Week 24 Pregnancy Journal

TGIF! It’s a rainy Friday morning here in southwest MO, perfect for typing up a quick blog post. Once again, I’m a day shy of a ‘new week’ and am glad to be sneaking in this post before I hit 25 weeks tomorrow.


How far along? 24 weeks & 6 days, 106 days to go til my due date on 8/22/15

Size of baby: As big as an ear of corn. How crazy is that?

Gender: Baby Boy with no name – but we’re inching closer to a name… I think

Weight gain: As of my 21 week appointment, +9 lbs. Right before we moved, the battery in our scale died. I don’t see a need to replace it for the time being. Plus, I couldn’t even tell you where the scale is! I’ll have an updated number after seeing the doc next week.

Maternity clothes: Loving all maternity clothes, including this shirt from Pink Blush. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to wear it anymore since the temps here are in the 70s pretty regularly now. This morning’s rain showers called for long sleeves 🙂

Nursery: No purchases, and probably won’t be buying much of anything until we move into our new house. I am loving this rocker/recliner/glider (it swivels, too!) from Babies R Us.


Another thing I love about this chair is that you can choose the fabric. Jeremy likes the dark chocolate brown option, but I’m wondering it if will show spit up more than a lighter color would. Any moms out there have an opinion on what would be best?

Movement: Wow! We have made a major change this week when it comes to frequency and intensity of little man’s punches and kicks and rolls. The past week he has been one active baby!

Symptoms: It was a good week!! Plenty of energy and a good mood all around. I did have an allergic reaction to deal with starting on Saturday… after dealing with extreme itching and hives for a few days, I learned that I should stay away from Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks. It was the culprit! Who knew my sensitive skin couldn’t handle cocoa butter! A couple calls with the nurse on call, several Benadryl pills, and a tube of Benadryl cream later I’m back to normal.

And back to using Vitamin E oil on the bump.

Sleep: Good sleep this week, thanks to the Benadryl!

Cravings/Aversions: Still no ‘gotta have it NOW!’ cravings, but I’m enjoying all food in general 🙂 No aversions to mention.

What I miss: Alcohol, again this week. Nothing sounds better than chilling on the patio with a cold glass of Chardonnay… okay maybe snuggling with my sweet baby sounds better!

Best moment of the week: Registering! We split this up into 2 adventures rather than spending one LONG day in the baby aisles. I could have handled it easily, but Jeremy, absolutely not.

Friday after eating dinner out, we ventured over to Target. On our Target registry we aimed for lower-cost items, with most being under $30. Swaddles, burp cloths, pacifiers, bottles, and that kind of stuff. Then on Saturday, we went to Babies R Us to register for more of the big ticket items including a travel system! You can check out that registry here.

Babies R Us has a great Endless Rewards program that pays the parents to be for purchases made off the registry! After $300 is spent off the registry, the parents receive 10% of purchases back on a gift card after baby is born. How awesome is that? For this reason, we added the crib we want and the chair to our registry so that we can receive the kick back!

IMG_6792Such a kid at heart… loving having the power of the scanner!

Second best moment of the week was capturing this sweet snapshot on our way back from a meeting. Being co-workers has its perks!


Looking forward to: Seeing the doc next week and hearing his heartbeat again. It never gets old! More and more movement in the coming weeks, and finally deciding on a name for this sweet boy. We’ve got time, right?

Note to all the mommas out there: Please leave a comment if you have a recommendation for items to add to our registry! We’re newbies at this and have been asking for lots of advice in the baby gear department.


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