Week 29 Pregnancy Journal

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks & 5 days, 72 days to go til my due date on 8/22/15 – cant believe I will be 30 weeks on Saturday. Time flies!

Size of baby: Butternut or acorn squash, so pretty darn big! And I look like it.

Gender: All BOY!

Weight gain: +23 lbs. as of my doctor’s appointment yesterday.

Nursery: We bought a vintage wooden rocking  chair off Craigslist. I consulted friends with little ones and decided that we definitely need more than one space to rock/feed little Sam. We are planning on getting the rocker recliner from Babies R Us sometime before the baby comes and we will put it in the living room. My mom picked up a cute print for me at Hobby Lobby and sent me a million pictures of other things at HL that go with the little theme in my head.

Note to self: Order those darn crib sheets! Speaking of crib, my parents have been kind enough to purchase his crib – which they will do sometime after we move, because let’s face it, if they ordered it now it would just be in their house.

Our new house is getting down to the very final details. I got to go in the house twice this week. I just love it and the room we have decided that will become the nursery. Can’t wait to share photos!

Movement: Loving it. This week I have certainly noticed his kicks and punches are higher up in my stomach. Previously, most movement I had felt had been pretty low – mostly below the belly button. Not any more!

Feeling hiccups for the first time this afternoon 🙂

Symptoms: Feeling very uncomfortable when I eat too much. My eyes are bigger than my stomach! Also, it’s hot… okay?! I don’t know what happened to our gradual transition to summer here in Missouri but hot damn! These 90 degree days are no bueno!

My left ankle/foot did swell (just a bit) at the end of last week. I noticed it when I got home from work and elevated it and applied ice for 15 minutes. It helped right away and when I woke up in the morning the cankle was gone. On Monday I did wear wedges ALL DAY at a work conference where I was on my feet and didn’t have any problem with swelling.

Sleep: No issues here! I have noticed myself being ready for bed earlier than usual. Maybe it’s the third trimester catching up with me… maybe it’s the hot days, or both?

Cravings/Aversions: I may have swung by the grocery and treated myself to an iced caramel macchiato and two boxes of Teddy Grahams this morning.

What I miss: Nothing this week. Just happy to have this little blessing in my belly!

Doctor Appointment Recap: Sam’s heartbeat was 160 bpm at Wednesday’s check-up. Everything is measuring on-track! My glucola test results came back great, however my iron levels were borderline too low. Not a surprise for me since I have battled low iron off and on for several years. My doctor suggested taking iron pills. No big deal since I have those in stock at home. Who knows, maybe it will give me a little boost of energy.

Things people have said to me this week:
Work contact at a doctor’s office: Wow, look at that belly. When are you due?
Me: In August.
Lady: What day?
Me: The 22nd.
Lady: Of June?
Me: Oh, no. August 22nd. Still a little ways to go.
Lady: Ohhhhh… Well you sure have kept a good figure!

Nice save, lady.

Looking forward to: Hitting 30 weeks. Seems like a big milestone! (Oh, and my hair appointment on Saturday. Momma needs some pampering!)


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