Second Trimester Must-Haves

second trimester must haves

Just like that, my second trimester of pregnancy flew by! It was truly great – minimal symptoms, a resurgence of energy, and overall happy vibes. When people asked how I was feeling, my most common answer was “normal!”

If you missed my first trimester favorites post, you can catch up on it here.

You’ll notice that my second trimester list is much shorter – and I’ll say that I struggled to come up just 5 items! I guess that’s a testament to how easy breezy these past 13-14 weeks have been.

1. Ocean Potion Aloe Lotion & Vitamin E Oil: My go-to tummy moisturizers. The oil is great for after the shower and before bed. It does leave marks on your clothes – so when I need to dress quickly and get out the door I will use the Ocean Potion Aloe Lotion. The only reason I’m using this is because (1) I already had it under my bathroom sink, (2) it smells great, and (3) has a lightweight feel.

2. Motherhood Maternity clothes: Maternity pants are a MUST. I will occasionally try to wear sweat pants under the belly and while they may be comfy for a bit, it usually doesn’t last long. I’m a big fan of the work pants I have purchased from MM. I wear the ankle pants with the full panel to work nearly every day and am always comfortable. The pants stay up, and don’t leave me with a saggy bum! I will also note that while they are thin and cool, they have held up well in the washing machine.

3. Tylenol: Pass the Tylenol, please! I really don’t take it that often – but since it is one of the only things you can take while pregnant, I rely on it for unruly headaches. Thankfully, I have yet to have aches or pains worthy of popping a pill.

4. Pillows, lots of pillows: For a second anniversary present to ourselves, the hubby and I treated each other to new pillows. We spent an evening “pillow shopping” at Bed Bath & Beyond and couldn’t decide between two different pillows. Solution – buy both! 4 pillow sand $200+ later we are happy sleepers. We have awesome pillows that have kept me happy throughout this pregnancy. I’ve slowly changed my sleeping habits (I was a back sleeper) to now sleeping with a memory foam pillow under my head, a plush pillow behind my back, and an older and flatter pillow between my knees as I lay on my side. I like the pillow behind my back so that I can roll back and pretend I’m sleeping on my back but still be propped up.

I don’t foresee needing a pregnancy pillow, but I’ve got the uncomfortable months to go!

5. Caramel coffee drinks: So bad, I know. But sometimes momma needs a pick me up! I was so serious about not drinking regular coffee during the first trimester, but I really changed my ways for the second. I’ve never had more than one coffee drink in a day and my doc actually recommended caffeine for remedying a headache. Just wish I could say headache days were the only days I had a caramel macchiato…

Any products I should be on the lookout for as I begin the 3rd trimester? Shoot me your recommendations!


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