Week 23 Pregnancy Journal

The saying “better late than never” is repeating itself too often on this blog. But, at 23 weeks 6 days pregnant, I bring you my 23 Week update!


How far along? 23 weeks & 6 days, 113 days to go til my due date on 8/22/15

Size of baby: Weighs as much as a mango! (Where do they find these huge fruits?!) However, since our little guy weighed in at 1 pound over a week ago, I am going to say that he weighs more than a mango.

Gender: Baby Boy

Weight gain: As of my 21 week appointment, +9 lbs. I read somewhere that by 20-22 weeks you should have gained one third of your pregnancy weight. If that is true, I should be on track.

Maternity clothes: Definitely. My stretchy non-maternity tops are becoming too short for me. No  midriff, here! I picked up a 2 pack of stretchy tanks from Motherhood Maternity that I am really enjoying. I think they are from their Bumpstart line.

Nursery: Dreaming of a fox nursery! Neutral walls, colorful sheet (no crib set), and cute fox prints on the walls. Color scheme ideas include white, beige, light gray, navy, and orange. Something a little boy can grow into in the toddler years.

Movement: More than ever. The kicks, jabs, rolls, or whatever they are are becoming more frequent and stronger. I suppose that’s how things will go from here on out. Nothing visible from the outside yet.

Symptoms: Feeling like a ravenous pig! Give me all the food! It is a little bit of a struggle to eat healthy. Finding myself short of breath after climbing a flight of stairs is kind of embarrassing, but true.

Sleep: Still able to fall right asleep at night and am tired enough all the time that I sleep no problem. Waking up 1-2 times per night to go to the bathroom is no big deal since I’m able to immediately fall back asleep. I do think Jeremy and I both had an adjustment period of a few days after moving in with my parents last weekend. In an attempt to make an easy move, we put our mattress in the storage unit and decided to crash on my parent’s guest bed for the next several weeks. It is considerably more firm than our mattress, so adjusting to it and our new surroundings took a couple nights.

Cravings/Aversions: Enjoying sweet coffee drinks (Caramel Northern Lites Iced Latte from Caribou, Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, Iced Caramel Mocha from McDonalds) even though I swore off coffee in the first trimester sometimes I just need a little kick in the morning. Craving fried foods and am totally looking forward to getting together with friends at one of our local sports bar/restaurants tonight for a burger and fries! Maybe even fried pickles or green beans. Mmm!

Still not battling with any aversions. Nothing sounds bad… 🙂

What I miss: Alcohol. Of any kind.

Best moment of the week: Jeremy is finally 100% sure that he felt his little boy kick! Up until this point the baby’s movements have been so sporadic and didn’t repeat in the same spot. On Wednesday, Baby Boy was having quite the time in there and stayed in one spot going nuts. For the first time, his movements tickled!

Looking forward to: Registering on Sunday if I can talk Jeremy into spending a beautiful spring day inside a store for hours (let’s face it, it will be hours), and receiving a little shipment of clothes from Carter’s that I ordered earlier in the week.


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