Week 31 Pregnancy Journal

31 weeksPhoto taken at 31 weeks & 3 days (Belly button is still an innie, despite what it looks like in this shirt – it has a seam that runs down the middle)

How far along? 31 weeks & 6 days, 57 days to go til my due date on 8/22/15

Size of baby: The size of a pineapple, weighing as much as a coconut! According to The Bump, little man may weigh up to 3.8 pounds.

Weight gain: +27 lbs. as of today’s doctor appointment

Nursery: We still haven’t moved (hurry up, bank), but the crib came in yesterday! So it’s sitting in the box in my parent’s formal living room. I’m SUPER EXCITED about my shower this weekend and having lots of baby goodies! I am ready to start doing some baby laundry too – once we move.

Movement/Position: More and more all the time. Some of his movements are getting strong. I’m trying to figure out which body part is which… but I think feeling his hands tickles more than anything else. It must be kicks that are becoming so strong. I hope he doesn’t have huge feet – is that bad to say? Sam hangs out on my right side much more than my left.

Symptoms: The ankle/foot swelling had improved greatly at the end of the 30th week and beginning of the 31st. However, my big left cankle has come back with a vengeance the past 2 days!

This week I have been incredibly thankful for my husband being a physical therapist. One evening I had some mid-low back pain. It wasn’t excruciating by any means, but I felt twisted. He was able to take care of that quickly and I felt much more comfortable. Last night I woke up at 2:30 am with a horrible cramp in my calf. I couldn’t get it to stop on my own and I was kind of freaking out. He helped me to make it stop and then it came back twice within minutes because I couldn’t sit still (I had to get up and pee!). He was super sweet and did everything he could to make it go away. (Although this morning he told me I was freaking out, kicking, and acting crazy!) I’ve never had a more intense calf cramp/Charlie Horse.

Sleep: Waking up 1-3 times a night to use the bathroom. No issues falling back asleep this week – thank goodness! I have noticed some of the extreme tiredness that I experienced the first trimester.

Cravings/Aversions: My mom and I were sorting through baby clothes last night to figure out how much I had per size and she was drinking a glass of wine and it smelled awful. Rancid and disgusting!

I’m glad I haven’t been extra sensitive to smells this pregnancy!

What I miss: Wearing normal clothes (I’m sick of wearing maternity pants), being able to take a good deep breath, having skinny ankles and feet, getting in a super hot hot tub, being able to easily bend over AND get back up without looking ridiculous 🙂

Doctor Appointment Recap: Sam’s heartbeat was 147 today. He is measuring perfectly and is head down! The doctor confirmed that what I’ve feel feeling in my “upper baby bump” is indeed his booty, which is still pretty bony at this point she says. She told me I can decrease my iron supplement to every other day to be a little bit easier on my digestive system. She also wants me to increase protein and potassium to combat the swelling and cramping, in addition to limiting salty/processed foods. I will go back in 2 weeks and at that time we will discuss an epidural interview/class.

Things people have said to me this week: People have been nice!

Looking forward to:

  • My baby shower on Sunday!
  • Moving into our new house (Do I sound like a broken record yet?)
  • Seeing little Sammy’s face and knowing how big he will be – question: Carter’s newborn size chart says their newborn clothes fit up to 8 pounds. Has anyone found that their newborn was too big for Carter’s newborn size? I don’t anticipate Sam being a small baby.
  • Starting the childbirth classes at the hospital. Our first one is 7/8! It’s called “Baby Sense” and covers lots of baby care basics, safety, etc. I feel pretty good about my baby knowledge, but I’m always up for education and the memories Jeremy and I will create going to the classes together.
  • Playing with baby gadgets – putting together the car seat and stroller and wheeling it around, setting up the crib, figuring out the bathtub, monitors, swing… all that fun stuff!

**UPDATE** Our closing has been scheduled for next Thursday, meaning we’ll be able to move next weekend! Hello 3-day weekend!


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