Five on Friday

Happy (early) Friday morning, to you! I noticed a rash of new followers after I posted my thoughts on the It Cosmetics CC Cream – so if you’re reading now because you read that post, thank you! I hope you’re up for my Five on Friday which is a collection of ideas that manage to make it from my head to my keyboard and up on the blog on Fridays.

1. house progress

I’m happy to report that the subcontractors are working like banshees and our house is getting super close to completion – meaning we’re closer all the time to sealing the deal, closing, and moving in!


Carpet installation should be complete this weekend and the house should be appraisal-ready by Tuesday. Hooray! Hoping the appraisers can come out, write their report quickly, and get it to the bank so underwriting can finish up our loan docs and we can close.

2. all about succulents

My succulent obsession is real and I’m proud to say my little collection is slowly growing! I need to start buying a couple at a time so I can pot two or more together.


The tall plant is our lemon tree. Jeremy followed the instructions in this pin to plant our own seeds from a lemon straight out of our kitchen. That was back when we lived in the apartment and we’ve been gone from there for almost 2 years, so I know this plant is over 2 years old. Pretty impressive if I don’t say so myself. He’s planning on separating the 4 plants into their own pots soon so they have more space to expand their root systems. Love my green-thumbed husband!


3. my legs are so white, they’re blinding!

True story.

Any other spring, I would be hitting up the tanning bed a couple times a week to give myself a little bit of color going into the summer. I have fairly light skin that is freckled and tends to burn rather than tan in the sun. If I have limited, repetitive exposure I will get a little bit of a tan.

So since I’ve got a bun in the oven I’ve resorted to self-tanner. I purchased Banana Boat Summer Color tanning lotion last summer and rarely used it. I dug it out of a box and started applying it the past couple of weeks.

I like that it gives a noticeable color after just 1 application, without making you look like an Oompa-Loompa! I’m not a fan of the smell, but I’ve never met a tanning product that didn’t have a specific “tanning lotion” smell. Ya know what I mean?

Oh, be sure to wash your hands immediately after applying. This stuff stains your hands and clothes. Be careful.

4. the junk business

Flea market sales have been good to me the past 2 months! I recently finished this piece and will (with J’s help) put it in the booth this weekend. It’s a solid wood piece made by Lane furniture that would make a great end table with a heck of a lot of storage space. Perfect for someone into shabby chic decor!

For this piece I used Koi Pond by Sherwin Williams, with Minwax Special Walnut wood stain over the top.


I bought it for just $10, and already had all the supplies including the paint, so this one will be 100% profit for me!

I do think I’m done with working on large pieces until the fall. It’s hard work being 7-months pregnant!

5. zulily obsessed

Again. I go in spurts. Lately, I’ve been loving their baby boy stuff! I’m dying waiting on my orders to be fulfilled and shipped. Here’s what I’m waiting on…

swaddleandonesie underarmourbaby

My favorite color is red – and you never see anything for babies in red so naturally I was all over that Aden + Anais swaddle blanket. Plus, I’ve heard great things about those! I’m loving the little bees all over the Burt’s onesie and matching hat. And, does it get any cuter than an Under Armour baby polo? I think not!

6. bonus!

How perfect is my sweet cousin Archie? We got to spend lots of time with him while we had other family in town from Louisiana over the past weekend.



I wish you and yours a happy June weekend!



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