Weekend in Photos: Fourth of July in our new Home

It’s Sunday evening and I’m blogging from my couch, while my husband watches Battlebots…

We closed on our house on Thursday afternoon and got busy moving boxes – not me, the boys πŸ™‚

Here are a few photos from our weekend, none of which are Independence Day related. We were kind of busy. 

Chilling on our “borrowed” couch, admiring my newest furniture rehab project (detailed post soon with step-by-step photos!) and resting my swollen tootsies. 


Jeremy and I went to breakfast Friday morning after waking up after a great night’s sleep the first night at our house. Pancakes were calling my name! 

Later Friday, we took advantage of an awesome sale at Ashley Furniture. We ordered all new living room furniture, which we expect to come in to the warehouse in about 2 weeks. We sold ALL the furniture (except for a rug) when we moved from the rental house. 


Two of these, please. The grayish taupe will accent our brown furniture and the gray bits in the kitchen granite. 

One of these lamps. I was the crazy lady at the store with her husband and the salesman carrying around different lamps and side tables so I could visualize the space… They gladly obliged πŸ™‚ but by the end Jeremy was cranky and ready for dinner. 

Side table aka the punishment cage for our children. Just kidding. 

We assembled the crib in approximately 30 minutes without argument! Boom. 

  The top couch is the color of the couch we ordered. Chocolate brown. 


And this is the style. After taking measurements we know it is going to be a tight fit with the rocker recliner, but I’ll make it work. I did want to order an area rug, but the selection at Ashley Furniture was small and very traditional. I was something fluffy and light to brighten the room. 

I’ll share more photos when the house/nursery comes together. I’m hoping to get little bits done this week after work. The kitchen is getting close to being finished and we both have located clean clothes to wear to work for the week… So we’re good there. I have many, many clothes boxes in the bedroom that need to be unpacked, sorted, and hung. 

Oh- and we are 6 weeks and 6 days away from Sam’s due date. CRUNCH TIME!!!


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