeks in between appointments this time. I guess that’s how the doctor’s schedule worked out.)

Nursery: We picked up the dresser from my parents and it looks great! I am starting to visualize where I want to hang a few of the pieces of wall art that I do have. Still needing to buy that darn crib mattress and order the fitted crib sheet from Land of Nod – note: do that now.

Working on baby laundry here and there. Hanging the miniature clothes makes me happy!

Movement/Position: He is still very active and loves to push and make my stomach weird shapes! The pressure on my bladder is not as bad this week. Thanks, little buddy!

Symptoms: Occasionally I feel some pressure down below, but it never lasts for too long, certainly not enough to make me worried. Other than that, I am having short spells of back and hip pain. Again, nothing too bad at all, but I have noticed it. I am definitely struggling to get out of bed for my 1-2 a.m. bathroom trip. I lay there and put it off as long as I can, then I huff and puff and struggle to push myself up out of bed. Then I am out of breath. It’s ridiculous! It is certainly the hardest thing I do all day.

I am not able to eat as much as I think I can eat and then struggle to breathe because I ate so much. Again, not making this stuff up.

Sleep: Still no problems staying asleep, but I am finding it hard to be comfortable. When I lay on my side, which is how I sleep every night, I am in pain from gravity pulling on my belly. Wedging a flat pillow or blanket underneath the belly relieves the pain right away.

Cravings/Aversions: Sweets are sounding good, but I am also enjoying healthy foods for dinner and basically “feel like crap” after eating most restaurant unhealthy/fried food.

What I miss: The simple luxury of taking a deep breath.

Things people have said to me this week:
Patient at work: I have been coming here for 7 weeks and I just have to tell you that you are the cutest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen!

Thanks, lady! Oh, and one of Jeremy’s patients brought in a painting she had done and wanted to give it to us for the nursery… it’s a baby llama… 🙂 Not feeling it for our little man’s fox nursery, but this little old lady is so sweet and thoughtful.

Looking forward to:

  • More baby laundry tonight! Yay for buying 70 more hangers yesterday! Oh, and now I have a dresser to fill up too.
  • Hanging things on the walls in the nursery.
  • Installing the car seat and starting to pack hospital bags!

Here’s a fun progress picture. The bump at 14, 24, and 34 weeks. My, oh my, how much we’ve grown!

progression 14-24-34

I remember feeling so proud of my little roundness at 14 weeks! 🙂


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