Week 27 Pregnancy Journal

27 weeks

How far along? 27 weeks & 4 days, 87 days to go til my due date on 8/22/15

Size of baby: Rutabaga… again! I’m sick of these apps repeating unknown fruits. Anyway, about 2 pounds!

Gender: Our little Sammy

Weight gain: +20 lbs. as of today and feeling good about it!

Nursery: Starting to get anxious about not having a space to start decorating. I’ve been making a couple passes by the new house a couple times a week to check on construction progress. Fingers crossed that it’s a couple more weeks until the house is done!

Wanting to order the crib sheets from Land of Nod soon – even though we won’t have the crib until after we move. Also, I need to decide how I am going to paint the dresser I will be using in the nursery. It’s a dresser I had in my bedroom for years and it actually was my grandma’s dresser growing up. I’m going to give it a new paint job and new hardware to match the neutral/fox theme in little Sammy’s nursery.

Movement: Kicks are much more frequent. Gradually getting stronger, too!

Symptoms: Being uncomfortable more often. I find myself out of breath after settling into bed every night. Moving all my pillows into the perfect position can wear a girl out! Also having a resurgence of the leaky boobs… luckily it’s limited to nighttime.

I may be getting a little puffy, and I suppose that’s to be expected as I enter the 3rd trimester. I am considering taking off my rings. I had them down-sized majorly when I lost weight last year, and I’m inching closer to my starting weight where my rings were a 7 and a 7.5. I think they are 5.25 now. I really don’t want to get in a situation where they may have to be cut off.

Sleep: Still falling asleep right away and working to fall asleep faster when I wake up for those 1-2 a.m. potty breaks. Focusing on thinking about the baby puts me to sleep every time.

I’m trying SUPER HARD to not think of anything house, mortgage, or finances-related.

Cravings/Aversions: No change!

What I miss: Having a house! Ready for our new home to be finished.

Doctor Appointment Recap: Loved hearing our little man’s heart beat (145 bpm)! He even gave the doppler want a swift kick while the nurse was listening. Little stinker! Doctor is pleased with my numbers (BP, Weight, baby’s heartbeat, and fundal measurement). Everything is right on track and looking good! We discussed the pediatrician that we’ve chosen. At the next couple of appointments we will talk about our plans and wishes for labor and delivery. I’m looking forward to that. My nurse discussed the tdap shot with me, and I elected to have it today. You can read more about why pregnant women should receive the tdap vaccination here.

Also, we registered for lots of pre-birth classes at the hospital. We’re going to be staying busy through the latter parts of June, July, and even into the beginning of August learning as much as we can about how to prepare and best care for our baby.

Things people have said to me this week: Luckily, I have had ZERO insults this week! Whoop, whoop! But hey, it’s only Wednesday.

Looking forward to: I can’t say it enough, but our house being finished so I can just sit and think in the nursery 🙂 Also, looking forward to my baby shower that is a month away! Oh, and heyyyy third trimester… see ya Saturday!


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