Week 26 Pregnancy Journal

unnamed (1)Belly’s getting out there!

How far along? 26 weeks & 4 days, 94 days to go til my due date on 8/22/15

Size of baby: Head of lettuce, 13.6 to 14.8 inches long now! (I think that’s a head to foot measurement)

Gender: A little boy whose name is Samuel!

Weight gain: +18 lbs. as of last week

Maternity clothes: So thankful for the friends who have given me hand-me-downs. I have purchased just two tank tops, two pairs of work pants, and a belly band since becoming pregnant. Not bad, right? I did order a couple new tops and a dress from Old Navy that should be on its way. Yay for new clothes! I’ve started lacking in the short sleeve department.

Nursery: Thinking of paint colors. I want something neutral, not too dark, but not too light. Hmmm…

Movement: I’ve noticed much more movement first thing in the morning. I think he’s saying – Hello, it’s breakfast time, momma!!! Get up!

Symptoms: I hate to admit it, but the emotions have been a little out of control this 26th week. Word to the wise – don’t make me mad or hurt my feelings, okay?!

Sleep: Increasingly difficult to turn off my brain and get comfortable after those 2 a.m. potty breaks. But, c’mon, this belly is getting pretty big. Last night I was laying in bed waiting on Jeremy to come in and turn off the light and I was staring at how round the bump is becoming. It starts right under my boobs now. Gone are the days of sucking in and seeing my ribs still!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new, really.

What I miss: Not much of anything this week… just getting anxious to meet our boy!

Best moment of the week: Enjoying all his kicks, punches, and rolls 🙂

Things people have said to me this week:
Client at work: Do they think you might have your baby early since you’re so big?
Me: Um, no. He might be a little bit bigger than average at this point, but no.
Client: I was just asking because I had big babies.

Moral of the story: F off lady! And I decided that I should stick to shirts that are more fitted and I’m never wearing the shirt I was wearing that day again. (I had noticed that morning that it made me look like a big blob of blue.)

Looking forward to: Doctor’s office next week and possibly picking a nursery paint color. Oh, and deciding on a middle name!


10 thoughts on “Week 26 Pregnancy Journal

  1. I can’t believe people are commenting that you look big! I think you look perfectly on point if not a big tiny for where you are. You’re rocking the prego look so GO YOU!!

    • Thank you! It blows my mind at just how open the general public is when it comes to talking to a pregnant stranger! I’ve got a pretty thick skin, but I’m not convinced that it will last this entire pregnancy as I get more uncomfortable and it gets hotter outside (I hate summer.). Nonetheless, I’m proud of how I look thus far and am looking forward to rocking the 3rd trimster!

  2. Congratulations. I hated when people made comments to me about my pregnancy or anything. We didn’t find out the sex and everyone had comments about that. My boss even told me I was selfish for not finding out. That relatives want to know what to buy me and I was just being selfish about it. ya whatever, don’t listen to what anyone has to say.
    xx, Michelle

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